Peace is absolutely needed in Afghanistan

 The ongoing violence in Afghanistan is killing people every day, destroying resources. At least 30 people were killed in the first 10 days of December. 21 of them are members of the government forces. 

On December 10, Malalai Maiwand, a female journalist, was shot dead in her car on her way to work in Jalalabad. Her driver was injured and died at the hospital.

Earlier in the day, on December 9, seven policemen were abducted along with their vehicles on the road in Balkh province.

In the previous month (November 2020), 244 members of the government forces and 200 civilians were killed in Taliban attacks.

A Taliban-led offensive in the northern city of Ghazni on November 29, killed 31 soldiers and wounded 24 others. 

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a U.S. military base. The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a U.S. military base.
The list of deaths and injuries is increasing day by day.

Peace needs urgently

As of July 27, 2018,  about 2,372 US troops had been killed in the war in Afghanistan. A total of 16,179 Afghan civilians were killed during the period. The violence also injured 20,320 U.S. government employees and 1,729 U.S. civilian contractors. 

The war in Afghanistan has been going on for years. Afghanistan is groaning amid thousands of deaths and rubble. So the war-torn country now needs more peace.
After engaging in sectarian conflict with outside cooperation, the local forces have come to realize that compromise is very much needed among themselves. 

And the Americans, the foreign side of the conflict, are tired now. The Americans no longer want to drag out a long unresolved war. Apart from some warlords, peace-loving believers want Afghans to be given a chance to live in peace.

Neighboring Pakistan directly assisted the Taliban in liberating Afghanistan from Soviet occupation in the 1980s. Then, with time, America became directly involved in overthrowing the Taliban.

 In 2001, the United States ousted the Taliban and occupied Afghanistan. Then a continuous battle began. The Taliban has not been eliminated by the world's most powerful US military and its ally NATO. 

Pakistan, which has had to deal with various crises at different times due to the Taliban, has now come forward to reach a compromise between the parties concerned.

A reconciliation meeting between the Afghan government and the Taliban was held in Doha, in mediation of Pakistan, in September this year. 

The conflict has not stopped even after that. Afghans are living in a state of panic, fearing more bloodshed at any moment.

Pakistan as a negotiator

In November, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Kabul with his foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

 There, he met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and assured him that Pakistan would do everything possible to bring peace to Afghanistan, calm the conflict and reconcile with the Taliban. 

Observers say the task of developing relations with the new US President Joe Biden's government is well underway in Afghanistan.

During a joint press conference with the Afghan president during his visit to Kabul, Imran Khan expressed concern that clashes were taking place even during the reconciliation effort. 

It's frustrating. Earlier in October, Afghan leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar visited Islamabad as a guest of the Pakistani government. His armed group surrendered in 2016 and returned to normal life. 

Meanwhile, the United States has announced it will reduce its troop numbers in Afghanistan by half by 4,500 before the Trump administration leaves in mid-January.

 NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said he was unhappy with the US decision, adding that such a rapid reduction in troops would increase the risk of escalating conflict. The Americans are leading the NATO forces in Afghanistan.

"We are going to come to a difficult conclusion," he said. 

Our forces have been deployed in Afghanistan for the last 20 years. None of the NATO partners wants to stay here longer than necessary. 

However, a hasty and uncoordinated withdrawal of NATO troops could cost more.

Pakistan, meanwhile, has accused India of using Afghan terrorists to carry out sabotage inside Pakistan. However, the Afghan Foreign Ministry immediately denied the allegations.

Afghanistan currently has an elected government. This government, made up of representatives of various Afghan groups and tribes, is based on a very delicate unity. 

And the Taliban are opposing Ashraf Ghani's government. Because they were once in power in the Afghan government. By removing them, the Americans are occupying Afghanistan and looting resources.

The Afghan government, the Taliban and the US government are the three main players in bringing peace to Afghanistan. But other regional powers have an important role to play here.

Political observers say it is unlikely that Afghanistan will emerge overnight from decades of sectarian strife and foreign intervention. 

However, there is no alternative solution beyond compromise and peace efforts.

A reality like missing a solution quickly is missing here. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to agree with all the parties concerned.

It is as if an attempt at a temporary compromise of the three types can lead to a new conflict.

Pakistan, meanwhile, seems to have gained the confidence of all parties involved in the Afghan crisis through its embassy. 

And in this work, America is also agreeing with Pakistan.
But in this case, the Afghan government must come forward. 

Because, when peace returns to the country, their profit is more. And the representatives of the various groups and clans that are allies of the government must also realize that the interests of their respective communities will be protected as soon as peace returns to the country.

Moreover, Taliban fighters must realize that an effective solution has not yet been reached after two decades of war

Therefore, it is better to seek peace through compromise rather than conflict in the interest of their respective peoples, to protect the lives and property of the people.

Reaching an agreement that satisfies all parties is undoubtedly a difficult task. But that is not impossible.

 A peace agreement must be reached, with some concessions from the Afghan government, the Taliban and the Americans. 

The most important thing today is to give the Afghan people a chance to live in a peaceful environment in their homeland.

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