The people of the United States are suffering from three problems

 Americans is going through a time of leaderless. Besides, they are troubled with coronavirus, economic and political problems. 

Corona infections kill an average of 1,500 people every day in the country. The infection has been identified in more than 150 thousand people. 

Hospitals are filling up. The siren of the ambulance has been heard every now and then. Anxiety has engulfed people

The US economy has been virtually stagnant for 10 months. The cries of unemployed people are going on. The president in power is playing golf at this difficult time for the people. 

President Donald Trump has apparently nothing to do but make false claims of losing the election. The West Wing of the White House is jobless. 

Although the newly elected president is preparing to take office, he has little chance of fulfilling his state responsibilities before being sworn in. The divided Congress is also busy matching the post-election realities. This is increasing the anxiety among the people.

The coronavirus, which has been rampant in the United States since last March, has re-emerged with the onset of winter. This time the infection has spread from the city center to the marginal villages. 

In 10 months, the American people have reached the end of the year and the festive season has arrived. The festival, which started with Thanksgiving last week, will continue till the new year. 

Health workers were already warning. Danger is now on the doorstep, proving the fear to be true. Every hospital is filling up. The state governor has instructed to increase the number of beds in city hospitals like New York.

In the United States, an average of more than 162,000 people are being diagnosed with the infection every day. The actual number of infections is expected to be even higher. In the last one week, an average of 1,430 people have died every day.

 Health workers think this situation is fragile. It is feared that the situation in the United States may become more critical in the coming weeks. President Donald Trump has no direction as head of state during this extreme crisis. 

There is no news briefing on the White House Corona Task Force. The people of the country are not getting any centralized instructions to protect themselves in this time of crisis.

President Donald Trump has been adamant in his role in not accepting defeat since losing the November 3 election. He plays golf at his own golf club in Virginia, a state next to Washington DC, and posts on Twitter and Facebook.

 Every day they are falsely claiming that the election was rigged. The American people are unmoved by Trump's demands in these difficult times. President Donald Trump has done no more state work in the last three weeks.

 He said in a press conference that the vaccine is coming. He is speaking of his own accomplishments for vaccine.

Anthony Fauci, a member of the Corona Task Force, said the vaccine arrived in the last week of December, but it was a long winter for the American people. 

Once the vaccine reaches everywhere, it will be winter to vaccinate a large population. During this time the situation may deteriorate further.

Most people lost their jobs after the whole of America went into lockdown last March. More than half of the unemployed could not return to work. 

Small businesses have closed. It was initially handled with civic incentives and unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits of the people have expired. 

The White House, Congress and Senate have repeatedly spoken of another round of economic cooperation for the Corona situation, but nothing has been done.

Just as the White House is immobile after the election, so is the immovable role of Congress. The Democrats lost a few seats in Congress in the election but retained a majority; Although the members of Congress are not in a good mood.

 Georgia's election to the Senate is pending. If the Georgian Republican loses two candidates, the Democrats will find a balance in the Senate. 

With the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democrats will be able to make their initiatives a success. In that hope, members of Congress are returning to Washington this week for the post-election session. 

Their urgent agenda does not include civic incentives. They will have to pass the federal budget by December 11.

New President Joe Biden will take office on January 20. Among them he is nominating people in his administration. 

Before taking power, the newly elected president can do nothing but call on the concerned people of the country to wear masks and adhere to social norms. However, COVID-19 has adopted a task force for its own administration. 

After taking power, the American people are discussing how to jump into the task of handling this extreme crisis. Joe Biden has called on Congress and the White House to take immediate action to address the country's economic woes. However, there is no sign of anyone moving on his call.

In the ongoing unbearable reality, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said, ‘I want to tell all the American people directly that the situation will get worse in the coming weeks'. 

He called on the citizens to protect themselves. Jerome Adams called on citizens to be vigilant and deal with the situation.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, the state with the highest number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States, on Monday instructed all hospitals in the state to take extra precautions. 

He also hinted that new restrictions would be imposed if the Corona situation in the state became more fragile. 

Restrictions may be imposed on movement to or from areas where the infection has spread without lockdown throughout the state. Similar measures have been taken in other states, including California.

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