US Election: Fear of violence before January 20

 President Donald Trump is not stopping. He is continuing to try to reverse the election results. In this case, the latest effort that has been revealed, everyone is shocked. A terrible uneasiness has arisen, especially among White House officials.

Trump has discussed with his advisers whether martial law can be imposed to hold re-election as part of his latest effort. The news was first published by the influential US media New York Times.

 The country's broadcaster CNN then published the news. Last Friday at the White House, Trump discussed his lawyer Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Councilor Pat Cipollone.

Remarkably, Trump has sat down with people who support his authoritarian stance and various anti-democratic activities without words to discuss the issue.

The meeting discussed what kind of steps can be taken to change the outcome of the election. Sidney Powell is one of those who came up with the theory to change this result. 

She complained that Venezuela was behind the vote-rigging. And Trump recently pardoned Michael Flynn. He told US television Newsmax this week that Trump could use martial law to seek re-election. 

Through this, he will deploy the army and organize the re-election. The matter came up in the meeting on Friday. Trump raised the issue at the meeting. He asked those present at the meeting whether martial law could be enacted. But some at the meeting said other advisers at the meeting had rejected Flynn's proposal.

The meeting was attended by hardline Trump supporters such as Rudy Giuliani, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and lawyer Sidney Powell.

The results of the November 3 US election are now as clear as day. But Trump has been reluctant to accept this result from the beginning. 

He has done every possible thing to reverse this result, which anybody has not done before. He has challenged the election results in various states to trying to change the electoral college voter list in states where Republicans have a majority in the legislature, known as the battleground. Even  the Supreme Court was not left out.

Needless to say, long before the election, in the context of his lagging behind in opinion polls, Donald Trump has repeatedly said without any basis that Democrats will try to rig the election. 

This demand has changed since the day of the election - the Democrats have committed massive vote fraud. However, his skilled lawyers could not produce a single piece of evidence in his favour. 

Besides, he has been saying even before the election, who will win the presidential election this time, will be decided by the Supreme Court. He has even thwarted all the etiquettes of US politics by inciting his hardline and belligerent supporters to create anarchy. 

Since nothing has happened, he has now even discussed the imposition of martial law, which has taken everyone by surprise.

Joe Biden has won the US presidential election on November 3. He is scheduled to make his debut on January 20. But Trump is reluctant to leave the White House. 

And to make his wish a reality, he is willing to sacrifice everything in the US Constitution and democratic etiquette. In the meantime, his allegations of vote-rigging without any evidence have been able to create divisions among Americans.

In the last four years of Donald Trump's tenure, the issue of this division has come to the fore in many ways. It would not be an exaggeration to talk about Trump, the most divisive statesman of this century.

 But the information that came to light last Friday in consultation with people close to the president about the imposition of martial law, citing some White House officials, has surpassed everything.

Earlier last week, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was pardoned by the president's special powers, spoke in an interview with the right-wing television network Newsmax about plans to impose martial law. 

He was then summoned to the White House last Friday. Naturally, the issue has given rise to quite a discussion. Explosive This information is hard to digest. However, Trump has, as always, dismissed the information as "fake news."

Although CNN quoted two close sources as saying, plans to impose martial law have been discussed at the Oval Office. However, it is unclear whether Trump has backed the plan.

However, this debate has been a work in progress. And that is, those who had at least some doubts about the US election, those doubts have deepened after this news. As a result, it has strengthened the foundations of electoral violence throughout the United States. 

The United States has already witnessed such violence. Analysts fear violence could erupt again before January 20.

Elizabeth Newman, a former assistant secretary of the Donald Trump administration's Department of Homeland Security and an adviser to the anti-Trump conservative group Defending Democracy, told CNN: When Trump supporters hear that the president has considered the plan, violent extremist groups will raise their heads. 

They will then find excuses to create violence. It will work a lot faster. Extremist white nationalists, in particular, will be motivated by an attempt to overthrow the US government. This part thinks they will be able to achieve this goal through civil war. 

They dream of creating a civil war by spreading violence. As a result, a little consensual behaviour on the part of the president could lead to a major violent situation. "

As a result, it is clear that even if Trump does not finally impose martial law, the mere news of it being discussed has already done considerable damage to US democratic foundations. 

And that's where a lot of White House officials are concerned. Although no direct comment has been made, both Republicans and Democrats are concerned about the controversy.

 The biggest concern is violence. In the end, it will be very difficult to deal with such a situation. Also, the process of transferring power is now underway.

While there is no preconceived notion of how complicated the situation in the United States will be with the transfer of power, one thing is for sure, Donald Trump has already provided a lot of issues to suffer the Joe Biden administration in next four years.

It remains to be seen how successful the Biden administration will be in dealing with epidemics, economic crises, etc.

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