What is Trump getting without accepting defeat?

 For so many days, however, he has been running around with allegations of vote fraud. The intent was to prevent the certification of the votes of important states, whether by court order or by the actions of Republican lawmakers. 

But all attempts failed. Voting for the Electoral College ended on December 14. Although the vote count will take place on January 6, Biden's victory has been confirmed as no state has changed the slate of its electoral voters. 

But President Donald Trump is still reluctant to accept Joe Biden as the newly elected president. The thing is, what is he getting because of this steadfast position?

Trump was able to create quite a stir among supporters because of his steadfast stance without conceding defeat in the first round of elections. But over time, that is likely to change. 

At least that is the message that Trump supporters, like Republican leader Mitch McConnell, the majority in the latest Senate, have acknowledged Biden as the winner. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. But the number of these supporters is dwindling.

After winning the election, newly elected US President Joe Biden said, "Democracy has survived the battle of the United States. The will of the people has been won. '

Donald Trump is doing the exact opposite. Just as he has struggled in the last four years to shake the foundations of democracy in the spirit of the United States, he is still trying to weaken that foundation. 

The thing is, how is he weakening it even after losing the election? Doing so without acknowledging the results of the election and never publicly acknowledging the results of the election. 

This creates an intersection in the democratic continuity. At the same time, in the coming term, at least some people in the United States are hurting the very foundations of the democratic system by casting doubt on Biden's presidency.

Biden's confirmed vote surpassed 270 after the Greater California state officially announced the results of their electoral vote on the evening of December 14. In the final count, Biden received 306 votes and Trump 232 electoral college votes. 

In his speech, Biden said, "Politicians do not take power in the United States. The people allow politicians to take power. 'Trump's position is completely different from Biden's.

Electoral votes from the states will be sent to Washington within the stipulated time. These votes will be recounted in a closed session of the Congress on January 6. There, lawmakers will have the opportunity to raise objections. 

Hundreds of Republican lawmakers can raise such objections in favor of President Trump. The Democrat majority in Congress is expected to rule out any such objection. 

Biden will be sworn in as the new president on January 20, unless something unusual happens. The Biden administration will begin its journey as the 46th president of the United States through various events.

Even then, President Donald Trump will not publicly acknowledge Joe Biden's victory as newly elected president. He spoke regularly, citing a source in the White House.

 Citing White House advisers, the media reported that Donald Trump, while talking to close quarters, admitted that he was no longer in the White House for a second term. 

Even at that time, however, he was making one explosive comment after another, making false allegations of public vote fraud.

Not only that, Trump even called on the Supreme Court to move beyond the lower court to overturn the results of the vote. At the same time, Republicans in key states were urging lawmakers to change the slate of electoral voters so that Trump would get their vote.

Some of the White House officials joked about the latest attempt. And when it com es to debating whether to change the Electoral College vote on Jan. 8, a White House adviser laughed off. 

As a result, it is very clear that the leaders of the party are no longer able to hold on to themselves. Influential Senate leaders are now recognizing Joe Biden as the newly elected president. 

Annoyed by Trump, longtime Republican Congressman Paul Mitchell has announced he is leaving the party. The longtime Republican leader elected from Michigan said the country's constitution, not the party, is big. 

He criticized the Republican Party for trying to question the country's electoral system like a third world country for unprecedented political reasons. Congressman Paul Mitchell has declared himself an independent lawmaker.

Meanwhile, Trump has set another example of election madness due to disagreements and dismissal of Attorney General William Barr. 

He was not fired. However, he resigned in the face of pressure - it is confirmed news. Attorney General William Barr, who is known to be close to Trump after the election, said he had no evidence of electoral fraud. From then on, the departure of William Barr became inevitable.

Donald Trump has fired many high-ranking officials, including the defense minister, since the previous election. Now these leaders are saying goodbye to Trump. The scene began to change after the December 14 electoral vote. 

The list includes Senator John Thain, the second top Republican leader in the Senate. Mitch McConnell has been mentioned before. There are leaders like Senator Roy Blunt, Rob Portman, Shelley Capito and Mike Rounds. 

No matter what you hear, no one wants Trump to be a neighbor. Meanwhile, residents in the vicinity of Mar- A -Lago have called for Trump not to be there. 

As a result, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Trump has achieved two things with his own steadfast position loneliness and degradation of the democratic system.

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