War artisans are returning to the United States, risking another war in the Middle East

 Obama came to power with huge expectations because of Bush Jr.'s terrorist activities. But as he stepped down, Obama was branded a warlord.

 Obama has killed innocent people with drones in Afghanistan. Trafficking democracy in Libya and Syria has claimed the lives of millions of people during his tenure.

Today, Biden has come to power with huge expectations, again with a lot in common with Obama. 

Biden's victory against Trump's apartheid regime was a message of peace. 

But those familiar with the alleys of US politics see the possibility of war rather than within Biden's policies.

This possibility is reinforced by the past actions of Biden's appointed ministers and advisers.

 In a nutshell, the Obama-era warlords are back in Washington. The movement has been noticed in the arms market. And the people of the Middle East have begun to cover their faces in despair.

In several steps, Biden has unveiled a list of his foreign policy officials. A part of those who got a place in the list have also started working in advance.

 According to Al-Jazeera, Antony Blinken has been appointed Secretary of State. Blinken is loyal to Washington's ruling elite, which has been one of US foreign policymakers for nearly two decades.

 Blinken was assistant secretary of state during the Obama administration.

Biden has nominated Linda Thomas-Greenfield as US ambassador to the United Nations. Critics called the "black Greenfield" as the Democrat's "Condoleezza Rice". 

Initially, Susan Rice was named as Biden's national security adviser, but Jake Sullivan was appointed.

Like Blinken, Sullivan is very close to Washington's power. 

Sullivan is a well-known name in US diplomatic circles, including the Iran nuclear deal, as Hillary's ally. Biden has chosen former US Secretary of State John Kerry as his special envoy for climate change. 

But everything has gone beyond the controversial appointment of Brett McGurk. Biden has appointed McGurk as Middle East coordinator.

 The three or four new states that are being planned after the break-up of Syria are largely based on McGurK's idea.

Although all of these diplomats appointed by Biden have been described in the Western media as veteran diplomats and artisans in the interests of the United States, the past of these diplomats is not smooth. 

On the contrary, there are false allegations of war against almost everyone. Just as the new Secretary of State, Blinken, was one of the masterminds of the 2003 Iraq war and the current war in Yemen, Brett McGurk has been called one of the masterminds of the Syrian war. 

Based on McGurk's policy, Obama formed an alliance with the PKK, which sought to break up Turkey. The whole plan has turned Syria into a crematorium.

 The appointment of Brett McGurk proves that Biden's tenure will not only resolve the Syrian civil war but also widen the scope of the war. 

At the same time, just as Jake Sullivan was an accomplice of Hillary Clinton's invasion of Libya, there are allegations of prolonging the war in Syria against John Kerry and aiding the failed military coup in Turkey in 2016.

The policy of turning conflict into war has been engraved in US foreign policy since World War II. Biden will return to the traditional US foreign policy of ensuring the security of the Middle East's natural resources and Israel by keeping the conflict alive.

The return of John Kerry, Antony Blinken, Brett McGurk and Jake Sullivan has increased the likelihood of war in the Middle East again. 

The chances of an end to the civil war of Yemen and Syria have been reduced to zero. Plans to divide Libya have been in full swing. Anti-colonial movements in the Middle East will weaken, and illegal Israeli settlements will accelerate.

PKK's syrian branch which is known as YPG, has been transformed into a regular Army by Antony Blinken and McGurk to stop the war in Syria and the ISS.

 Today, there are more than 50,000 members of this US-backed militia group which was formed during Obama administration. The United States has allocated 200 million USD for YPG in 2021.

Sophisticated U.S. tools and money have made this army irresistible. Even small-scale anti-aircraft radars have been provided. 

There is no chance of resolving the Syrian civil war by bypassing this large army. Turkey will in no way accept a new state led by the YPG on its border. So conflict is inevitable. Time will say whether the Americans or Ankara will reatreat.

The Biden administration will not be able to give any good news about the civil war in Libya like Syria. In tandem with the Europeans, the Americans are constantly encouraging the illegal warlord Haftar.

 In fact, by capitalizing on the opposition between Tripoli's national unity government and Haftar, the US wants to turn Libya into two states like the Korean Peninsula.

A country will be formed around present-day Tripoli and a country with Benghazi. Jake Sullivan has been appointed as national security adviser who was one of the masterminds behind the Gaddafi assassination that plunged Libya into a decade-long civil war. Like Syria, the Libyan people are less likely to be liberated from American war soon.

But Biden could make some changes in Middle East politics to keep immigrant Muslims and US liberals at his favour. First, change can come to the Palestinian question. 

Biden could reopen the lockout of funding for Palestinian refugees closed by Trump. Even if the U.S. embassy does not withdraw from Jerusalem, a signboard of a U.S. consulate in East Jerusalem can be hung to keep Palestinians happy.

Second, he can return to the Iran agreement, albeit to a lesser extent. Third, he can threaten the Saudis only by words, especially Bin Salman. But all this will not bring any structural change in the Middle East. It will not end the relentless war of coercion on the United States.

It is difficult to understand how the world can see a glimpse of peace in Biden when Biden, a partner in Washington's power, appointed all these belligerent officials in the foreign policy chair.

Democracy, human rights, or women's emancipation are the main goals of the United States in the Middle East, not religion, language, and Shia-Sunni conflict.

The policy of turning conflict into bloody war has been engraved in US foreign policy since World War II. 

Biden will return to the traditional US foreign policy of ensuring the security of the Middle East's natural resources and Israel by keeping the conflict alive.

 In the traditional US foreign policy, the Palestinians are expelled from their homeland through legitimate agreements, civil wars are fought in Syria, Libya and Yemen in the name of democracy, and Bin Salman's brutality is silently encouraged in the name of confronting Iran and reforming.

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