Why are older people more affected by corona, young people and women less?

As we know, COVID-19 is mainly spread through respiration. The coronavirus floats in the air for a while through numerous droplets during exhalation or sneezing or coughing of a person infected with COVID.

 This virus is an RNA virus, which is surrounded by a layer of lipids and a spike-like glyco protein. On the other hand, some human cells have ACE2 receptors. 

The higher the concentration of this receptor in the body cells, the higher the risk of infection, if concentration lowers then the risk is lower .

Older people are more prone to COVID-19 and their disease worsens faster. Their lungs quickly become dysfunctional. Lack of oxygen in the body. 

Our general idea is that the body of the elderly is weak and their immunity is also weak. That is why their risk is higher. That may be true in some parts. 

But the real reason is that as they get older, the concentration of ACE-2 receptors in their respiratory tract increases.

That's why older people are more likely to be infected than younger people. Not only that, the concentration of ACE-2 receptors in the body of women is less than that of men. That is why women are relatively less infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Mainly why the respiratory system is affected
The process of infection with coronavirus is as follows: The ACE-2 receptors are caught by the spikes of the virus, enter into the cell and take control of the cell. 

The virus then uses the cell's own mechanisms to make millions of copies. But in order to get inside the cell, ACE-2 has to have a special type of enzyme. 

The COVID-19 virus cannot infect all types of cells in the human body. However, it easily overwhelms the cells of the respiratory system. That's why COVID-19 mainly damages the respiratory system.

Why do many people have no symptoms?

When we are infected with a virus or bacteria, the body's immune system becomes active and produces antibodies to that particular virus or bacterium to neutralize the external enemy. 

If someone has been infected with the same virus before, then for some time many people already have that specific antibody in their body and play an active role. Or antibodies are made after the vaccine.

 Activation of antibodies means that harmful germs have entered the body. There is a risk to life. As soon as this signal is received, some symptoms appear in the body.

 This is why we often say that fever is just a symptom of illness, the real cause is a virus or bacterial infection in the body.

Although corona is affected, some similar symptoms occur. Such as slight fever, dry cough, sore throat etc. 

However, many times, even if someone is infected with COVID-19, no symptoms are seen. But their respiratory and sneezing coughs cause COVID infections in others.

 One of the reasons for the lack of manifestation of symptoms may be the heart disease occurs in some people but the body does not respond for any reason. As a result, it became difficult to understand that he had a infection. 

This is the asymptomatic covid. There are no symptoms of the disease. Another reason for this may be that their virus infection is not serious enough or their immune response is not so severe that the symptoms of the disease will appear in the body. Medical scientists have not yet been able to confirm this.

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