They only trust Trump

 Opposing reality seems to have become the destiny of a significant number of people in the United States. President Donald Trump is not accepting defeat even after losing the election. 

Standing on the brink of death of nearly 300 thousand people, many people are still not paying attention to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Donald Trump is being blamed for leading American society into such an illusion.

 In this age of extreme flow of information, people in advanced societies like the United States also suffer from confusion and skepticism about information. 

A report in the US media CNN described the issue as a social disorder like the Corona pandemic.

President Trump, the country's highest ranking official, has been saying without any evidence that the election was rigged. 

He has not yet been able to prove any allegations of fraud. Despite announcing the final results of the 50 states and Washington DC elections, 

Trump says he has won the election. Surprisingly, people believe him. They not only believe his speech, for this reason, his supporters are taking an oath to risk their lives. 

A poll conducted by the news agency Reuters in mid-November found that 68 percent of Republicans thought the vote had been rigged. 

Of the 249 Republicans in Congress, 222 have yet to recognize Joe Biden as elected president . State-level Republican lawmakers and party national party leaders have so far sided with Trump. 

While some Republicans have publicly acknowledged the victory of state governors and lawmakers Joe Biden, the numbers are still very small.

Trump is not the only one in the opposite position with the election. The united strength of the supporters is now tied with him. 

They think that the information given by Trump is the correct information. Their beliefs have nothing to do with real information.

The same situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Four percent of the world's population is living in USA.

 But 20 percent of the world's COVID-19  infection related deaths has been occured here. A significant number of people believe in Trump's words, not scientists or health professionals about COVID-19. 

Many health workers believe that fewer people would die if President Trump took other steps, including encouraging the use of masks from the beginning. 

But he did not. On the contrary, he has carried out propaganda by declaring wearing a mask as a weakness. 

As a result, President Trump infected himself. Last week, he rallied in Georgia. There was no obligation to wear a mask at the rally. More than three dozen people in his administration have been infected.

 Trump himself has infected people. Even then, many supporters support Trump's position on the COVID-19 infection. Like Trump, they consider this virus to be a 'Chinese virus'.

Many are saying that it is a conspiracy against the election and a conspiracy against the coronavirus. Conspiracy is a big deal to them now.

 Everything is the responsibility of opposition parties. They think that this is the reason for everything from losing the election to death in Corona.

In the last four years, Donald Trump has been able to stir up effective mistrust and suspicion in the media. 

The influential media has no confidence in the election, the Corona pandemic or anything else. Conservatives think all the media is conspiring the same.

 The acceptability of technology-based social media like Facebook and Twitter is also in question. People were eager to hear the news of suspicion and conspiracy. 

They support Trump's tweets and Facebook posts using love icons. They believe the news of conspiracies and suspicions. 

With the change of power on January 20, the masses of the United States do not seem to be able to come out of this dilemma of suspicion and conspiracy. 

In such a situation, US social analysts think that the United States will not be able to overcome this instability in the near future.

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