President Biden is going to issue an executive order on gun control


President Biden is going to give an executive order on firearms control

President Joe Biden is set to issue important executive orders on firearms control in the United States. Biden will announce the first steps in this regard from the White House on Thursday, local time.

One tragic incident after another is taking place in the United States using readily available firearms. 

In this context, President Biden is taking action in his own way without escalating the firearms controversy.

Citing senior administration officials, CNN reported that President Biden's executive order would provide some control over the collection and use of light firearms, which can be easily recovered legally, including "invisible" weapons. 

President Biden is reluctant to sit on the sidelines, although he does not expect any final success without changes to the firearms law.

American conservatives are very sensitive about firearms law. Most Republican lawmakers have argued that interfering with citizens' right to bear arms under the Second Amendment is tantamount to interfering with civil liberties.

Following the recent violent incidents in Colorado and Georgia, President Biden called for swift action in accordance with general justice. 

Biden said he was not willing to waste any more time on this. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important.

President Biden says it is not possible to control America's firearms without enacting a comprehensive law. He said he would take some steps to put pressure on the Congress.

The president, citing the administration, said in his executive order that the president would focus on conducting a "background check" for the purchase of firearms. 
He is also expected to impose tough conditions on the purchase of deadly weapons.

There are no serial numbers for ‘Ghost Gun’ or invisible light weapons. Even self-made weapons do not have such numbers. 

As a result, law enforcement has no information on these weapons in the event of an incident. Weapon parts can be easily purchased online. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to President Biden.

It can be easily converted by purchasing a valid light pistol from the market. Recent events have shown that the buyer has converted the pistol into a more lethal weapon by purchasing separate parts.

 President Biden may, in his executive order, impose restrictions on such conversions of purchased weapons.

President Biden could instruct local law enforcement agencies to take up arms against anyone they deem dangerous, including keeping a close eye on gun taxpayers.

 There may also be announcements of large sums of money to build public opinion against gun violence in different communities. During the election campaign, Biden called for a 900 million budget to build public opinion against gun violence.

Gun violence kills thousands of people every year in the United States. Many believe that changing America's liberal firearms law would prevent many deaths a year.

A few days ago, two brothers aged 19 and 22 from Texas killed 4 members of the family with legal weapons and committed suicide.

 The 19-year-old who committed suicide expressed his frustration with the US firearms law in his suicide note. The suicide note also details how his 22-year-old mentally unstable brother easily bought two firearms.

With a small majority in the US Congress, the Democratic Party has taken steps to change the firearms law. President Biden has put pressure on party lawmakers.

Conservatives are always vocal about any interference with this civil right, which is enshrined as a fundamental right in the US Constitution. 

Politicians in favor of firearms rights have a lot of influence in American politics. It may not be possible to change this law by a simple majority.

President Biden, along with his attorney general, Merrick Garland, will announce the executive directives on firearms control. The attorney general will be instructed to increase firearms control and weapons surveillance, the report said.

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