Morocco joins the Israeli camp and its impact

Morocco's main problem is with Western Sahara. They have vast terrain, 2,521,20 sq km; The number of people is only 560 thousand. 

The area is mainly desert; very hot and dry. On December 10, 2020, the normalization of Israeli-Moroccan relations was announced. It's like slapping the African Union on the cheek. 

The relationship comes at a time when there is disagreement within the organization over Morocco's reintegration into the African Union. 

The African Union has been pushing Morocco to withdraw from Western Sahara and establish autonomy for years. Rabat has always rejected this offer.

 Morocco claims that the whole of Sahara is part of Morocco, the sovereignty of this area is only theirs. The Polisario Front has been working from the beginning to liberate Western Sahara.

 Algeria is helping them. Polisario is assisting Algeria in a permanent dispute with Morocco over guerrilla warfare.

The Trump administration has trumped the deal by mediating to normalize relations with Israel over the dispute and recognizing Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara. 

The African Union is a toothless organization. Morocco is also being expelled from the organization. No party is disturbed in all these arrangements. 

What will happen to Western Sahara? What will happen to the oppressed people, whose only message of hope has been heard for decades? The normalization of Morocco-Israel relations raises more questions than answers.

The United Nations has tried to resolve the dispute from the beginning, but this time the United States has ridiculed it. "Israel-Morocco relations are now firmly established," Netanyahu said. 

He made the announcement just a month before the end of Trump's term and is the ambassador for relations between the two countries.

No matter how much the Arab states normalize relations with Israel, the issue of an independent Palestinian state cannot be ruled out.

 On the one hand, the hellish torment of the Palestinians and on the other, Arabs are wandering around the souks or super malls in Tel Aviv. 

This is a manifestation of a kind of hypocrisy. The situation is now so dire that so many Arab leaders will not be able to do anything unless Israel builds a Palestinian state.

 They have all been running in the opposite direction since the 2002 Arab peace effort. The Arab states continue to be unfriendly inside the country and with friendly countries. 

As a result, all the alliances are being broken. The friend's trust in the friend has diminished, and they are engaged in espionage to steal each other's information. The issue of the Muslim Ummah is now a strange political fantasy!

The plan to silence the guns in Africa by 2020 is now floating in the sea of ​​imagination. Because of the treaty, the Polisario Front had no choice but to fight. 

Instead of peace, Rabat, Washington and Tel Aviv opened the door to more wars. That is why Africans do not want Morocco to be a member of the African Union and do not want to have relations. Struggles, fights and disputes are now the companions.

Trump is said to have sealed the three-decade-old dispute by supporting Morocco's King Mohammed over the phone. 

Other countries that have relations with Israel include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan. 

The Trump administration has pressured Pakistan and Indonesia to normalize relations, with analysts saying Washington's pressure is still on. 

But Biden has so far said nothing. Embassies or liaison offices will be opened in Rabat and Tel Aviv very soon, economic investment will start, project adoption will start. 

Turkey has said neither side wants a peaceful solution in Western Sahara. Washington has removed Morocco from the terrorist list following the deal. 

Immediately after the agreement, the United States is going to sell arms worth 1 billion to Morocco. The United States will provide Morocco with four drones and remote-controlled ammunition. 

According to Al Jazeera and Bloomberg, the United States is still selling 23 billion worth of sophisticated weapons and ammunition in the UAE as it normalizes relations.

Parts of the western Sahara on the west coast of Africa are occupied by the Sahara Arabs, named the Sahara Arab Democratic Republic. 

At present, 80 per cent of Western Sahara is occupied by Morocco. The Polisario Front has occupied some space, But their headquarters are in Tindouf on the Algerian border.

 The International Court of Justice noted that some tribal leaders in Western Sahara had pledged allegiance to the Sultan of Morocco.

In the Madrid Agreement, Spain raised the issue of handing over Western Sahara to a tripartite administration, meaning that the administration of Western Sahara would be in the hands of Morocco and Mauritania, and Spain would leave the territory by 26 February 1976.

 The Madrid Agreement did not mention any issue of sovereignty. With the transfer of administrative authority, the status of the Western Sahara Non-Self Governing Territory has not changed.

 On the appointed date all the Spanish troops left Western Sahara. In 1969, a peace treaty was signed between Mauritania and Polisario and annexed part of Mauritania.

 In 1991, a ceasefire was signed between Morocco and Polisario. Many countries are in favour of policymakers in the Sahara and many countries recognize Morocco's sovereignty over the Sahara. As a result, complications increase.

Fighting between Moroccan and Polisario guerrillas has been going on for three decades. Polisario troops often block road traffic from southern Mauritania to Morocco. 

