What will Trump say now?


Voting for the US election took place on November 3. Though there is talk of handing over power to the country and the inauguration of the new president on January 20, it is not happening. 

Because President Donald Trump is still trying to overturn the results of the election by talking about 'vote fraud' and 'election looting'.

 But his phone call with Georgia's secretary of state has now revealed his name as a conspirator.

By abusing his power, Donald Trump pressured Georgia's Secretary of State to find votes by any means. This number of votes must be such that he could defeat Joe Biden. 

The US media CNN has received the audio clip of the related phone conversation. Earlier, however, the Washington Post published a report on this. 

In this almost hour-long phone call, it is clear that Donald Trump is abusing his power and acting like a dictator without showing any respect to the US democratic system. 

President Trump's dictatorial behavior is long overdue. But it never came out so openly. The leaking of the phone call before the Georgia Senate re-election has become especially important. 

The phone call has long been ridiculed by Donald Trump and his close associates for allegations of "vote fraud" and "electoral law violations."

According to the information available so far, these allegations go back to President Trump. 

He is the only person who wants to stay in the White House in various ways including abuse of power. He and his cronies are not even considering the future of the United States and their own political parties.

Lawmakers in both houses of Congress are set to certify Joe Biden's victory as president by electing an electoral vote at a joint session of Congress on January 6.

 Donald Trump has tried to change this electoral vote before. Now, as a last ditch effort, Republicans in both chambers have recruited a large number of lawmakers who have already said they will challenge Joe Biden's victory in a joint session on January 6.

 In particular, the swing states, known as battlegrounds, will be challenged, they said. Needless to say, they will reiterate the allegations of so-called 'vote fraud' and 'violation of electoral law' as an argument to challenge this. 

But according to the information available so far, these allegations go back to President Trump. He is the only person who wants to stay in the masnad in various ways including abuse of power. 

He and his cronies are not even considering the future of the United States and their political parties.

Georgia's two Senate seats will be re-elected tomorrow, January 5. The issue of majority in the Senate depends on these two seats. 

If Republicans lose these two seats, the party will lose its Senate majority. With the lower house of Congress already in the hands of the Democrats, the Republican Party as a party will be in trouble. 

With that in mind, perhaps some Republican leaders have allied themselves with Trump to debate the presidential election in a joint session of Congress.

 This will have a big impact on voters in Georgia.

Donald Trump is personally exploiting the political aspirations of his party leaders ahead of the Georgia election.

 He is sitting on this equation and getting some kind of support from Republican leaders for his desire to stay in the White House. 

Needless to say, Trump would not have had so many Republican leaders by his side if the fate of Georgia's two Senate seats had not yet hung in the balance. 

Not only is he taking advantage of this political advantage, he is also not shying away from destabilizing the next administration in all respects and even inciting violence. 

Trump supporters will gather outside Washington next Tuesday when Congress sits in a joint session to certify Joe Biden's victory. Trump himself has said that handling this situation will be quite complicated. 

Although he created the situation. His supporters are coming to Washington to respond to his call.

Until today, only these issues were under discussion. Trump knew that his own hardliners believed nothing but his words.

 He wanted to instill mistrust in the minds of voters as a whole about the US electoral system. He has been very successful in that regard. 

Everyone was shaken when the Washington Post called on Georgia's Secretary of State to confirm about Trump's pressure to change the outcome of the vote.

Because, for so long, Trump has been pointing fingers at others and talking about conspiracies. But this time the finger turned towards him.

According to CNN, Trump called Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and said, "Find the votes — that's all I want." He said, ‘Look, that’s all I want. I want 11,060 votes so that we can win. '

This one sentence bears witness to Trump's abuse of power. At the same time, it raises legal questions.

 In that one-hour phone call, Trump repeatedly tried to convince Raffensperger that the election had indeed been rigged. He meant that some of the votes cast in his name had been wasted.

On the contrary, even the dead voted for Biden. Even voters from other states came and voted for Biden. In response, Georgia's secretary of state simply said the president had received incorrect information.

In Georgia, Biden won by a narrow margin over Trump. Like other swing states, Georgia's 16 electoral votes helped to play a key role in winning Biden's presidency by 306 electoral votes. 

As a result, Trump set out to change the outcome of the state vote. He took all the path starting from the case. But despite the various criticisms about them, no one was surprised.

Because, that was the legal way. But the phone call that was leaked surprised everyone. That's exactly the kind of behavior he faced in the impeachment process before the election. 

The incident of a phone call was the main one there too. That phone call was to the president of Ukraine, where Trump pressured him by withholding military aid to Ukraine, as if to raise a corruption case against Biden's son. 

There were also serious allegations of abuse of power. But all but one Republican senator, with the exception of Mitt Romney, sided with Trump. As a result, Trump did not have to leave office.

But even then, Trump did not correct himself. He did not just give in to pressure. In a phone call to Raffensperger, Trump told him to declare that he had won the presidency by recounting the vote. 

He threatened to take disciplinary action against him if he did not do so. To the very white eye it is an abuse of presidential power, which is normally an indictable crime.

Democrats are now in a somewhat advantageous position by leaking the audio of Trump's phone call. 

There has been a kind of uncertainty since Missouri Senator Josh Howley announced his opposition to Joe Biden's victory last Wednesday. 

Then, as Republican lawmakers began to join him, tensions escalated. But no one from the Democrats was saying anything about it. 

Now the situation has changed after the audio of Trump's phone call was leaked. Republican leaders are now under fire from all quarters.

 The crisis of confidence that was seen among ordinary voters is now beginning to wane.


Because, President Trump, who tried to achieve his objective by expressing sympathy by talking about conspiracy, is now at the top of the list of conspirators. As a result, his allegations are losing ground in public.

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