President Macron's Turkophobia


French President Macron has stopped Muslims from slaughtering animals in a halal way before the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims all over the world slaughter animals in a halal way or in a Shariah-compliant way.

 In a developed country, French Muslims have protested against such bizarre bans. Edin Hafeez, director of the Paris Mosque, Islamic scholar of the Lyon Mosque, and Khalil Marun of the Avery Mosque made the statement simultaneously.

 They say the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food issued a negative message against Muslims on November 23, 2020, a few months before Ramadan.

 According to the new rules, this rule is being introduced from July 2021. Muslim and Jewish religious leaders have spoken out against the bizarre restrictions being imposed on people who are free to practice their religion.

 It is to be noted that measures have also been taken against halal food in Belgium in Europe. French authorities have also ordered the sale of alcohol and pork in halal supermarkets.

 However, halal food and halal restaurants are expanding day by day in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand. Even limited halal food shops have been opened in Vietnam.

Islam forbids the killing of animals by torture. The Jews also quickly cut the throat and killed the animal. But the westerners first make the animals unconscious then kill them in various ways and collect the meat. 

There are various ways to anaesthetize, electrify, inject the unconscious pill, push the injection, give anaesthetic gunshots, beat the head with a stick, throw a stick or a stone etc. 

European animal experts say the way Muslims and Jews kill animals is very humane and scientific. Critics say there is no reason for the French government to intervene in the halal collection of Muslim and Jewish meat.

Over the years, halal meat, which is collected in an Islamic way, has become extremely popular in France. Halal meat is being sold in schools, hospitals and company canteens. The French are worried and Islamophobic. 

The great chefs of England have said at various times that there are two kinds of taste when cooking halal animal meat and otherwise slaughtered meat. Many stories of English kings on this subject are recorded in history.

The French Senate seems to have started a war against Islam and Muslims. Calling the religious practice of devout Muslims, ‘Islamist separatism’. The reprehensible bill calls for a ban on religious practices in university corridors. 

It is incomprehensible how those who always talk about freedom of expression and individual freedom enact such barbaric laws. President Emanuel Macron introduced the bill last year to oppose Muslims. He first introduced the bill last year as part of the fight against "Islamist separatism." 

The bill imposes several restrictions, including restrictions on the activities of Muslims. Critics say he wants to take Erdogan by the hand in opposing Islam, as he speaks in defence of the interests of Islam and Muslims on various global issues.

Macron has been frustrated by the loss of power in Lebanon, the defeat in Libya, his abandonment in the Armenian war, Erdogan's failure to attract attention in various international forums, and France's preparations for the upcoming elections

He has chosen Islamophobia to overcome the electoral dilemma. His potential rival is Le Pen who has just lost in the previous election. People are also leaning towards her. Level Pen also chose Islamophobia. It seems that the leaders of France consider taking a stand against the Muslims as an element of worthy leadership in politics.

 One statistic shows that anti-Muslim attacks in France increased by 54 per cent in 2019. In 2018, there were 100 attacks against Muslims, which increased to 154 in 2019. These attacks were carried out in the name of stopping Islam and terrorism.

About Six million Muslims out of a population of 67 million in France. Islamic leaders and women wearing burqas are more targeted for torture.

 Recently, some anti-Muslim French have also put the heads of bloody pigs inside the graveyards and mosques of Muslims. Occasional incidents of desecration of mosques have been reported in the media. Macron strongly focuses on the Turkish problem in Europe.

He has left his views on Europe and Turkey in the media. According to him, Turkey is a member of NATO and a trading partner. Turkey's position on illegal immigrants is satisfactory. However, 3 million Syrian refugees could come to the continent. 

He thinks it's scary for France. France has the largest Muslim population in Europe. Macron has a headache about what will happen if Syrian refugees can enter France.

In this situation he fired a political ballistic missile, Erdogan wanted to influence the French election. Macron said that at the time European leaders are meeting in a special meeting.

Now Europe wants to work with Turkey, but Macron is speaking out against it. He is now a European leader and busy with provoking Biden against Turkey. He wants to show his capabilities to his people. However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised Turkey's role in the East Mediterranean and the refugee crisis. She also described Ankara as a "trusted ally."

