Trump is playing golf leaving the Americans in trouble

The Corona pandemic has already ruined the festive mood of Christmas in the United States. Americans are celebrating the biggest festival of the year with anxiety. 

But President Donald Trump has gone on vacation without signing a bill on incentives and government spending. He is celebrating Christmas in his way. And of course, it has the charm of playing golf.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the festival in the lives of ordinary people in the financial crisis has increased their suffering. But the president does not flinch at that. 

He has gone to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida for the Christmas holidays. On the other hand, the White House says President Trump is working tirelessly for the American people.

 Trump's "tireless" work schedule includes some phone calls and meetings with his people.

Trump has not been very active in state affairs since the presidential election of 3rd November.

Countless people are being infected with corona every day in the United States. Thousands are dying. And President Trump is busy making false claims of election fraud.

No one can know President Trump's next move. From lawmakers in his party to ordinary Americans, there is no clear idea about Trump. 

The biggest joke has started with the Corona incentive package. Republicans and Democrats have been arguing for a long time about passing this package. 

Month after month this bill was hanging. It had came at the last minute and was passed, but the president did not sign it. 

According to CNN, the video tweeted by the president has created a big crisis. In the video, he said he would pay a one-time allowance of  2,000 USD to the unemployed. His proposal has been rejected by his party's lawmakers.

The two parties in Congress accepted the offer of civic incentives after a compromise was reached at the end of a drawn-out disagreement. 

In response to his call, the democrats quickly amended their proposal.

But the proposal was rejected in the Senate on Thursday. As Trump's Republicans have a majority in the Senate. 

The Republican Senate has called on the president to approve the Compromise Relief Act (600 USD per person).

The bill was sent from Congress to President Trump to sign the Citizens' Incentives Act on Thursday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said another separate bill would be passed in Congress if necessary to ensure increased cash assistance to citizens.

Coming to the end of power, President Trump has complicated the situation in Washington. He announced his intention to veto the congressional defence bill. 

Continuing the federal government means Congress is gathering in Washington again this week to deal with the president's veto of the bill.

Trump has put his lawmakers in trouble by presenting a counter-proposal to the Corona Relief proposal.

 Some are hopeful that Trump could dramatically approve the Corona Relief Act and the federal government's continued funding proposal after returning from a Florida vacation. 

However, Trump's proposal sparked a new controversy over the impetus, which made the whole thing uncertain.

The question is, why is Trump doing this? The answer is simple. Many Republican senators have verbally congratulated newly elected President Biden. 

Many have acknowledged Trump's defeat without saying anything. CNN says this position of Republican leaders has angered Trump. 

He wants to take revenge. That's why he didn't sign the incentive and government spending bill, despite calls from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He also hinted at this in a tweet he returned from playing golf at Mar-a-Lago on Christmas Day.

According to CNN, if Trump does not sign the government spending bill after returning from vacation, the federal government will have a partial shutdown by next Monday. 

If Congress wants, this situation can take some interim steps. But this month, Congress has had to take four such steps.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt says the best thing to do now is to get President Trump back from vacation and approve the bill.

Citing former White House officials, U.S. media outlets say President Trump's chances of approving such dramatic bills are "fifty-fifty."

Some believe that President Trump can provide a "pocket veto" under the US Constitution. Such a "pocket veto" can be used by the President within 10 days of the end of the Congress session. 

As a result, Congress does not have enough time to deal with such vetoes.

Republicans are opening their mouths about President Trump's one-on-one apology to his people. Republican Senator Ben Sasse called President Trump's pardon a bad example.

Trump is still trying to make trouble with the election results. He is trying to keep his false claim alive by sending various messages on Twitter and Facebook. 

Trump is now trying to disrupt a joint session of Congress on January 8. He is desperate to put pressure on Republican lawmakers.

On the other hand, the Corona pandemic has also crippled the US health sector and the economy, shutting down millions of small businesses. Millions of people have lost their jobs. 

Thousands of medium and large enterprises have gone bankrupt. This includes even centennial institutions. 

Hunger has now become a reality for many Americans. Many Americans have been forced to stand in line for government food aid for the first time in their lives during this corona period. 

When this became a reality, Trump went on vacation without signing incentives and government spending bills.

Before going on vacation, Trump pardoned his close corrupt officials. He met again with the pardoned criminals to discuss whether a new election could be held by imposing martial law.

 Just for the sake of Trump, many more politicians are now behaving depressingly. Many young and healthy people started vaccinating themselves in the first place on the pretext of making people aware of vaccination. 

But many health workers are still waiting to be vaccinated, according to US media reports.

Trump is undoubtedly doing so because of his defeat in the political arena. But politicians are not suffering from his behaviour. Rather, they are quite well.

General people are in trouble, many of them might be hungry in this Christmas. While Republicans are busy to figure out what Trump wants, the unemployment benefits of 14 million unemployed Americans will be cut off after this Sunday.

 If the incentive package is not signed before January 1, millions of tenants will have to become refugees. 

Millions of families are already threatened with eviction for not being able to pay their rent. The biggest thing is that hundred millions of people have already fallen into extreme uncertainty.

After the Christmas holidays, many small companies are thinking of putting a permanent 
lock on the front door of their offi

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