Rajamohan has come to sell Israel!

 Prof. C. Rajmohan (Chilamkuri Raja Mohan) is an Indian academic, journalist and foreign policymaker - this is how he is known on Wikipedia. Rajmohan is a native of Telugu-speaking Andhra Pradesh, India. 

He did Masters in Nuclear Physics from the same university. But later he did his Masters and PhD in ‘International Relations’ from Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi. The subject of his PhD research was ‘Strategic Studies and Arms Control’. He later became a professor of teaching at JNU University. But gradually he came to the light and became an 'American friend' in India.


In the future, there is no American-funded NGO or think tank in India that he is not involved in managing. All this happened in the first decade of this century. When the rise of China in the global economy began to catch everyone's eye. As a result, working for China containment or ‘stopping China’ became not only important in American foreign policy but almost a major program.

 However, the United States has made it clear in its research and studies and in its reports that it is inevitable that China will overtake the United States and become a leader in China's economy. The inevitable that cannot be prevented.

However, the main task of the US in Asia is to stop China. In this work, some programs were taken to influence the local ideology and thought in the academic world of India by making it anti-China. Delhi became its centre. 

At that time, the traditional (social and military-strategic) research institutes of India were always digging in between local and government limited funds. They did not even call themselves think tank organizations, this term has not been introduced yet.

 The United States set aside these institutions, opened an Indian branch of the American Think Tank as a parallel, or directly funded NGOs in India. One of the most influential think tanks is the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, based in Washington.

 In short, many call it the Carnegie Endowment or just Carnegie. For example, a branch has already been opened in India under the name 'Carnegie India'. Its founding director was C. Rajamohan. Not only that, but Carnegie India is also responsible for coordinating a policy between India's former traditional and later US-funded think tanks and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

 Carnegie India is the main source of funding for a think tank program or a scholarship to study abroad in India. However, in India, the Ministry of External Affairs is now the written approver of any program taken by all types of domestic and foreign think tanks. 

However, in a word, for most of the last 20 years, the main implementation and coordination of all Indo-US strategic activities, including the War and Terror Program, has been done by these organizations.

The exception was the Trump administration in the last four years. Because Trump's idea creates these global effects, America has nothing to do with it, which means it won't work anymore. 

Rather, it is more profitable and beneficial for Trump's "America First" thinking and activities to wage an anti-China or trade war with China in the management of the American racist economy. As a result, Trump dropped all of the proposals that went to the White House for approval from the Pentagon or the State Department.

 As a result, the work of Rajamohan or his think tank in India has been very limited since then, though not completely. Rajamohan has now left Carnegie and is temporarily associated with the National University of Singapore.

Rajamohan's new assignment is Israel:

That Rajamohan is seen this time, he is active again. This time his assignment is 'Israel'. To put it bluntly, Pakistan and in that sense Bangladesh should also recognize Israel, to advocate for it. Rajamohan has come to sell the 'benefits' of this recognition but is also showing threats and intimidation.

Rajamohan regularly writes columns for the Indian Express English daily in India. The title of the essay he sent in his latest commentary was, "India, Pakistan and Bangladesh must address the changing geopolitical realities in West Asia."

This title of his writing is full of great cunning. What does ‘West Asia’ mean here? He says without mentioning Iran, West Asia. He didn't mention Iran, intentionally! Apart from that, can we show any work area where India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have an opportunity to adopt the same policy? 

India has left nothing to be desired as an issue of common interest; Extreme Hinduism has made it bitter. Because India's behaviour is - it can be said in its mind - as if India wants to say, ‘America has its hand on my shoulder now, so I am an elite of the world.’ As a result, the country considers himself as an influential ruler over Pakistan or Bangladesh. 

Ever since India has been suffering from "superiority complex" in the South Asian region, the relationship has become unequal, so there is nothing left to say about common interests. As a result, it is doubtful that Rajamohan presented the three countries in a line.

Rajamohan has now come up with an 'Israeli agency'. So he didn't give any hint, he was straightforward to say that the three countries of this region should recognize Israel as India has already done, sitting on Israel's lap.

But Rajmohan made this statement very cunningly and immorally. 

The summary of his article reads as follows: Rather you are weak or strong, that matters everywhere. Fakhrizadeh's assassination proves Iran's growing "strategic misery." Significantly, relations between some Arab countries and Israel continue to be normalized, ignoring Iran in the region. "

Now it is noteworthy that at the beginning of his article he used a word in English called ‘Brazen’  to describe the assassination of Fakhrizadeh; Which means that the work that is done shamelessly and recklessly - the reprehensible work; He says so. 

