Trump was acquitted of the impeachment again

 Former United States President Donald Trump has been acquitted for the second time.

In the Senate impeachment court, a majority of members voted in favour of sentencing Trump. However, he was exempted from the constitutional law.

The imposition of the sentence requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate. But that vote did not fall. As a result, Trump survived the impeachment court's final by 56-43 vote.

After learning of the court's decision, former President Trump said there is a lot of work ahead. Trump noted that his arrival would soon be accompanied by a message of America's bright and boundless potential.

The House of Representatives passed an impeachment motion against Trump in January. Then on February 9, the formal proceedings of the impeachment court began in the Senate.

The court sat in the Senate to enforce the impeachment sentence on behalf of the Democratic Party. The allegations against former President Trump were read out at the outset.

Trump's second impeachment trial was held in the Senate on charges of inciting armed rebellion against the government through the attack on Capitol Hill.

But Trump could not be convicted in the trial because Republican senators did not get the required number of votes. 

It was expected that this would happen before the trial began. It was understood that most Republican senators would not vote against Trump.

The Democratic Party argued that the charges brought to bear on the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill were indictable. Trump's lawyers refuted the arguments.

All 100 members of the US Senate took the oath of office. Lawyers for the Democratic Party and Trump made the closing remarks as the impeachment court began its proceedings on the morning of February 13.

The two sides agreed on whether the evidence would be presented outside of the statement presented in court to prove the allegations.

 Judicial proceedings are expedited if there is no need to call any witnesses.

There was tension over the trial. But the outcome of the trial was much expected.

Veteran Democrat Richard Patrick Leahy, who served as president of the impeachment court, called for a vote to impose the sentence.

A Republican senator from his previous position changed his position and cast his vote. As a result, seven Republican senators voted against Trump. 

They are Senator Richard J. Barr, Bill Cassidy, Suzanne Collins, Lisa Markowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and Pat Tommey.

In the House of Representatives, 10 Republican lawmakers voted in favour of Trump's impeachment motion.

Republican senators who voted in favour of impeachment in the Senate are facing intense criticism. 

Barr Tump's son, Trump Jr., said in a tweet that work would now begin to oust the Republicans on the party's list.

The impeachment order in the Senate required the support of 16 Republican senators. It was already speculated that there would be no support.

Senator Richard J. Barr said his position at first was that there is no chance of impeachment after he leaves power under the Constitution. 

After the Senate voted on it, he considered the matter presented in court.

Richard J. Barr said he voted in favour of Trump in the impeachment court because of his use of violence and attempts to seize state power.

Mitch McConnell, a Republican in the Senate, said after the verdict was announced in the impeachment court that not everything that happened on or before January 6 was a dream come true.

Democrat Chuck Schumer, the leader of the majority party in the Senate, said in his Senate speech after the vote that the nation will never forget the role of Republican-friends today. 

 Former President Trump has failed to prioritize fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities. 

Senator Mitch McConnell noted that senators have prioritized constitutional responsibility through today's decision.

Mitch McConnell has also been harshly critical of Trump. He said Trump was responsible for the incident in principle and realistically.

Democrat Chuck Schumer, the leader of the majority party in the Senate, said in his Senate speech after the vote that the nation will never forget the role of Republican-friends today.

Saluting the seven Republican senators who voted for the Trump's impeachment, Chuck Schumer said, "I know what you did, it's not easy. 

But you did the right thing. The country and the nation will remember your role today with respect. '

In a statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi congratulated Republicans who voted to punish Trump.

Addressing those who voted not to impeach Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said their actions would be a black history in American history.

Congressman Jamie Raskin, the Democratic Party's chief impeachment manager in the five-day impeachment court, was in the spotlight. 

Jamie Raskin is a skilled lawyer, from the presentation of the complaint to the concluding remarks.

Proves as a leader. His arguments against Trump and the allegations against him have been appreciated.

Jamie Ruskin's passionate remarks about burying his untimely son on the eve of the January 6 incident and his ordeal on Capitol Hill, including his daughter-in-law, have touched ordinary Americans. 

Jamie Ruskin has also been mentioned in the international media as the hero of the impeachment court.

Although Trump's sentence could not be carried out in the impeachment court, The Guardian said the allegations against him (Trump) were proved from a moral standpoint.

Trump's lawyer, Michael Van der Vine, said they had failed to substantiate the allegations made by the Democratic Party. 

He noted that the allegations could not be substantiated by presenting video, old tweet messages.

Noting that no investigation has been launched into the allegations, Michael Vine said the Democratic Party has failed to take appropriate action to impeach a president under the constitution.

The issue to be considered in the impeachment court was whether Trump gave any direct instructions for violence. 

Or whether Trump has tried to seize power through violence.

Attorney Michael Van said the Democratic Party has failed to prove these allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

In a statement, Trump thanked his lawyers and others who have upheld justice.

 Former President Trump thanked the members of the US Congress and Senate who stood by him.

Trump has been living with his family in Mar-a-Lago, Florida since January 20. Trump is expected to return to the political arena soon after his release from impeachment.

Trump himself has given his hints. "The Make America Great movement will move forward," he said in a statement. This movement has just started.

Despite leaving power, Trump is still at the centre of the Republican Party. All his other legal troubles may start in the coming days.

Republican moderates have yet to take a stand against Trump. 

The Biden administration is launching a massive campaign to control the spread of infections across the United States, including the corona vaccine, opening educational institutions, starting small businesses, and helping people in economic distress. 

Meanwhile, the Joe Biden administration has said it will remain indifferent to Trump for some time after the end of the impeachment proceedings. 

Despite the new administration coming to power, Trump is still at the centre of American political discussions. The Biden administration wants to turn things around.

The Biden administration is launching a massive campaign to control the spread of infections across the United States, including the corona vaccine, opening educational institutions, starting small businesses, and helping people in economic distress.

Despite being acquitted of the impeachment sentence, the impeachment motion was passed against Trump. Most lawmakers in American history have voted to impeach Trump.

The Democratic Party is saying that even if Trump's sentence is not effective in the impeachment court, his crimes will not be forgotten by the American people. 

Trump is said to be the second president in US history to face impeachment.

Trump's impeachment court ruling in the US Senate has virtually started a new journey for President Joe Biden's administration, according to US media reports. 

Instead of blaming his predecessor President Trump for all the evil, the liberal media has begun advising the Biden administration to expose their actions.

Politico said the task would be difficult for the Biden administration, even if it wanted to.

 In many cases, the Biden administration will have to go in the opposite direction to what Trump has done nationally and economically. 

As a result, they have less chance of getting out of the discussion about Trump's words and deeds.

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