Macron had earlier given a "fight" with Erdogan. As Macron said, Erdogan is interfering in Western elections, working against Russia and Putin, he does not like China and Iran.

 None of these pills has been sold in the world political market. As a result, Macron's image has plummeted. Anti-Islamists in France now wants Le Pen instead of Macron in anti-Islam work.

France has never before dealt with Erdogan on economic issues in Syria. The situation is similar in Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh. Although Macron suffers from Erdogan's phobia, one thing he publicly acknowledges is that Turkey plays an important role in European strategic affairs. 

Under Erdogan's leadership, Turkey's international position has risen to a very high level. Europe now wants to work on an equal footing with Turkey. Now that all the conspiracies of the West have failed, they are looking for a magic formula with which to work with Turkey. 

If NATO's trusted ally allies with Russia, whose work is in full swing, geopolitics in the Middle East will change and the West's sorted agenda will not work. So the West no longer has a chance to ignore Turkey. Now they have to do confrontation in almost all cases.

 He is taking tough action, especially after the anti-Erdogan coup failed. Erdogan has put down Gulenist-PKK and now he wants to take the country forward through repression and democracy, Islamic awakening and military and overall development in the country.
Erdogan wants the European Union to treat Turkey equally in all areas. Otherwise, Turkey is also able to take action.

Erdogan came in 2016 and tried to build Turkey in Islamic ideology. The country has been secular and atheist since 1923 at the hands of Kemal Ataturk, the architect of modern Turkey. 

Ataturk believed that ‘secularism and the Europeanization of Turkey were the most suitable means to transform their country into a modern industrial nation’, in the light of which he built Turkey.

 The ideology is known as 'Kemalism'. As a result, the dictatorship was established in Turkey and Kemalism and dictatorship were integrated. Social oppression began and the media was strictly controlled. On the other hand, Europe calls Erdogan a "dictator" because he controls the administration with a strong hand. 

But the West does not blame anyone when Europe-America hires Fetullah Gulen to oust the democratically elected Erdogan and spend millions of dollars on him. Erdogan, who was studying in an Islamic school, saw that people did not know the Arabic alphabet and could not read the Qur'an. 

Then he tried to do something for Islam. The people of the society take for granted the idea. Similarly, some secular people are also opposed. France exploits this and promotes 'Turkey is divided'.

Erdogan ordered the teaching of the Quan in elementary schools and lifted the ban on journalists, opening the door to freedom of expression. According to the 2020 World Freedom of Expression, Turkey ranks 154th out of 180 countries.

 Erdogan believes that Turkey should be built as a regional power without turning its back on the West. Recently, Erdogan refused to join the Western blockade against Moscow and bought HQ-9 anti-aircraft defence missiles from China despite sanctions.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared direct violence. So France can impose sanctions on Turkey. "Erdogan has declared hatred and violence," said Jean-Yves Le.

 He is constantly promoting these, which is unacceptable. The French government will take action against it. 'Sanctions may be imposed on several Turkish-based organizations, businesses and restaurants. In addition, an NGO called 'French Muslim' may also be banned. Its owner is now preparing to return to Turkey.

On October 16, a young man killed a teacher, named Samuel Paty, on the streets of Paris. Because that teacher showed the cartoon of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the class and explained the freedom of expression. The young man who attacked the teacher was shot dead by police on the spot. 

In the aftermath of the assassination, French President Emmanuel Macron said: But France will not stop printing cartoons. Islam as a religion is in crisis all over the world today. 'But they are creating the crisis.

The French foreign minister also said that relations between the two countries would be strained if Ankara did not take tough steps. In parliament, he said, many insulting remarks had been made to Macron. Recently, Erdogan sharply criticized Macron's bill on Islam and Muslims and called on the world to beware of "anachronism." 

Turkey has also said it will freeze the permits of all French teachers at the French-language Galatasaray University. Erdogan criticized the visit to France in 2016 after French military officials met with PKK guerrillas in Syria. "This is our war, this war will continue," Macron said. "Terrorists will never be able to escape, they will never be able to divide us. "

Mr Erdogan said: "How can the head of a civilized country say such things against the beliefs of millions of people?" But at present, the differences between the two countries are so great that it will take a long time to resolve.

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