Most people were fascinated by Trump this year

 Most people in the United States were fascinated by President Donald Trump in 2020. This information came up in the Gallup poll published on Tuesday.

The New York Post reports that Gallup conducted a poll in late 2020 to find out who the most wanted men and women in the world were. 

18 percent of participants said they were fans of President Donald Trump. And former First Lady Michelle Obama tops the list of women. 

10 percent of the survey participants voted for her. Newly elected US Vice President Kamala Harris is in the next position among women. 6 percent of the survey participants supported her.

The Gallup-conducted poll gave participants the opportunity to choose anyone from any part of the world.

 According to this survey, Donald Trump has the highest number of fans. Former US President Barack Obama, who has topped the list for the past 12 years, lost the top spot. Last year, Obama and Trump topped the list.

According to the New York Post, Gallup poll shows, the top 10 men in the list are US President Donald Trump, newly elected US President Joe Biden, top US infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci, Pope Francis, Tesla founder Elon Musk, Vermont Senator Barney Sanders, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, NBA star LeBron James and the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama tops the list of women. On the other hand, Anthony Fauci and James Brock topped the list.

Also in the top ten are former US First Lady Michelle Obama, newly elected US Vice President Kamala Harris, US First Lady Melania Trump, media personality Oprah Winfrey, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Amy Connie Barrett and environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

According to the New York Post, Donald Trump went ahead with the Republican vote. Forty-seven percent of Republicans polled voted for him. 

No other male figure in the world received more than 2 percent of the Republican vote. Democrats, meanwhile, voted 32 percent for former US President Barack Obama. The previous year's rate was 41 percent.

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