Trump supporters have been seen gathering with arms

President Donald Trump is virtually silent. No one is getting any response from Trump after banning him on almost all social media including Twitter and Facebook.

 His belongings were seen being removed from the White House by truck yesterday.

Joe Biden is set to be sworn in as US president on January 20. About 25,000 National Guards have been deployed in Washington DC. 

No Trump supporters were seen there. Members of the National Guard were seen standing with machine guns in the area adjacent to the White House. 

There is no opportunity to enter the city without a strict search. Such measures have been taken in the face of the threat of an armed rally of Trump supporters.

A conservative group called the Virginia Citizen Defense League says they are gathering in the state of Virginia next to Washington DC. It is their right to hold a rally with weapons. 

They announced their rally will be held on Monday. Tensions are running high in the Richmond Hill area near Washington, D.C., after their threats. 

Police say such rallies without proper permission will be stopped.

Twenty-five gunmen gathered in front of the State House in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday afternoon. 

No tensions or violence were seen at the rally due to tight police security. Rally participants say their rally is for America's personal freedom. Trump has nothing to do with this rally.

Hansey Luke, a protester, told the New York Times that they were trying to bring together people who believe in individual freedom in Ohio. Their goal is personal freedom and equality for all.

Trump supporters rallied in Texas, Oregon and Michigan. No untoward incident took place anywhere in the presence of the police. 

There are warnings everywhere. The cities were quiet in the presence of the police and the National Guard.

National Guard has been deployed in at least 19 states in the United States. The National Guard and the police will keep a close watch till next Wednesday.

Citing sources close to Trump, the news agency CNN reported that Trump was making final preparations to leave the White House on Wednesday morning. Not sure if Trump will make a statement before leaving.

Twitter has announced the suspension of pro-Trump lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene's account for allegedly spreading conspiracy theories. The Georgia lawmaker is a Trump supporter. He propagated the conspiracy theory of the white extremist organization QAnon. The extremist group thinks that Satan's followers are gradually taking over the United States against God. God sent Donald Trump as a savior.

The move comes from Twitter as Congresswoman Marjorie Greene continues to spread false claims of fraud in the Trump election and messages from white extremists.

"Conservative Americans should not be intimidated," Marjorie Greene said in a statement. He called on conservatives to express themselves.
Twitter shut down his account last week in response to President Donald Trump's provocative message. Twitter has shut down the accounts of more than 70,000 Trump supporters.

They are trying to bring together people who believe in individual freedom in Ohio. Their goal is personal freedom and equality for all. 
-Hansey Luke, the protester

Trump will not take part in swearing-in ceremony of his successor Joe Biden. However, Trump will leave the White House for the last time on Wednesday morning. 

White House staff are making such preparations. Donald Trump will receive his last military salute as president at Joint Base Andrews before heading to Lagos, Florida.

It is not yet certain when the proposal to implement Donald Trump's second impeachment will be presented to the Senate. His first legal action after stepping down would be to defend himself against impeachment.

CNN says the lawyers who fought for Trump in the first round of impeachment are not showing much enthusiasm.

 Donald Trump's latest lawyer, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, said he would stay. Rudy Giuliani was spotted walking around the White House last Saturday, according to various media reports. Trump, however, disagrees with Giuliani over the fees issue.

Hogan Gidley, a spokesman for Trump's campaign, said in a tweet that President Donald Trump had not yet hired a lawyer to deal with his impeachment.

Kate Beddingfield, the White House's director of communications for the Biden-Harris administration, said Joe Biden's swearing-in would take place in the west of the Capitol building, according to the plan.

 He said Joe Biden would be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday afternoon an open space outside Capitol Hill.

Kate Bedingfield noted that the swearing-in ceremony would send a positive message of US democracy to the Americans and people of the world. 

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