King of red cards!


You can fix your nose, but if you let somebody score the goal your pride cannot be fixed

- Nemanja Vidic

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic broke his nose while defending against Arsenal.

That's not wrong, everything a defender does depends on keeping their net intact. And to do that, it is normal to be aggressive and get red card. And shown a red card due to defend is nothing new. But there are some footballers who have turned the getting red cards into a regular work. Let's take a look at the list of players who have been shown the highest number of red cards on the field today.

Paolo Montero: (21 red cards)

Another all-rounder on this list is Paolo Montero. Montero was a pillar of defense for Juventus and Uruguay in the 1990s.

Defensive duo with Ciro Ferrera was one of the best teams in the history of Juventus. He has also captained Uruguay for a long time. But the raging Montero career has been significant for getting 21 red cards. He is also the most red card-digesting player in Serie A history. This is where Montero, who played in the formula of 'opponent must be stopped, let life go', is remembered here. According to Ryan Giggs, Montero is one of the best defenders he has faced.

Alexis Ruano Delgado: (22 red cards)

Alexis has a good reputation as a versatile defender in La Liga. He has played almost the whole of his career in La Liga. Now playing in Racing Santander, in the second division of the Spanish league.

The La Liga Journeyman has been in Spain for almost 15 seasons. He played 321 matches and saw 22 red cards. Alexis also traveled outside of Spain for two seasons. He was accused of spot-fixing in Besiktas after not playing one season. But as it was not proved, Alexis returned to Spain.

Cyril Rool: (25 red cards)

The bronze medal in this list went to the pocket of French defender Cyril Rool. Although he is not a big name, he has worn the jersey of a big French club in his career. Rool also holds the record for playing in clubs such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice and Monaco. Rool, who retired in 2010, was a versatile player. Cyril, who has won just one title in his career, was once the highest red card holder.

Sergio Ramos: (26 red cards)

No one needs to be introduced to this name on the list. Not just Real, his name will be on the list as one of the best defenders in football history. But at this stage of his career, he was not as experienced as he was at the beginning of his career. In the first part of Ramos' career, he set a record of getting red cards.

In case pressing, passing, distribution, tackling skills; There are very few players equal to Ramos. And greater leadership skills than that. His aggressive playing style is the main reason behind accumulating a mountain of red cards in his career. The silver medal on this list is therefore in the pocket of the most popular player on the list.

Gerardo Bedoya: (46 + 1 red card)

King Gerardo Bedoya on the top of the red card record. He is absolutely out of reach of everyone. The former Colombian player has a total of 46 red cards in his pocket. His difference with Ramos in the second place is 20! You can understand how terrible Bedoya was on the field.

His nickname on the field was ‘The Beast’. His career as a defensive midfielder is no less. Colombia also won the Copa America in 2001 in Jersey.

He was also banned for 15 matches after getting a red card for kicking his opponent in the head. That was the 41st red card of his life. Even after that he saw 5 more red cards in his career. He has also started sitting in the dug-out since last season. And in the first match, he has set a rare record of getting a red card after his first appearence in dug out.

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