Trump attacked on judiciary including Apex Court


President Trump has given the bait of incentives to the American people at two thousand dollars per person. 

He has launched a final attack on Republican leaders and the country's judiciary, including the Supreme Court

He is directly pressuring the party leaders to prevent him from snatching the election he won.

 Lawmakers have begun working on how to deal with President Trump's pressure to make himself look good to the public.

Trump posted one tweet after another and a Facebook post while sitting at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Saturday.

 On his table is the federal government's budget bill and congressional incentives for congressional incentives. 

Without approving the proposal, Trump said, "Let's offer two thousand dollars per person." He called on the United States not to allow to send any foreign aid to  other countries.

Newly elected President Joe Biden, who is expected to be sworn in on January 20, has called on Trump to sign the Corona Relief Bill. Biden said that if President Trump did not approve the bill, it would have dire consequences.

President Donald Trump is now putting pressure on Republicans with the utmost attention. Trump said the Democratic Party would jump into the fray if it were in such a situation.

 In Trump's words, the party's legislators would be desperate if the results of such fraudulent elections went against the Democratic Party. 

In the Senate, Trump is surprised that no one, including Republican leader Mitch McConnell, is doing anything.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was initially silent. Joe Biden has been recognized as the newly elected president following the completion of the electoral vote. 

He did not support Donald Trump's demand for a change in the election results. Newly elected President Joe Biden is mentioned as a friend. 

Senator Mitch McConnell tells Republican lawmakers not to fall into Trump's trap during joint session of Congress of January,6.

It is to be noted that as part of the constitutional process, the results of the electoral vote are to be approved in the joint session of the Congress on January 6.

 Before the swearing-in of January 20, the January 6 session of Congress is the last constitutional process for the complex US presidential election. 

Donald Trump is trying to cause trouble in the congressional session with his pro-lawmakers. He is now imposing various strategies to create pressure. 

Republican lawmakers did not agree to pay more than 600 USD per person in the citizen incentive proposal. 

With a 2,000 offer for the people, Trump has put Republicans to the test in front of the people

The congressional reconciliation bill for citizens includes some U.S. approvals for foreign countries.

 In addition, Trump wants to repeal the benefits provided to technology companies under Section 230 of the Communications and Density Act. 

With the help of this section of the law, Facebook, Twitter and other social media technology based organizations can impose control on any content. It can warn the public before publishing content.

 Such warning statements are now being seen in all the Facebook posts or Twitter posts of Donald Trump.

On Twitter from the Mar-A-Lago resort, Trump also linked the repeal of Section 230 to a technology company with the Citizen Incentives Act.

He also tweeted that his administration's judiciary and the FBI had done nothing about allegations of vote rigging by Trump. 

Noting that they should be ashamed, he said no concessions would be made. He mentioned that he will meet everyone in the capital Washington DC on January 8.

Describing the US Supreme Court as an "incompetent institution", Trump said that despite so much evidence of forgery, the Supreme Court could not find an admissibility in the case.

 He lamented that if there was such corruption in the election, there would be no other country called America.

"The election in Afghanistan is safer than the US election in 2020," Trump was quoted as saying by a returning US soldier from Afghanistan . A fake president has been elected in such an election.

President Trump has said, "I am willing to give two thousand dollars per person for my great people."

Lawmakers are set to sit in Congress on Monday on what to do if Trump does not approve the Corona Relief agreement

Work is underway to pass the law avoiding the veto of the president. Democrats are also pushing for a separate 2,000 cash bill, lawmakers said.

 Democrats are excited about this. Republican lawmakers have been quiet under Trump's pressure.

Meanwhile, newly elected President Joe Biden in a statement thanked lawmakers from both parties for proposing a compromise law. 

In a statement, Biden said that if President Trump did not pass the bill quickly, countless Americans would be in big trouble. 

Noting that many of the bereaved U.S. families will not be fed this season of the festival, he called on Donald Trump to approve a quick compromise bill.

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