Thangarasu Natarajan- When the rain of the yorker alleviates hunger

 If such a story is found, a thunderous picture can be made in Bollywood. Stories of such hard work, sacrifice, sincerity are no longer seen in real life.

Thangarasu Natarajan comes from a poor family where getting food in the very next day was the big challenge. Where is the opportunity to dream of touching the sky called cricket!

Natarajan saw the dream. Cricket is the way to escape from everything for him. And along that road, he became a player of Indian Premier League (IPL) and is now in the Indian team. There is impeccable courage, unique glory in this journey.

Natarajan grew up in a very remote area, in the village of Chinnappampatti, 36 km from Salem in Tamil Nadu. The way to get there was as inaccessible as the way he came up as a cricketer.

Natarajan was born on May 27, 1991. His father was a day laborer. Sometimes he works as a porter in the station, sometimes in the factory. 

Sometimes he didn't get that job either. Mother sells chickens by the side of the road. With their meager income, they are hardly able to feed five children.

Yes, a boy from such a family said in a fearless voice, 'I can yorker six balls in an over!'

However, even after being admitted to the village school, there was no money to buy books or pens and pencils. 

He began to play cricket at the age of five with tennis. As time went on, his love for cricket grew. Cricket also began to reciprocate that love for a while.

Natarajan started getting calls as a cricketer in local tournaments. There was danger too, there were no suitable clothes, no bowling shoes wherever money for food and drink was out of question. The fire of this poverty brought down the rain of wickets at twenty-two yards.

That's when he caught the eye of a neighboring businessman named Joy Prakash.

 Joy Prakash was able to convince Natarajan's parents that the boy had a bright future in cricket. He instilled in Natarajan the belief that it is possible to do better with care.

Natarajan has been able to repay that trust. He considers Joy Prakash as his mentor. In the IPL, the jersey on his body reads 'JP Nattu'. The full meaning of which is - 'Joy Prakash Natarajan'.

Natarajan's journey began with playing fourth division cricket in Tamil Nadu. The dream is a little bigger then. 

When he left the tennis ball, he dreamed of playing for Tamil Nadu. The dream was fulfilled in 2014. He was called to the Ranji team.

Where is the opportunity for Thangarasu Natarajan to stop. He played the Vijay Hajare trophy for the provincial T20 team. Then he played tremedously well in the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). 

From there, he feels lucky to be able to play in the IPL of his dreams, on which any cricketer of the world want to play.

Nope, his rise was not as easy as it could be written. He was banned for a year by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for chucking. 

Natarajan did not let his morale break. He worked with Action. Former cricketers Sunil Subramaniam, D Basu and M Venkataraman were also with him.

He has come back stronger, forcing the BCCI to auction off the IPL, getting the team, performing, showing AB de Villiers, one of the best T20 batsmen in the world, the way to the dressing room by the Toe Crushing Yorker. That's why the blue jersey of the Indian team is now on his body. Isn't it a movie script?

However, Natarajan has not completely forgotten the past. The big teams are bidding for crores of rupees, the Pollard-Rohit-Morgan are playing with him, the Warner-Kohli are trusting him - he still uses every shoe with care. 

He is the one who will understand the meaning of how many doors he has visited for a pair of shoes.

Among them, good day has come to Natarajan's family. There is no shortage of money, he spent his money for their sisters' wedding ceremony. 

He did not stop his studies for cricket. He learned Hindi from Virender Sehwag himself. He got married himself, he has a daughter also.

People say that a daughter is a symbol of good luck. he got the news of becoming a father during the IPL and got a call to the national team during the same event. Just like a 'Happy Ending' of a movie!

The whole thing reminds us the movie 'Iqbal' very much. In the last scene, Iqbal Khan is running to make the opening ball. There were tears in the eyes of the parents sitting in the gallery.

No, none of Natarajan's family had the opportunity to be present at the Canberra Gallery. But, everyone must have watched the game sitting at home. Surely tears of pride have come to everyone's eyes.

Ne'er, life is more beautiful than movies!

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