Trump is still trying to create chaos

 President Donald Trump is trying to tangle again before leaving the stage of power. State legislators who support him have taken "alternative electoral votes" from the swing states and sent them to Congress. 

Trump is yet to move away from the illusory idea of ​​changing the election results from the joint session of Congress on January 8. 

However, no one sees such a possibility in the Senate after the acceptance of Republican leader Joe Biden as the 'presidential elect'.

The majority party in the Senate is Republican. Party leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday acknowledged Joe Biden for the first time as president-elect. 

Although Joe Biden's victory in the November 3 election was confirmed, the top Republican leader in the Senate has remained silent for so long. There was anxiety in the political arena about this. 

He is accused of encouraging Donald Trump without congratulating the winning candidate outside the democratic tradition of the United States.

After the last Electoral College vote, Senator Mitch McConnell had no chance to wait. 

Presenting a logical objection to the electoral vote in a joint session of Congress after the Republican Party leader stepped down in the Senate now seems almost impossible. 

Rebecca Green, director of the William and Mary School of Law, says Trump's legal battle to change the election results has failed. She said it was not for not trying, but for lack of evidence.

In the last six weeks, the Supreme Court has dismissed the case of Trump camp twice. Federal and state courts have dismissed 60 post-election cases of Trump camp. 

Georgia and Wisconsin did not see any difference in the election results, despite repeated rounds of vote counting.

Even then, the Trump camp did not stop. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was questioned at a news conference yesterday. 

She Asked about President Trump's attitude after the election, the press secretary said Trump is still fighting.

 She described the electoral vote as a constitutional step. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has made it clear that Trump is not stopping. 

A new strategy has been taken from the Trump camp. In states where election results were close, pro-Republican Trump lawmakers held their meetings. 

They are sending the results of the state election to Washington with an 'alternative electoral vote' in favour of Donald Trump.

Such alternative electoral votes are being sent from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Stephen Miller, an adviser to Donald Trump, said they were keeping all options open to Congress by sending these alternative electoral votes to Congress. 

Alabama Republican Congressman Mo Brooks has already announced that he will object to Congress over the electoral vote. 

He will be joined by hundreds of pro-Trump lawmakers. Such an objection would be rejected by a majority of Democrats in Congress.

In the Senate, Republican leader Mitch McConnell and other senators have called for President Trump to accept defeat.

 It is believed that Trump will not be able to take advantage of such objections in the Senate. At this stage, Trump may try to go to the Supreme Court again on the pretext of a dispute. 

However, the US Supreme Court is not expected to be involved in provoking Trump's controversy over the election.

It is now clear to the American people that Donald Trump will leave the White House before Joe Biden is sworn in as the new president on January 20.

 However, Attorney General William Barr has been fired and the caretaker Attorney General, who has been in charge for a few weeks, is being watched. 

Donald Trump's use of acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen is also being monitored.

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