Shouldn't Trump's mental health be checked?


Finally found out who are the terrorists in America! Alleged Trump supporters who stormed Congress on January 7 are "terrorists."

Any business has its ups and downs. Maybe it's not so unusual. It is not uncommon for a business to go bankrupt in this way.

 But that doesn't mean that the businessman will get mentally ill if he goes bankrupt, although it can happen to some people. 

It may not be like that again. But the matter needs to be checked. If there is bankruptcy or bank corruption, it is necessary to make sure that the trader has a mental illness. 

Otherwise it could lead to vandalism in the Congress, some people could die in vain. The time has come to check on the mental health of US President Donald Trump though the voices have been raised.

Even before he became a candidate in 2016, Trump's mental state needed to be checked, as the elected representatives of the state, including the speaker, understand today. 

According to some investigative fact-checking reports on Trump's business, Trump has registered himself as a bankrupt business company 11 times.

What does it mean to declare an organization bankrupt? According to American Business Law, company owners can declare their company bankrupt on their own, but only through a court of law.

 This usually happens as a decision made by the company owner and management. Many may wonder, why would the owner declare himself, would anyone call or call himself crazy?

Yes, he can say. Because, in order to declare your company bankrupt, you have to apply to the court and get the approval of the court. But when and why? 

When it is generally seen that a company has to pay more than the total value of its income and assets acquired, the amount of potential liability has increased.

But why or could such a situation occur? It is generally seen that the company was a manufacturer of products like any medicine and was a very reputed company in the market.

 But one of his popular pharmaceutical products has been found to be defective, which is a serious error in production. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have fallen ill using the drug, and hundreds have died. In that case, the victims may have started suing. 

Probably from the situation of one or two cases, it will be understood that in these cases the punishment will be decided against the company and the amount of punishment will be much higher, 100K USD per head will have to be paid to each victim.

The company then applied to the court on its own initiative to reduce its losses and liabilities, declaring its company bankrupt. 

This is because the liability is greater than the company's assets or total assets when it comes to compensating all the victims. Now what exactly will the court do? 

If the court is satisfied with the application, the court will appoint an asset valuation and valuation company to verify the claim. As if to settle the liability. 

The company was then declared bankrupt. So if a company fails to meet the demands of its various types of creditors, if the amount of liability is more than the assets, then it proves itself bankrupt in court and declares itself bankrupt infront of the court, so as to avoid creditors.

Donald Trump is primarily a housing development businessman. A 2016 fact-check report in the Washington Post states that he has declared himself bankrupt at least 11 times.

Needless to say, many of the original owner's dreams come true with his own company. As a result, seeing the company go bankrupt in the market can be a traumatic event for the most of people. 

Due to this, the owner is no longer a normal person. It may be seen that by common social values, no other sense of good-evil, right-wrong or social responsibility or accountability etc. works. 

Trump has reached such a mental illness. He doesn't have much company. So what will he do with anything else in society?    

As a result, the owner is not in a position to manage himself in this situation. 

Abnormalities have occurred from which any level of mental stability, instability can occur.

Now such people have one thing in their own society, family; But if the state-government position, sit as an executive? That, of course, is fatal. 

Because it is in the interest of the people of the whole country. Therefore, arrangements can be made to check his mental stability (according to medical standards) as a condition before submitting nomination papers for the post of executive. 

Because the administration of a state means that he has to decide the fate of hundreds of millions of citizens. 

The people of that country cannot take the risk of the mental instability of a bankrupt businessman.

This is exactly the situation the American public is realizing today with the outgoing President Donald Trump. But what exactly happened last January 6?

In American constitution, everything is fixed in advance. There was no chance of a difference of opinion. 

That's how the US presidential election was held on November 3 last year. Who will deliver the results within how many days after the election?

It was fixed.  Thats why, January 6 is an important day in this way and in terms of formality. Because, on that day, the bicameral Congress or both houses of the US Congress will meet in a joint session. 

On that day, the two will sit together in the hall of the House of Representatives in the Capitol Hill district of Washington DC. The vice president of the state presided over the joint meeting. 

