Top 10 countries which are tax havens

High-income countries such as the United Kingdom
the United States is now becoming havens for tax evasion from around the world. 

The small countries known as tax havens are lagging. However, the market in Switzerland, known as the ‘grandfather’ of tax havens or black money, is also declining.

The Cayman Islands, which was third last year, has risen to the top as a tax haven. 

Multinational companies and rich people in different countries of the country have misappropriated tax benefits and evaded taxes and taken 7.4 billion USD a year. This means it is one-sixth or 16.5 per cent of the total global tax evasion.

About 10 per cent (9.9%) of the total tax evasion in the world goes to the UK. The country has smuggled 4.25 billion dollars a year. 

A.s a result, the United Kingdom has jumped to the second position from the 13th position in 2019. Another European country, the Netherlands, is in third place with 3.74 billion. 

The United States, which rose from the 25th position to the fifth position this year, with a total of 2.37 billion USD.  About 2.7 billion USD was taken in Luxembourg. The country ranks fourth.

The Tax Justice Network (TJN), a UK-based research and analytics organization, recently published a report titled 'Situation of Tax Justice 2020: Tax-Justice in the Covid-19 Era'. 

TJN cites countries that indiscriminately evade tax evasion from other countries as being responsible for "tax losses" and aiding in the misuse of tax money.

Some small countries that have been known as tax havens for many years are still at the top of the list. The British Virgin Islands are 8th and Bermuda is 11th. In sixth and seventh place are Hong Kong and China in Asia. 

reland and Singapore are in 9th and 10th place respectively. Switzerland dropped from third to 12th place last year. .In the top 10 countries, two-thirds of 67.42 per cent of the tax evasion money went. 

And 55.4% of the money goes to the United Kingdom and their colonies and countries that consider the British queen as their queen.

According to the TJN report, the amount of money that is smuggled to the tax heavens by evasion from different countries of the world every year is 42.6 billion dollars. Of th rf is, the corporates took 24.5 billion. The remaining 18.2 billion was taken by local tax-evading wealthy groups from different countries.

Again, out of the total money smuggled through tax evasion, 38,260 crore dollars belong to high-income countries.lThe remaining 4.5 billion is for low-income countries. 

As a percentage, the amount of tax evasion in low-income countries is 5.6 per cent of the total tax collected. In developed countries, this rate is two and a half per cent uh.

According to the TJN report, 98 per cent of the world's tax evasion goes to high-income countries. 

Only 2 per cent is taken in low-income countries. 

Just as the United States and the United Kingdom are in the top ten in the tax haven, the two countries ranked first and second in terms of tax evasion simultaneously. Germany is the third and France is the fourth.

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