The Sultan and the murky situation of politics in Malaysia

 Malaysia's Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah has made a name for himself in politics this year with many decisions in response to the tactical moves of politicians. 

Many feel that his palace rhetoric is largely contradictory and that he has crossed the line drawn by the Constitution. 

The Sultan thinks that the king also needs to play a big role in any way to bring peace and stability to the country.

The political situation in Malaysia has become so heated in recent months that it has been overtaken by the Covid attack, economic problems and international disputes over Borneo and Sabah.

 The country's leaders are impatient for political stability and are making various comments. 

In such a politically chaotic situation, the Sultan thinks that he needs to do more for the unity of the country besides his statutory responsibilities.

He is talking about approving and supporting the post-Sultan budget on various occasions which no Sultan has bothered about before. He wants no political grouping-lobbying on the budget so that the parties do not face each other.

 But political analysts see that the king is violating the constitutional obligation given to him which will set an example in the near future and lead to more constitutional crisis. 

Many analysts believe that the Sultan is supporting the almost besieged administration of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and taking his place in politics! Sultan Abdullah was nominated in January last year. Earlier, the controversial Sultan Muhammad-5 of Kelantan ruled.

 He served as king for more than two years. The king of Malaysia is also the constitutional emperor.

 So the emperor often has to perform rhetorical duties. He was elected from among the 5 sultans. 

These are called the Conference of Rulers. According to the Malaysian constitution, the king or sultan has no significant power. The king appointed some of his superiors; Among them are the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers. 

The king took various decisions on the recommendation of his advisory council, the Conference of Rulers and the Prime Minister.

From the beginning of the reign of Sultan Abdullah, a number of fundamental decisions have been made due to royal advantages. 

Much of the discussion was about making Muhyiddin the Prime Minister last March. 

Legendary Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has had to resign due to political curfew. Mahathir, a member of parliament, also denied any attempt to declare an emergency in the country. 

Prominent political leader Anwar Ibrahim threatened to go to court. Anwar wants the king's help to prove his majority. But the king's office said Anwar Ibrahim had given the majority number, not the names of the MPs. The names of those MPs who support Anwar are like revealing a secret. 

Anwar did not do that and Raja cannot ask for a list of such delicate matters. Then there will be no need for a vote in Parliament. Rather, the neutrals will be identified and the parliament will become a place of open factions.

 It is not clear why he named the king first. The Sultan could convene a special meeting to discuss the issue. Mahathir Mohamad also showed no interest in Anwar Ibrahim's majority. 

Citing the cause of the COVID situation, the Sultan rejected the offer of a large gathering. Parliament is also not sitting because of COVID-19. Prime Minister Muhyiddin came up with the budget, the Sultan repeatedly asked MPs to pass or support Muhyiddin's budget and made three statements on the matter. 

According to him, it is the duty of everyone to pass the budget so that no more political crisis starts in the country. As stated earlier, these matters do not fall within the statutory responsibility of the Sultan. 

The Sultan's public speech or desperate appeal to the people surprised many. Many say the sultan has broken the tradition. 

In fact, the king is reportedly taking various steps to "stabilize the country" to end the political stalemate that began after Mahathir Mohamad's resignation in January. The United Malay National Organization (UMNO) has ruled the country for 61 years since independence in 1956.

 In 2016, they were defeated by the Pakatan Harapan Alliance. This coalition is formed by Mr. Mahathir and Mr. Anwar. If there is a rift in the coalition, Muhyiddin gets the prime ministership. 

At that time Muhyiddin had to form the Parikatan National Alliance. Its majority was so small that critics called it a "razor-thin parliamentary majority".

The political parties UMNO, the Islamist party Alliance PASS and the Socialist Party of Malaysia - all have clear political views. 

The economic and political program of UMNO can be said to be a matter of demands of the Malays. The political weight and value of this party is so high that other parties who speak in the interest of the Malay community, they also respect the goals of this party.

 The hopes and aspirations of the Malay people seem to depend on UMNO. Therefore, other parties have to present the issue to the people with restraint.

