Trump's favorite magazine told him to stop 'insanity'


Mr President, get out of this dark valley. You are suffering from exhaustion with the joint session of the Congress on January 6.

 He says Republican lawmakers can change the outcome of the election if they show courage. 

You can stay in power for another four years. Mr President, you gladly support the undemocratic coup. "

The New York Post, a popular conservative American newspaper, similarly called on President Trump in its front-page editorial. 

‘Mr. The president has also reported in several US newspapers on the editorial titled 'Stop the Insanity'. 

The New York Post is Trump's favourite magazine, CNN reports. 

The report, which was first posted online on Sunday night, said the Georgia state Senate election on January 6 would have an impact on American politics in the next four years.

 This election will determine which party will have the majority in the US Senate.

"You had every right to investigate the election," the New York Post quoted Donald Trump as saying. 

But the report cites two examples, citing the failure of Trump's efforts. 3 million has been paid from Trump's campaign camp to recount votes in Wisconsin.

 After the recount, it was found that Trump's vote has decreased by 87 more.

Votes have been recounted twice in the state of Georgia. Biden has won every count. These votes have been counted by hand. 

The Post reports that Trump's allegations about electronic voting machines no longer stand up to scrutiny. 

Trump lawyer Cindy Powell has been described by the New York Post as "insane." 

Sidney Powell's talk of imposing martial law on the United States with former security adviser Michael Flynn is "treasonous and shameful," the post said.

The Post says, ‘Mr. President, we know you're angry. But your downfall is even more destructive. 

" "If you want to maintain your influence, and even return to the stage in the future, you have to change course and return to something better," he said.

The Post called on Trump to focus on Georgia's January 5 election instead of January 6. 

Trump has been urged to think about the consequences of Joe Biden in the White House, Nancy Pelosi in Congress and Chuck Schumer in the Senate become leaders. 

Having Democrats in these three places means the United States will return to the pre-Trump era, fearing that all the conservative policies that Trump imposed will change.

Praising President Trump, the New York Post said, ‘Mr. President, consider that you emerged from zero as president. '

Trump has never been a lawyer. He has no experience in performing any state duty anywhere.

 When he came to power, he turned everything upside down in politics. He also spoke against the media. 

The New York Post noted that few people in American history have done such a thing.

The Post says that by winning Georgia's January 5 Senate election, President Donald Trump will be able to maintain at least some continuity of his policies. 

The consequences of leaving power by overthrowing the Republican Party will not be good for Trump.

 The Post says the Democratic Party will identify Donald Trump as a one-term harmful president.

Like William Shakespeare's famous tragedy drama 'King Lear', 'Mar-a-Lago' will identify Trump as the king of club corruption. 

Sadly, Trump himself is giving the Democratic Party this opportunity, the Post said.

Very few media outlets have supported President Donald Trump in the last election. The magazine, which has been influential all the time as a conservative, has reportedly agreed with Trump against Joe Biden and his family. 

Trump himself has repeatedly lashed out at the New York Post over his extremely hostile relationship with the media. 

When the New York Post hit the market last Sunday, there was a great deal of curiosity among the people.

A New Jersey Trump supporter named Brian Walker was spotted with a printed copy of the New York Post on Monday morning.

 "I have the same message for Donald Trump," Walker said. Trump should not work to make the Republican Party more rotten. '

The New York Post has put the last final nail in the coffin of Donald Trump and his supporters' hopes for a change of election results. 

The newspaper said, ‘Mr. President, if you continue to try to destroy everything in the last days of your power, you will be remembered in the future as an anarchist, not as a changemaker. "

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