What is behind the oxygen crisis in India?


The whole world is in turmoil with the second wave of the corona. Many countries in Europe and America have declared lockdown in response to the pandemic. In Japan, where the Olympics will be held sooner, the administration has also locked down. Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia have also given a lockdown in South Asia.

The reason why India is not yet on this path is the growing pressure on the central government from foreign multinationals and the country's trade lobby. Amid the horrors of this COVID-19 situation, the oxygen crisis has intensified in India. Twenty-five corona patients have died due to lack of oxygen at Gangaram Hospital, one of the most modern private hospitals in the capital city, New Delhi.

The main reason for the acute oxygen crisis in the second wave of Corona across India is the extreme unscientific, superstitious mentality of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. 

Last year, when all the rich and poor countries of the world were using scientific methods to deal with corona, the Prime Minister of India imposed extremely unscientific, superstitious things on people like lighting lamps and making sounds with bowls. As a result, the general public's unawareness about the horrors of the COVID-19 is still pushing India into an extreme crisis.

When the second wave of Corona is hitting Pakistan and Bangladesh too, India did not stop the closure of foreign flights only under the pressure of the trade lobby. How Corona spread through gatherings like Kumbh Mela is not unknown to the world. 

But long before the COVID situation in India worsened in 2020, the ruling party of India, the BJP, and their main associate, the RSS, carried out an extreme communal campaign around Nizamuddin's Tabligh Jamaat in Delhi.

Without caring about the second wave of the corona, the only goal for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to win his party in the West Bengal Assembly. That is why he has become a regular commuter from Delhi to West Bengal. 

However, the central government did not take any initiative to produce oxygen on an emergency basis. In case of emergency, no attention is being paid to purify industrial oxygen and convert it into suitable oxygen for the human body.

To this day, the central government of India has no qualms about building the infrastructure needed to ensure the supply of oxygen to the entire country. Transport traders are not allowing the use of enough trucks to transport oxygen.

Oxygen traders and a section of truck owners have been accused of collusion. India has created far more artificial crises than the original oxygen crisis by deliberately creating problems in the transport system. To date, the Government of India has not taken any initiative to address this artificial crisis. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is walking his usual arrogant path with the oxygen crisis. He is completely silent. And his health minister Harshvardhan is advising people to take less oxygen.

Despite the dire Corona situation last year, the Government of India has not allocated a single penny for the improvement of health infrastructure in the current 2021-22 budget. The amount, the Indian government has allocated in the health budget for the current financial year, is only to buy the COVID vaccine.

Many oxygen plants are not even able to do oxygen bottling due to a lack of adequate cylinders as no new money has been allocated for making new oxygen cylinders based on last year's experience. The lack of cylinders in this horrific oxygen crisis in India is one of the major reasons for the crisis to intensify. 

If the Indian government does not take a hard line on the extreme non-cooperation of some of the truck owners in case of oxygen transport and also does not increase the production of oxygen cylinders in these horrible situations, then increasing the production of oxygen or importing oxygen from abroad - these types of temporary solutions will not solve this terrible oxygen crisis in India at the moment.

Even last year, when COVID-19 was becoming a pandemic in developed countries, the Indian government was far from taking any action to combat Corona rather the ruling party was busy overthrowing the opposition Congress-elected government in Madhya Pradesh to form its government. 

After the formation of the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh, a very unplanned lockdown was called and the poor people, including migrant workers, were thrown to the brink of misery.

In this year, the Indian government have followed the same path as they followed last year. While the second wave of the coronavirus is spreading even more alarmingly in the United States and Europe, there are occasional reports of temporary oxygen crises in those developed countries as well and they faced the problem properly. 

But in the case of India, while the second wave arrives they don't even think that the oxygen crisis could take a terrible turn from lack of transport trucks and oxygen cylinders. This laxity of the Indian government has given a chance to some unscrupulous traders to engage in a massive black market in the wake of the oxygen crisis.

In the Covid situation, the Indian government had announced that 172 hospitals in the country would have their oxygen production system and infrastructure. Out of these 172 hospitals, only 32 hospitals have partial or half oxygen production. 

Even within the authorities of those 32 hospitals, there is widespread resentment over the structural defects in the way oxygen production has been arranged in their establishments.

The second wave of the corona is hitting the whole world in India Instead of following a scientific approach to deal with it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to West Bengal twice a week on average to win his party's votes. It was during this period that the Indian government exported 9,300 tonnes of oxygen to rich countries, despite the dire situation in the international community in 2020-21. 

But the Indian government has not shown this kind of attitude towards its neighbours like Bangladesh and Myanmar. Humanity was only shown to the rich countries of Europe and America. 

The Indian government has exported twice as much oxygen in the second wave of Corona this year as the Indian government exported in 2019-20. From this, it is easy to understand the nature of the political and social crisis in India.

 The tendency to support the black market with oxygen is evident in the lack of political will on the part of both the Government of India and the Government of West Bengal in the production and proper supply of oxygen. 

The Kerala government is supplying oxygen to neighbouring states of Goa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka by meeting the demand for second wave oxygen in their state. Scientifically dealing with COVID has greatly reduced the oxygen demand of Corona patients there. So Kerala can supply oxygen to the neighbouring states.

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