Trump has started all the reckless works

President Donald Trump is now threatening the Republican Party. Lawmakers are desperate to keep up with pressure

Trump, who did not accept defeat in the election, is coming to the end of his power, announcing a general amnesty one after another, and is still trying desperately to change the election results.

Donald Trump released 15 people from prison on Tuesday using the president's constitutional powers. 

Two of them are former lawmakers. The two were involved in Russia's interference in the 2016 US elections. One is his former campaign assistant.

As evidenced by the release from his long list of crimes and punishments, Trump is keeping everything open. Trump is also pushing hard to stay in power for another four years by changing the outcome of the vote.

In a tweet and Facebook post yesterday, Trump attacked his Republican Party leaders. He said the Republican Party should not forget that without his help, the party would have lost eight seats in the Senate. 

Trump is claiming credit for holding the majority in the US Senate so far.

Under the US Constitution, President Trump is in power until noon on January 20. New President Joe Biden will be sworn in today. 

As long as Trump is in power, he can pardon or reduce the sentence of any crime under the power of the Constitution. The US Constitution gives the president unfettered power in this matter.

Usually, these general amnesty lists are made through the judiciary. Everyone is waiting to see how many people Trump forgives until January 20. 

He once said that he could even sign an apology for himself. Trump is also said to be able to accept a general apology for himself by handing over power to Vice President Mike Pence at the last minute.

Before January 20, Donald Trump's vision is now January 6.

 There is a constitutional formality to take the votes received from the Electoral College in the joint session of the Congress on this day.

Never before in the history of the United States have there been major incidents in these constitutional formalities.

 This time the situation is completely different because of Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence will preside over the joint session of Congress.

Vice President Mike Pence called on conservative student-youth organizers in Florida yesterday to stay with supporters in the ongoing battle over election results. 

Hundreds of Republican lawmakers will raise objections to the acceptance of the electoral vote in Congress on January 8. 

To raise such objections, Donald Trump is sitting in the White House and holding one meeting after another with his people. Lawmakers in various states are being contacted by the Trump camp.

Trump is pressuring members of Congress and the Senate to object to the Electoral College vote in several states.

 After making such an objection, Mike Pence can call for a vote on the objection. Then Republicans have to vote for or against a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote.

To Republican supporters, Trump is now the main leader. Trump's base is too strong for conservative blind supporters. 

Republican leaders are reluctant to take a public stand against Trump because of their political future.

Not agreeing with Trump's post-election behaviour, many Republicans would be in trouble if they voted in Congress. 

After a long debate, Trump is trying to move from the camp to the Supreme Court over any controversy. 

There is no reason to think that Donald Trump will stop if any attempt to entangle Congress in January fails.

One after another, Donald Trump's baseless allegations of vote fraud have been dismissed since the November 3 election.

 Similarly, Trump can go to the Supreme Court again with any constitutional dispute. While his lawsuits and congressional manoeuvres have not been successful, they have kept Washington busy.

The media of the United States has no idea who is still telling Donald Trump that he will be in the White House again. 

In a report, Politico quoted influential Republican leaders as saying that in reality, there is no one around Trump who believes that Donald Trump can remain president after January 20.

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