But in the next sentence, he clearly says in favour of assassination, that these acts cannot be understood with accuracy; It is important to understand whether you are strong or weak. In the next sentence, he openly states, "Fakhrizadeh's assassination proves that Iran is in a growing state of "strategic distress. "

Fakhrizadeh's assassination means that Iran's strategic predicament has been proven, so now Israel must be recognized by Muslim countries as a team- someone who says this kind of sentence, undoubtedly he is worse than a lower-class broker!

In a word, Rajamohan wants to say that since Israel is 'strong' and 'that's what matters', we have to 'lick' Israel's 'feet'. All human qualities have disappeared from such people. They have no minimum morality left.

Well, if tomorrow Iran takes any retaliatory action that it has promised and that it is expected to take after Trump leaves power - what will happen?

Now Rajamohan's first task should be to return to studies. And ‘power’ - he should start studying this issue again. He will see that power can be taken, it is not a big event. The big thing is to be able to show a morality, a justification for power. If he can't do that, that power will always torment him. And if he fails to justify his power, that power will go out of his hands and will continue to appear against him. Even this power can drag him to the destruction.

We can only say one thing about Israel. The day the United States loses its global leadership, the state of Israel will find itself in a crisis of survival for the same reason that it has erected an immoral power. But before that, the only thing we can look at now is the 25-year Sino-Iranian agreement.

Saudi Arabia's emergence and survival as a monarch of Saudi Arabia are of equal age with Saudi-US relation. The treaty between American President Roosevelt and the King of Saudi Arabia (February 14, 1945) was signed. That is the basis for Saudi Arabia to still be the centre of the Middle East; Although it is now expected to reach the end of its life. 

China's global leadership and the implementation of the 25-year Sino-Iranian agreement will be the direct result of these events, Iran may take the position of Saudi Arabia today. 

The existence of every emirate in the Middle East or GCC will be in jeopardy. The worst affected are Saudi Arabia and the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.). However, despite being an emirate, Qatar will be in the best position. There will be a kind of massive upheaval. Most importantly, monarchy can be difficult to sustain. 

Also, a bigger crisis is waiting for everyone (including South Asia). That is, after 2030, the underground oil-based industrial civilization will no longer exist. Fuel sources will change to environmentally friendly fuels. 

As a result, there will be an income crisis, an alternative that the kings needed to create since the rise of their kingdoms, they failed to do almost nothing.

This crisis will be visible from 2025. In the comfort of the foreign exchange that the south Asian countries now have in the Middle East, earning a living from hard work and sweat, feeling the heat of the billion-dollar reserves, all this will change. 

The days of sitting and selling oil under the ground will be over. Rather, this time in the competition to build the economy based on industry, Iran may explain to each monarchy how worthy the country is!

And China will continue to actively support these upheavals in the Middle East. Because China has to place the yuan instead of the dollar as the top currency in the Middle East's trade at the time. For this reason, China will have strong active support in sorting out all the upheavals. Israel still has no direct conflict of interest with China. 

But even if it doesn't, Israel is now opposed to China's interests in the new or future Middle East. Because Israel will play a role in reversing the Middle East, maintaining monarchies, which is an obstacle for China. That is why the emirates want to recognize Israel openly or secretly so that Israel protects them and gives them security.

 Therefore, it is important to understand that China did not just tie the knot with Iran or form a 25-year strategic alliance without thinking of anything.

Therefore, Mr Rajamohan, have brought the agency of losers. At least two Muslim countrieregion, south Asian region Pakistan or Bangladesh will not go with him. He has no idea that "these Muslim countries need to recognize Israel" - what will be the reaction to this sentence?

 Besides, who will put this word on the table? Whoever raises it will be identified in those countries as a person who has lost all morality, due to which his social existence to the people of both countries will be in crisis. Maybe, there will be a couple of exceptions, but they will also remain undisclosed. 

It would be very difficult to see that even the progressives are leaving their position for so long and taking the side of Israel.

The people of these Muslim countries believe that the Israelis are a symbol of the occupation of Palestinian lands and all kinds of oppression on their lives. This is their general perception.

But Rajamohan is advising those two largest Muslim countries to recognize Israel. It is understood that he does not have any skills in his profession, he is also weak in the study of understanding.

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