‘Turkish Sultan’ is in the Caucasian Great Game

 2020 is a difficult time for many arrogant leaders in the world. Donald Trump is defeated and humiliated.

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is at risk of losing his post in a corruption case. 

India's Modi or Brazil's Bolsonaro are plagued by internal and external problems. Turkey, Iran, Qatar and Yemen have shattered the Saudi prince's arrogance. 

The Saudi blockade of Qatar has not only failed, now Prince Salman has to negotiate a compromise.


Amid so many grey stories, the story of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is truly golden. Even though the ship of pride of a leader like Trump has sunk, Erdogan's chest is still swollen.

 He has reaped the harvest of victory from all the fronts he has built in the last few years. Turkey has won big victories against Kurdish, IS and Assad forces on the Syrian front. 

The Russian-Turkish alliance exercise on the Syrian battlefield has been used in the war fought on behalf of Azerbaijan.

 Like Syria and Libya, Turkey is going to build military bases in Azerbaijan.

 One of the masterminds of Azerbaijan's historic victory over Armenia and the liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh is Turkey and its two main weapons — the ambitions of Erdogan and the magic of the Bayraktar drones built with Turkey's guy. 

This deadly weapon of Turkey is more interesting than the Turkish TV serial. This incident has greatly enhanced Turkey's military prestige. And this month the train from Pakistan to Istanbul, Turkey has been launched.

Turkey's enmity with Armenia dates back to the Armenian genocide of the Turkish Caliphate. 

The old enmity must have persuaded Turkey to take a risk for Azerbaijan in this year's Nagorno-Karabakh war. 

Two birds were killed with one stone- Armenia and France. Like Libya, President Emmanuel Macron's- France was against Turkey. Many see this as a response to Macron's insults to Muslims.

Another ground for Erdogan's political victory is in Turkish Cyprus. In 1964, Turkey occupied some areas of Cyprus and declared it an independent state. Although it has no international recognition. 

Ersin Tatar, a pro-Erdogan nationalist leader, won the presidential election in Turkish Cyprus last month. 

Tatar want unification of Cyprus with Turkey as during the Ottoman Empire.

By opening one front after another, President Erdogan is involved in the new ‘Great Game’; Whose name is Transcaucasia or Eurasia Alliance. 

This alliance has not yet but is on the way. And Turkey is playing a major role in that. Surrounding Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, this great game is followed by another great old game. 

This was first mentioned by Lieutenant Arthur Connolly of the East India Company occupying Bengal. 

The famous British novelist Rudyard Kipling later established it in the mainstream of Britain through his novel "Kim".

 In 1919, McInder, a British geopolitical expert and politician, brilliantly equated the region's importance: whoever ruled Eastern Europe would rule mainland Europe. He who will rule Europe-Asia will rule the world.

Turkey did not sit still after defeating Armenia and taking Azerbaijan to its side. The Turkish Foreign Minister visited Ukraine last Friday after visiting Bangladesh. 

After Azerbaijan's Karabakh victory, Ukraine is also keen to reclaim its Crimea territory from Russian occupation.

 So they also need Turkish drones. Ukraine's elite is looking at Turkey with special affection. 

The two countries have 50 joint military projects and military cooperation agreements.

 The fact that Turkey did not recognize the occupation of Crimea by Russia is what brought Ukraine to Turkey. Ukraine is Turkey's main partner in many military technologies. 

Ukraine has advanced in armament technology since the Soviet era. It also can provide what Turkey needs, so Turkey is also funding the country's military research.

The Tatar people of Crimea are influential in Turkish politics. And Turkey also wants to increase solidarity among the Turkish-influenced populations in Eastern Europe. The Balkans and Caucasus were once part of the Ottoman Empire. 

The region fell into disrepair before World War I, and Turkish-speaking Muslims were persecuted and massacred. 

Naturally, they will have affection for Turkey, as seen in Azerbaijan.

Will Turkey, which is thus reaching the doorstep of Russia, sever the Putin-Erdogan friendship? We don't think so. 

Because Turkey knows its limits. Its purpose is not to compete with Russia, but to bargain. The void created in the region after the collapse of the Soviet Union cannot be filled by Russia alone.

 Putin knows it and agrees. Otherwise, he was not supposed to be on Azerbaijan's side in the Azerbaijan-Armenia war. 

The reason why Russia and Turkey are in friendly competition in the Middle East is that they are giving Turkey some space in the Caucasian Great Game.

 The aim is to better establish Turkey in the Sino-Russian bloc from NATO. 

That is the purpose of the Russian S-400 missile defence system, despite US opposition.

Wherever there is the Black Sea in the Caucasus, there is Turkey. If Turkey wants to become rich by extracting oil and gas from the Black Sea, it must increase its influence in the South Caucasus. 

Turkey already enjoys close economic ties with Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in Central Asia. 

Seen in this context, the future of the season in the "Caucasian Great Game" looks bright.

 It is said that the new "Turkish Sultan never sleeps because he is always awake on so many fronts".

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