Melania was then busy with a photoshoot at the White House

While supporters of President Donald Trump were vandalizing the Capitol Hall, First Lady Melania Trump was busy with a photoshoot. Last Wednesday, Trump drove his blind supporters crazy. 

At this time, Trump's fierce supporters entered Capitol Hill and occupied the chair of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

 Standing on the bodies of five people, including a police officer, Trump continued to falsely claim that he had won the election.

While such riots were raging across Capitol Hill, Melania Trump was busy with a photo shoot inside the White House for a book to be published. 

According to some other news media sources including CNN, the First Lady was asked to make a statement to calm down the situation. His staff refrained from making such statements.

However, just a few days ago, First Lady Melania Trump made a statement during the civil violence after the death of George Floyd.
Melania Trump has been pretty quiet this time.

The name of First Lady Melania has been associated with President Trump, who has given birth to disgusting deeds in American History. Trump supporters rioted on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. 

At the same time, questions have been raised about what First Lady Melania Trump was doing at the White House. The First Lady's fans have also raised questions about this. They think Melania could have made at least one statement during her husband's reckless behaviour.

The title of First Lady of the White House is not a mere formality. People have been respecting this title all the time. 

The First Ladies of the past have taken important steps at different times, leaving themselves out of the debate. They made a statement. 

They have been present with the message of peace and sympathy for the angry and frustrated people. Like Trump, Melania Trump has ultimately disappointed the American people.
With President Trump's term in office coming to an end, Melania has gone into hiding. 

The First Lady did not appear in public after New Year's Eve. After January 2, she was not seen using any social media.

 She was not seen posting on Instagram after Christmas.

Donald Trump, who has been busy with Twitter most of the day, 
his account has been banned so far.

People are waiting to see what will be the First Lady's reaction to this incident?

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