Palestine: Killings during EID and Zionism

 Israel carries out the killings only twice — in war and peace. When a donkey carries its loads, it remains a donkey, when it doesn't, it's still a donkey. Israel is aggressive in all situations, normal or abnormal. Israel is an occupying military apparatus, from which it is wrong to expect humanity.

 The mentality of the Zionists is seen in one of the European jokes of the last century. A Jewish youth is going to fight against Turkey in the First World War. So his mother is packing food in his bag and saying, ‘Listen, dear son, don’t overwork. You will kill the turkeys one by one and take a rest after every killing. The boy says, 'Mother, but if they kill me?' The mother answers, 'Why should they kill you? What harm have you done to them?', 

Israel will not allow Muslims to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, and Zionist fascists will set it on fire. But the name of the protest will be called 'terrorism'. 

If rockets are fired from Gaza in response to the killing of innocent people, including women and children, the city will continue to be bombed, saying, "This is our right to self-defence."

Illegal settlements will continue to occupy Palestinian lands, all Palestinians will be expelled from Jerusalem, the legitimate capital of Palestine will be declared as 'Israel's capital'; Yet the Palestinians can not have the right to self-defence! Aren't they human?

Arabs and Muslims have been friends with the Jews most of the time. Except for a few incidents, Jews have been respected under Muslim rule in Arabia and Andalusia. Violence between Jews and Muslims is rare in pre-Israel history.

The Jews were punished for taking the side of the Quraish who invaded Medina. But it was the Jewish leaders who did it following Jewish law. The Arab and Muslim territories were the refuge of Jews fleeing from Europe.

In the Granada of the second Umayyad kingdom, Jews were not only respected but also were designated as ministers, businessmen, and administrators. That is why after the fall of Granada, the conquerors ordered the Jews to either become Christians or leave the country. 

About 70,000 Jews became Christians to save themselves but they faced the trial in a few days, which is called the Inquisition. The rest spread to Portugal and the Ottoman Empire. Seven years later, Muslims in Spain were also told to either become Christians or leave the country.

Rather in Europe, the Christian Church has consistently persecuted the Jews, committing genocide. The then Roman Catholic Pope indirectly helped in Hitler's genocide. Greek-French film director Costa Gavras has proved it in the documentary 'Amen'. 

Many Jews took refuge in Syria during World War II. Similarly, the persecuted Jews of Europe in the Middle Ages found refuge in Muslim Spain. After the end of Muslim rule, many Jews moved to South America with Arabs to save their lives.

Hitler committed genocide and the Allies drove the Jews to the heart of the Middle East. In the geopolitical interests of Western masters, Israel has been placed in the heart of Arabia as an imperialist watchdog and has been steadily strengthened. Yet huge US funds are received by the Israeli army.

The question is, why did Israel attack the Palestinians at this time? Although the ongoing incident began with the eviction of several Palestinian families in East Jerusalem, the reason is political. Incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing corruption charges. 

He should go to jail for taking bribe. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them gaining about a third of the support. Palestinians are targeted whenever an Israeli leader becomes politically unstable. 

This is the way to stay politically relevant. At the same time, intense religious fundamentalism has spread among the citizens of Israel. Even under their pressure, the Zionist leaders have to show aggressive behaviour. Netanyahu has also taken the old strategy of killing Palestinians to make up for the loss of popularity and to present himself as the saviour of the Jews.

Israel is in a much more convenient place than ever before because of Egypt. The dictatorship of General Sisi of Egypt is not only suppressing the Egyptians but also implementing the Israeli blockade on Palestine by closing the Gaza border. 

An Israeli blockade on three sides would not have succeeded if Egypt had kept the Gaza border open. Egypt's behaviour against the Palestinians is certainly hostile.

 As well known as the Arab friendship and hospitality, so is the treacherous character of many of them. One Arab country after another has betrayed the Arab people by developing diplomatic, trade and military relations with Israel, stabbing the Palestinians in the back and increasing disunity.

The list of traitors also includes Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian government for the namesake. He is working on behalf of the Israelis to disrupt the Palestinian protests. He has postponed the national election for fear of losing the election.

