Trump pressures Georgia governor to change vote results

 President Donald Trump says he could have continued to run the country as a great president. It is still stuck because of the Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia. "Democrats are very happy with the behaviour of the governors of the two states," Trump said, adding that "the Republican Party will remember".

Donald Trump is pushing Georgia Republican Governor Brian Camp to change the results of the state election. Trump called State Governor Brian Camp before joining the Georgia election campaign yesterday, according to major media reports, including the Washington Post, CNN, and the BBC.

Trump said that the governor should convene a special session of the state legislature. He asked to cancel the results of the state vote through a special session. Governor Brian Kemp has been asked to decide on the electoral vote through the state legislature.

There is no precedent in the history of the United States for a president to ask a state governor to change the outcome of a vote. According to media reports, the governor of Georgia has stated that he has no legal right to convene such a session. 

CNN contacted Governor Brian Camp's office to discuss the governor's conversation with President Trump. Cody Hall, a spokesman for the governor, declined to say what the governor had talked to the president about.

President Trump is putting the Republican governor of the state in political trouble. Governor Camp has repeatedly said that the state election board involved in the election did not find any evidence of fraud. President Trump called for a hand count after the first count of Georgia's votes. The two-point count did not change the election results.

Now Trump is demanding that the signatures of every ballot that comes in the mail be checked. "People have signed many ballots with the same ink," he said in an election campaign speech in Georgia. Dead people voted, illegal immigrants voted to win Democrat candidate, he noted.

Donald Trump is pushing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey in the same way.

He is pushing for a state legislative session to be convened by cancelling the state results. Governor Doug Ducey has similarly said he has no evidence of vote-rigging in his state. He is also not responding to the call for a special session of the state legislature to change the results of the vote.

President Trump addressed a campaign rally for Georgia senators on November 5. He has spoken out against the governors of Georgia and Arizona on Facebook and Twitter all day. 

Trump was present at the speech in Georgia with First Lady Melania Trump. Raising the false claim of electoral fraud, he said that America would enter the socialist era through the Democrats. Addressing the people, Trump said, "You have to decide whether the children will live in an independent society or not."

Addressing his cheerful supporters, Trump said, "If I lose the election, I will move to Florida."

Georgia's two Senate seats are up for re-election. Under state law, a candidate must be re-elected if he or she does not receive the majority of the total votes cast. 

In the Nov. 3 election, Republican and Democrat candidates in each of the state's two Senate seats were very close. Candidates from both the parties did not get majority votes. Georgia is set to go to the polls on January 5.

These two Senate seats are now crucial to the balance of power in Washington. If the Democrats win both seats, the two parties will have equal seats in the Senate. In that case, Vice President Kamala Harris will be able to secure a Democrat majority by casting a vote of office.

In Georgia, a Republican state, Democrat candidate Joe Biden won by a narrow margin. With the election of the Senate, the situation is tense in two constituencies of the state. 

The Republican Party, including Vice President Pence, has been working hard to retain the two seats. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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