Now that obstacle has increased even more. Their spokesman, Sidi Omar, said they not give up their rights on western Sahara. 

Although there was a ceasefire between the Polisario and the Moroccan army, it was sometimes broken into violent clashes. 

Morocco claims that blocking a road is a crime under international peace talks and agreements. To prevent the Polisario troops from besieging in the coming days, dunes have been created and commando troops have been sent.

 Morocco has placed Desert tanks and missiles. It threatened to use deadly weapons if war broke out.

Although Morocco and Israel have been swept away by the tide of happiness, many in Morocco consider it is a betrayal of the Palestinians. Morocco's access to Western Sahara is a bit like "world conquest." 

The Western world has played with Morocco and Algeria on the Western Sahara question. Morocco gained sovereignty over Western Sahara through its relations with Israel. 

PJD or Morocco's Justice and Development Party got a lot of votes in the 2018 elections. They have opposed this relationship. 

PJD is pro-Islamic democracy. Since its inception, it has won one-third of the seats in the last two elections, and public support is growing.

Many Jews have lived in Morocco since before Israel was founded in 1948, now numbering more than 3,000. They have had a major impact on Moroccan politics from the beginning. 

Annually 50,000 Jews visit Morocco to visit religious and tourist attractions. The Jews of Morocco say that the Jewish relationship with Morocco lasted for three thousand years.

 The parents of Israeli cabinet minister Miri Rezev came to Israel from Morocco. At different times, 250,000 Jews came to Israel from Morocco, according to many, the number is 500 thousand. 

So to the Israelis, Morocco is like their own country. Israel will soon invest in Morocco's agriculture and drinking water sectors. Morocco is waiting to get a glimpse of Biden's vision. 

Biden, however, is thought to have disagreed with Morocco. Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leaders have not yet spoken out about the Moroccan-Israeli friendship. 

But Mrs Hanan Ashrabi said, "Trump is smoothing the Israeli path." "This is an irresponsible act, this move will fuel power politics, it will violate international law everywhere," she added.

The development of the Sahara has been talked about with the agreement, the people have been told more about it. Rabat has officially said that its position in the region has been consolidated. 

For now, two major aspects of the agreement have emerged. The first is Morocco's sovereignty and sovereignty over the entire Sahara, the establishment of an American consulate in Morocco, and an investment of three billion dollars.

 Various international sports, music and cultural events are held in Laayoune and Dakhla. About 50 countries do not support the Polisario Front. Morocco is now quite active in Africa politically and economically.

 Moroccan troops are ready to liberate the ‘Guerguerat Buffer Zone’ from the Polisario blockade. Second, Morocco has been buying military equipment from the United States and Israel since before the agreement.

 This time it will enjoy many benefits in this purchase and will equip the army with new weapons. It will also provide comprehensive support for the destruction of the Polisario, which risks starting the fight against Algeria, as well as for the elimination of radical development and the Justice Party. 

The third is that Morocco has endured considerable pressure during the time of Barack Obama. 

Rabat did not support Trump's Deal of the Century and did not approve Netanyahu's visit, including Pompeo. 

Now Netanyahu or Washington's leaders and generals can rush to Rabat at any time. Even if the king wants, he will not be able to stop it.

Morocco has always been associated with the pulse of the Palestinians. It was the Moroccans who agitated for the execution of Shimon Peres. 

It is unknown w hether Morocco will be at war with the Polisario Front, Algeria and other political parties in the country to retain the sovereignty of the Sahara or they will reach an agreement.

 It can be predicted that there will be new problems and fights with them in the future. Will thousands of Jews return to Morocco? Then Morocco will be transformed into a second Palestine. Algeria and Mauritania will move to places like Jordan and Syria.

Hundreds of years of Moroccan-Palestinian harmony will gradually fade due to the normalization of relations. King Al-Quds of Morocco served as head of the committee.

 In the process, Israel also struck there and shattered consciousness. Many diplomats believe that it would be more difficult for Morocco to hold on to full sovereignty. 

The Zionist economy, politics and cultural influences in Moroccan politics will soon catch on like an octopus. Israel targets weak countries or weakens the country to save its interests. Especially where the field is marked in Islamic politics. Such as Morocco and Tunisia now.

Those who do not realize these things will be harmed. There may come a time when a country that is weak for fear of Israel will suffer instability.

 The United States could use Morocco as a platform to implement military and security political strategies in Africa.

 Neighbouring countries, especially Algeria, are no less responsible for Morocco's coming so far. It is said that Algeria wants to divide Morocco into two parts. 

The West's conflict with the Maghreb Union issue in Africa, Russia's military expansion, and the expansion of the Chinese economy will heat the Sahara further.

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