What’s in Trump’s last blow?


This is exactly how Hitler attacked the German Reichstag with his troops, just as the French revolutionaries overthrew the monarchy through anarchy. 

More time is needed to say whether the attack on Capitol Hill in the US capital is a revolution or a counter-revolution. 

For the time being, the power of the mafia has been defeated by the institutional power of the state. But those who believe Trump has been illegally tricked into losing can do anything.

Founder of U.S., Abraham Lincoln twice defended Capitol Hill from conservative military attacks. Conservative flags no longer fly there. But that flag flew on the US Congress building atlast. 

The protesters, through anarchy, managed to do so for several hours. Abraham Lincoln's words seemed to be closer to the truth. In 1836 he said, ‘If that (danger) comes, it will come from within us. It can't come from outside. 

If destruction is our destiny, we will be its creator and doer. As a country of free people, we will either live forever or we will commit suicide. '

The woman who was shot dead by police during a mob attack on Capitol Hill may have been a symbol of that so-called suicide attempt at US democracy.

Capitol Hill is the largest historic residential area in Washington, DC. That's where the Congress building stands as a monument to US democracy. That is what happened on January 6. 

While the empowerment of President Joe Biden, who was declared the winner, was being legitimized, the pro-Trump mob attacked there through a coup. Congressmen were forced to flee.

 The world saw the failed exercise of the so-called suicide of U.S. democracy which was foretold by Lincoln. And that happened on the same day that the United States killed Haji Qashem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Iraq, by drone strike.

The US administration would have congratulated the rebels if they had attacked the parliament building in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, or in Iran or Turkey. Many anti-American people are now satisfied with that. But the incident has a deep meaning.

The Capitol Hill scandal showed how fragile the rule of law is in the most well-organized country in the world, how divisive politics is and how far the country is on the brink of civil war.

Just as the events of the Twin Towers changed America, changed the stability of the world, the anarchy of Capitol Hill is another event that will never be the same again.

Didn't many people warn about this incident? Once in the Hollywood movie Dark Knight, then in the recent Joker movie, have we not seen such a scene? The mad mob is breaking all discipline, the mob is attacking the elites. 

America is floating in aimless violence. Their leader was dancing in this situation, an anarchist in the guise of a madman or a clown. 

That character, Joker, says, ‘Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos... you know, madness is like gravity, all it takes a little push .... '

Just as the events of the Twin Towers changed America, changed the stability of the world, the anarchy of Capitol Hill is another event that will never be the same again.

 Just as the world's most powerful state could not prevent the collapse of the Twin Towers (many say it was allowed to happen), so the Capitol Hill, the best institution of democracy in the world, could not be prevented from being evicted for a while by American democracy, by American administration. 

Many say it has been allowed to happen. To allow Trump to be impeached, to prevent him from being president for another day, to bury Trump's politics forever, to disqualify him from running in the 2024 election, and so that Trump's allegations of fraud in last November's election can be made him even more ridiculous and disgusting.

This could lead to further divisions in US politics. Many civilized Trump supporters are now flocking to the Biden camp, the Democrat camp. 

But frustrated and angry Trump supporters are becoming more desperate. Republicans in Congress and the Senate will become even weaker.

 As a result, Biden will enjoy an exclusive power that even Trump could not. This means upsetting the balance of American politics. If that happens, polarization will increase. 

The last election has indicated that Trump's popularity on the ground floor is higher than before. This time he got more votes than before. 

They will not be lost. Trump has awakened timid and shy people. The latent haters are now more courageous. They will stay even if Trump leaves.

Democrats, on the other hand, have historically been known as warlords. During their time, America chose a more aggressive foreign policy. 

In addition, there is not a single progressive minister in the new administration. Even if Trump leaves, neither America nor the world will be free from the wars and conflicts.

Trump plunged American politics and society into muddy waters, pushing the country into a dangerous situation in the wake of Capitol Hill.

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