What will you do if you eat more?

* Do not feel any guilt if you eat too much. It could happen. Make a promise in your mind so that it doesn't happen next time. Relax without tension. Can walk lightly. A short walk will speed up your digestion. And the pressure will be normal.

* Do not lie down. Because, when you lie down, you lose the opportunity to burn calories in an emergency. It also slows down the activity of the stomach. The result can be indigestion. And the level of acidity will increase.

* Drink water little by little. Drinking water will prevent the excess salt that has accumulated in the body as a result of overeating to do any harm. It will also help digestion. The chances of constipation will decrease. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can.

* Exclude carbonated drinks or soft drinks after overeating. This will make you more discomfortable. Calories will also increase. Drink a glass of lemon water or cucumber soaked water instead.

* If you eat too much at night, you can eat lemon or cucumber soaked water the next morning. If it tastes bad, you can add chopped ginger and a little honey. If you do not like to drink hot water, you can also make this detox in normal temperature water. This will reduce the toxins or harmful substances in the body. On the one hand, it will fill the water deficit, on the other hand, it will also help to reduce excess weight. As much as possible, try to eat fruit juice. But of course without sugar. If necessary, you can eat honey.

* If you eat heavy meals at lunch, try to forget to eat dinner. Try eating soup, fruit, salad or something light. Sour yogurt can be a companion to all this.

* Do light exercise three to four hours after overeating. Then you can workout. It could be running, weightlifting or playing basketball. This will boost up the body's metabolism system. And the extra calories will be lost.

* If you eat heavy food, then choose a food that is low in calories even if you eat more. Eat slowly. If you eat fatty foods, white flour, french fries, chocolate, ice cream, chicken fries in a meal, then eat broccoli, green salad, light soup, pulses and local vegetables and fruits in another.

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