 The Democratic Action Party, DAP is not a substitute for UMNO but a 'mirror image'. DAP has a combination of Sino-Malaysian thoughts. DAP came on the political stage 50 years ago, with people of different ideologies and all nationalities and ethnic groups are always welcome to come here. 

But people call this party the ‘Chinese Party’. The other parties do not do the programs that DAP organizes with different national and international days and events. The result is no stagnation in DAP Nothing can be noticed. There is a lot of 'vital energy' in this group.

Other recent parties, such as the People's Justice Party, which Anwar Ibrahim has been running for two decades, and Muhyiddin's Barsatu, launched in 2016. 

Anwar's removal of the 'ethnic line' greatly increased the party's popularity. Anwar Ibrahim has expressed his desire to form an alliance with UMNO. The purpose is to form a Malay-dominated government and to oust Yassin. 

Many of the UMNO MPs are looking at this thinking of Anwar Ibrahim from different perspectives and giving their opinions for and against. 

Reaching the masses like a hotcake through these newspapers; The oscillation of opinions is crashing like a storm on the stage of politics. Now a new generation of Malaysian leaders is coming forward. 

There is talk in all parties that new leaders should be given a chance instead of the old ones. Young leaders of all parties are pushing this view equally. They also demanded the Sultan to run the party and the country with new ones instead of the old leadership. 

Such a suffocating situation is like an opportunity for the king. He is also believed to be in favor of changing the political leadership.

The UMNO's reputation as the guardian of the Malay community is suddenly shrouded in fog, with many claiming to be the bearers of the same politics, with many parties using the 'Malay issue'. 

The Malays do not like it. It is believed that such a situation has arisen due to the party leaders and people who have crowded into different parties. Conservatives say this is contrary to Malay tradition. 

The members of the royal family do not want to be in an image crisis, the respect that the members of the royal family get is in question. Note that challenging royal privileges is a punishable offense.

 Incidentally, pro-democracy youths in Thailand have been forced to take to the streets to protest the monarchy and take control of the situation. It will not affect other countries including Malaysia, it cannot be said by swearing. 

The Sultan of Malaysia wants the country and the people to be safe and happy. Basically, according to the tradition of the king and according to the constitution, a king is the protector of the Malays and Islam. But there are people from many non-Malay communities all over the country. 

This is a very complicated issue for a constitutional monarchy. But Malays do not want to complicate matters. The Sultan expressed his desire to resolve all issues from a neutral position.

On December 15, MPs agreed to a budget of 79 billion. The opposition did not create any obstacles. Muhyiddin fortunately survived.

 Because Anwar also has a lot of support. Muhyiddin has gone north as some MPs have complied with the king's request. Before the vote on the budget, Sultan Abdullah called on the MPs to approve the budget for the sake of the country.

 In the Budget 2021 Bill, 111 people voted for Perikatan Nasional and the Opposition got 106 votes. The difference is only three votes. One abstained from voting. This vote proves the truth of Anwar's 'huge support'. 

If he had not tried to prove his majority earlier, the current budget would have been better approved. However, the question of who will lead the opposition is also a question of Anwar Ibrahim, Shafi Abdal, Govind Singh, Saifuddin or any of the youth, there is no correct answer.

If the king's request to support the bill on his own initiative did not work, the political course would have taken a different path. 

Seeing the reality, Prime Minister Muhyiddin has said that he will hold elections after the pandemic. But how long will the pandemic last? 

Elections are being held in different countries of the world by observing health rules, mass rallies are being held, demonstrations are being held. Elections were held in Myanmar; Aung San Suu Kyi said, "The election is bigger than COVID-19."

 How long will Malaysian leaders wait? It seems that Muhyiddin is trying to prevent the untimely departure by showing the cause of the pandemic. So many people died today, so many people became infected there, the health minister is publishing this information on the front page of the newspaper.

Although the Malaysian system has a history of government and monarchy running side by side, this time examples have been created, that both of the systems have to hold their hands. 

Although the members of the royal family are trying to address political and economic issues from behind the scenes, the king does not want to be embarrassed about matters of public choice.

 If the king had not wished 'good luck' this time, it would not have been possible for Muhyiddin to stay in power.

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