Pence's political future is under threat because of Trump

 Incumbent Vice President Mike Pence's political career is going to be ruined because of Donald Trump's overwhelming love for the presidency. 

President Trump has already poured water on Pence's political ambitions. Trump's strong attraction to the White House is responsible for Pence's downfall.

There have long been rumours that Vice President Mike Pence may seek a Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election. Trump is ignoring Mike Pence's political hopes.

 In the meantime, he has started paving the way for becoming a presidential candidate in 2024. He has already taken special initiative to work towards that goal. In this situation, it is normal for Pence to be disappointed.

CNN reported, A few days after the US election, Mike Pence called a close friend of his. They talked for about 30 minutes. Pence's friend said Pence had called to discuss the situation and its impact on the Republican Party. 

He expressed optimism about the success of Donald Trump's efforts to reduce the number of ballots but had doubts about the preparation of various cases on the allegation of fraud.
Whatever he is, Mike Pence has been very cautious since the election. He continues to maintain a balance. 

Speaking after the election, Pence refrained from fully supporting Trump's bogus demands. Rather he repeatedly spoke of every valid vote count. 

And when Donald Trump hired himself to discover and propagate the fraud and conspiracy theories behind his election defeat, Mike Pence toured the region to campaign for the Republican candidates in Georgia's Senate elections to restore public confidence on the COVID-19 vaccine and the administration.

Seven Republican leaders close to Mike Pence told CNN that Mike Pence is still dedicated to Donald Trump.

 He has been hoping for a long time that he will be the next Republican presidential candidate after Trump. He kept a bird's eye view of 2024. But now Donald Trump is standing in the way of his hope.

 Trump has said he is not going anywhere. He wants another term in the White House. He has now brought the issue of elections in 2024 to the fore. 

He has also started raising funds for this purpose since the election. The problem is, as long as Trump is in the running, Pence has no hope.

Pence has not yet announced a clear plan for what he will do after the deadline, CNN reported. He didn't even decide where to stay. Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, have been living in government housing since moving to the Indianapolis governor's residence in 2013. 

Now that his vice presidency has expired, he is looking for a permanent home to live in permanently. 

His relatives think Pence will return to Indiana. However, the vice president's office could not be reached for comment.

Pence has been in government for 20 years. He has served six terms as a member of the US House of Representatives. He has been the Governor of Indiana for four years. 

Then another four years as vice president. His friends say Pence needs to focus on income. If he does not earn, he will not work.

"He has to work," a senior Republican who knows Mike Pence told CNN.

Former Pence spokesman John Thomson, however, suggests some alternatives. "He has some options," he told CNN. Most former U.S. presidents and vice presidents have written books. Pence can also earn money by doing so. 

Apart from this, you can also earn money by giving speeches. He can try both. Many of the former presidents and vice presidents of the United States Democrats and Republicans are doing this.

He can also contribute as an experienced adviser to the Republican Party. Whatever Trump's decision, Pence can certainly play a role. 
"Over the next two years, he can continue his political and economic activities by lecturing around the country, engaging in various activities of the Republican Party, attending various meetings of Republican candidates in the midterm elections, raising funds for them or supporting them," said Thomson. Then either he will consider whether he will contest in the next election. '

However, the top leadership of the Republican Party has considered Pence as the presidential candidate in the next election.

 Mike Pence is one of the few important potential leaders invited to attend next month's Republican National Committee meeting. 

Pence is seen as one of the most important Republican candidates in the 2024 election. Other leaders in the Trump administration include Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo. Among the senators are Tom Cotton and
According to political analysts, Pence's political future may look bleak now, but things will change over time. 

Many feel that what Trump is telling now about another round of presidential elections will change over time. As time goes on, the interest of Trump will ebb. 

With the reaction of the people of the United States under the new administration, Trump could take a lot out of the scene. At this point, Mike Pence will come to the front again in silence. 

If Mike Pence's strategy of moving forward silently without rushing is maintained, it cannot be said in the next election that he could be the Republican presidential candidate.

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