 The resistance that the Palestinians are waging is large without leadership. In a land where children are born, killing, torture and slavery, children do not have to be taught the spirit of freedom. No matter how deep the Saudi-Israeli nexus, the Palestinian struggle for survival will not stop.

Many Palestinians will die again. Even if the Human Rights Council accuses Israel of war crimes, it will not bring any justice to the Palestinians. Netanyahu may survive by forming a coalition government with right-wing extremists, whose victim is Palestine. But there is a sign of Palestinian unity. That unity can only be achieved without people like Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel must have the right to survive. The Palestinians have also accepted it. They claim that the Arab lands, including East Jerusalem, were occupied after the 1967 war. They expect to let it be paid. They also agreed to make Jerusalem the capital of both countries as part of a two-state solution. 

But Israel is making false claims. They want to justify everything they say about the ancient state of Israel. But there has never been a state called Israel in history. It was inconceivable to think that the Jews of different nations of the world were one nation. 

The problem was solved by Theodor Herzl, a dreamy Austrian journalist from Israel. The book he wrote in 1897, entitled 'Judenstat' or 'the Jewish State, was as dangerous as Hitler's "Mein Kampf". Herzl writes, "We will build a European fortress there (in Palestine) against Asia."

Britain also wanted to break up the Turkish Ottoman Empire and establish a golden colony in Arabia like India. For this reason, by promising to establish an independent Arab state, the Arabs incited revolt against the Turks. The Emir of Mecca and the Egyptian mullahs, who believed in selling souls to Satan, helped Britain.

The Arab part of the Ottoman Empire, defeated in World War I, fell to Britain. They started building two states, one is Saudi Arabia and the other is Israel. They are therefore born brothers, their midwives are from Britain and the United States. 

Since then they have been the stronghold of the West in Asia and the duo always help each other. You will find them at the root of all the problems in the Middle East.

Hitler's utopia affected 20 million people and Zionist Herzl's utopia is the curse of the Middle East. The state thinking of the Zionist leaders was a mixture of two contrasting concepts, that is, of the community and the nation. When these two substances are mixed, it becomes inedible and smells bad. That is what happened when the community was declared a nation.

There is no such thing as the Jewish nation in the world. The history of religious communities is ancient, but the history of nationalism is roughly 300 years. The nations and nation-states that exist in today's world are not known in the past. 

There is no pure nation in the world, but the Zionists claim that from time immemorial only they have been able to keep their ethnic and religious purity intact. Only their blood is pure, the rest is adulterated. Hitler's Nazism made the same demand.

But DNA tests do not speak. Of the 126 nations listed by the Israeli Interior Ministry as pure nations, none are called "Israelis." The so-called ‘Land of Israel’ in the Bible did not refer to geographical and political realities, but the spiritual centre of the Jews. The Jews lived in Canaan and Judah. 

There is evidence of Jewish rule in Jerusalem only a few hundred years before and after the birth of Christ. But on this basis, it is utterly wrong to claim three and a half thousand years of history and present ownership of the ancient city. Apart from that, there is no archaeological or historical evidence of the expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem in 70 AD.

The myth of the emigration of Jews from Egypt is also rare. Ninety per cent of the Jews living in Israel are ethnically not descendants of the original Israelites or Isaac, the son of Abraham. Rather, their blood contains the blood of the inhabitants of the Khazari kingdom.

 Once who were expelled from their motherland in the fifteenth century by Christian and Mongol invasions. These European Jews did not even speak Hebrew. Former Tel Aviv University professor Shlomo Sand's best-selling books "The Invention of the Jewish People" and "The Invention of the Land of Israel" have drowned out the Zionists' demands.

Shlomo Sand claimed that the blood of the descendants of original Israel was flowing in today's Palestinians and that the Palestinians were the original Jews who became Muslims. And Jesus was a young Palestinian man. 

The irony of history is that the descendants of the original Jews continue to kill today's Palestinians in the name of Israel and Judaism. There is no humanity for them even on the day of Eid, the main religious festival of Muslims.

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