Trump considers himself unrivaled in the selection of his party in 2024

Former United States President Donald Trump has said he doesn't think anyone can defeat him in the selection process of his party for 2024 presidential election.

Trump made the remarks in an interview with Conservative Newsmax.

 In an interview with journalist Mark Halperin, Trump said he did not think anyone other than himself could win the next election if he considered his own merits.

Trump claims to have done a good job for the Republican Party. He said the most prosperous economy in American history was in his time. 

The foundation of the country has become so strong that no other country can even think of doing so.

Trump addressed a Conservative rally in Orlando, Florida, on February 28. Within 40 days of stepping down, Trump has entered the political arena in an unprecedented way, sharply criticizing incumbent President Joe Biden.

Trump has not stopped criticizing the Democrat president; He called on supporters of the Republican Party to leave the people who are against of him.

Outwardly, opposition to Trump in the Republican Party is not yet very strong. 

But moderate people in the party are looking forward to getting out of Trump's clutches.

In the House of Representatives, 10 Republican lawmakers voted against Trump's impeachment motion. 

And in the Senate impeachment court, seven Republican senators voted in favor of Trump's sentence. 

If the vote had not been made public in the House of Representatives and Senate, more votes would have been cast against Trump. Trump himself knows that. 

That is why he has been attacking the people of his party since he left power.

Mike Pence, the vice president of his time, is not with Trump. Neither Mike Pence nor top Republican senator Mitch McConnell attended the Conservative rally in Florida.

The gap between the two parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate is very small. The Republican Party could benefit in the 2022 midterm elections.

 They can get a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Trump is trying to capitalize on this possibility.

Misinformation is now rife in the US political arena. There is the violence of white extremism that has risen.

 People do not have much confidence in the mainstream media now. As a result, propaganda and conspiracy theories have now become the subject of people's practice.

President Biden is trying to advance his agenda in such a hostile reality. However, the task is not easy for him. 

Apart from that, there are various tensions in the US economy. The United States is on the brink of death. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Like other countries in the West, anti-immigration among whites in the United States has reached its peak in the last decade. 

Former President Trump has won the support of whites by inciting anti-immigration. Incumbent President Biden is talking about immigration reform as soon as he comes to power.

Trump's last election campaign was not as vocal about immigration. But now he is criticizing President Biden's immigration measures. According to political experts, he is doing this to provoke anti-immigrant whites.

An unofficial poll (straw poll) conducted before the speech at the Conservative Conference in Florida found that 55 percent of people would support Trump's candidacy in 2024.

 He is followed by Florida Governor Ron Descentis. As Republican presidential candidate in 2024, he has the support of 21 percent of the people.

Trump has not made a definite announcement on whether he will run in the 2024 election. He hinted at candidacy at the Conservative Conference in Florida.

In an interview with Newsmax, Trump reiterated that he has not yet made a final decision on the candidacy. 

And if he does decide, then Trump's idea is that there is no one in the Republican Party to compete with him.

Former President Trump's announcement may seem like an arrogant statement to many Republicans, but they are not going to oppose the former President (Trump) right now.

 Many are waiting to see what kind of legal problems Trump will face in the coming days, and the delayed response of the leaders and workers of the main structure of the Republican Party.

Political analysts in the United States say that there is no reason to think that Trump can move forward easily only by inciting extremism.

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