The House Speaker will sit next to him. According to this calculation, Trump's vice president Mike Pence took the presidency. Nancy Pelosi, a four-time speaker and Democrat, sat next to him.

On the other hand, how the election results will be final, who will do it, if there is any controversy or objection, how it will be settled have all been told in advance. 

The work and management of the Election Commission in every state ends there. Because no Central Election Commission or office was kept in America. 

So every state of the 50 states of US has a secretary who is the secretary of state (not the government) whose main job is to be the chief election official and it is an elected position; 

He is the one who finalizes the results of the vote and settles any objections. If the objector is not satisfied, he can go from the local district judge to the federal Supreme Court.

Trump has been in "total madness" since before the November election. Of course, this is not a good sign for a president.

 He would not accept the result if it was against him, would not hand over power, etc. He had been going on a rampage for a few months before the election. 

After two days of November 3, it became clear that Trump was losing. And so the rumors of Trump's counter-plan continue to spread. At one point, the results debate never went to the court of a district judge.

 Because everywhere Trump was accused - he was lost, manipulated. But what did not appear in all the courts was the evidence presented. 

At least there wasn't even the slightest evidence to start a case. As a result, no strong point of complaint was presented. Almost all the courts dismissed the case as they could not show the minimum evidence. 

At one point, Trump himself told the media that he did not have the merit to file or reach the Supreme Court. But still he always says as a last word that he has been lost, manipulated.

January 6 was the day of a big plan. This is certainly an episode of formality. In particular, the fact that the Central Election Commission has not been set up in the United States suggests that the alternative is to announce the final results at the state level.

 Therefore, it has been clearly stated what is the job of the Vice President and the President of the Joint Assembly that day. 

Basically it's two. Unveiling the result box sent by the state to his office and instructing the staff assigned to count it; And that will be in front of the members of the joint assembly (parliament and senate). 

When the counting of votes is over, the final results will be announced by the votes of the joint members present.

Now that Trump or his public-private advisers are seen, they are coming up with some weird explanations. 

As he instructed Vice President Mike Pence to do certain things, he said so publicly.

Now the question is, can Trump instruct Pence to do whatever he pleases? Or can you just instruct Pence to do whatever the Constitution gives him? 

Trump’s idea here is that he can direct everything. But he can't do that. Yet he told Pence (instruction) that he should announce after receiving the calculation, that he was not accepting or approving this result.

Understandably, mental illness is only Trump's, yet it hasn't touched his vice president that much. 

So at the start of the joint session, Pence said in a written statement that he could not keep the president's request. 

Only the Constitution which has given him the power to do so will be confined within it. In response, Trump tweeted in frustration, "Pence is not brave. He lacked courage, so he couldn't. 

At the end of the meeting, the final results were announced and Biden was declared the winner. 

Only the Constitution which has given him the power to do so will be confined within it. In response, Trump tweeted in frustration, "Pence is not brave. He lacked courage, so he couldn't.

At the end of the meeting, the final results were announced and Biden was declared the winner. 

But there has been a lot of drama before. Trump and his supporters stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. 

Earlier, the police and the National Guard had kept all the elected members wearing gas masks in a safe house inside the parliament building. 

The vice president is the most important of them. Because if Trump is sick or something, he can become president, so that's the security situation. 

Besides, that parliament is considered to be one of the real states of the American state. So basically everyone in the parliament spent that day under the domination of the police. The police have taken control of the rioters.

But Trump's idea, including that of the media, is whether the joint session will have the power to announce anything that goes against the outcome after a direct public vote. 

Can the Constitution give such jurisdiction to Pence or that House? The straightforward answer is, no. Even without reading the American Constitution, it cannot be said to be in the Constitution.

 Because in that case it would mean opposition to the mandate of the people; Such an authority can overturn that mandate to any individual or group Yar can't give constitution. 

Because the mandate of the public vote is supreme, the state is standing on it.

But the problem in America is the mental illness of the person? It doesn't feel that way. But it has been awakened by China's future leadership, to take its place. The economic crisis also creates thousands of such political crises.

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