Korean beauty routine in skin care

 The domination of Korean skincare in the beauty trend has been going on for several years. The Koreans have a fair share in creating all-new skin trends. 

Glass skin, mochi skin, cloudless skin, BB cream — everything comes from this small country of West Asia. Koreans have always been a very health and beauty conscious nation. For this reason, the number of beauty companies in that country is much higher. In addition to beauty products, their skincare routines are also quite popular.

In the last five years, the demand for skincare products has increased more than makeup in the world. Of course, Korean Beauty or K-Beauty is responsible for this. Because, Koreans' motto in beauty is' Skin First, Second Makeup '. 

This is the secret of their healthy, beautiful, flawless, tight and radiant skin. Now the whole world is engrossed in Korean beauty products and their skincare routine just like K-Pop. Korean ‘Ten Step’ skincare to get beautiful, flawless, healthy skin has now become everyone’s ‘obsession’. Let's find out what's in these ten steps:

Makeup remover and oil cleanser

The first step is a makeup remover and oil cleanser. Oil cleanser is used as a makeup remover here. Sometimes you can remove makeup with mycelial water and then wash your face with a cleanser. 

In this step, facial makeup, sticky outside dirt, extra sebum, SPF — everything is cleaned. Natural oils like jojoba oil, macadamia oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil are mostly used as cleansing ingredients.

Water-based cleanser

The second step is to wash the face with a water-based cleanser. Water-based cleansers are used to clean dirt that does not pass through the oil cleanser. 

It penetrates deep into the skin and cleanses the skin from the inside out. The best ingredients are green tea, rice and pearl extract cleanser.


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and cleanses the pores. Regular exfoliation helps the skin absorb other skincare products. However, it can not be done more than 1-2 days a week.


Toner is such a product of skincare in K-Beauty that is rich in natural ingredients, which keeps the pH level of the skin just right. Usually double cleansing and exfoliation results in dry skin. 

Using toner restores skin moisture and increases blood circulation. It should be used to understand the skin type.


The essence is a very light style product, which is a combination of toner and serum. Its main function is to moisturize the skin and brighten it from the inside. 

Most of the essences, available in the market are plant-based. Like the toner, it should be chosen according to the skin type.


This step is very important. Just like we take medicine when we are sick, this step uses serum or ampoule to solve the skin problem.

 Serum or ampoules are available for excessive dryness of the skin, oiliness, acne, rashes, pigmentation, wrinkles everything. The serum is a very light type of liquid. And the ampoule is a little heavier than the serum and contains more effective ingredients than the serum.

Sheet mask

Korean skincare cannot be thought of without a sheet mask. Its popularity is skyrocketing in the world. One of the reasons is easy availability. 

Sheet masks are also very easy to use. It does not need to be washed after using. Made from various natural ingredients, this mask plays a special role in maintaining the health of the skin. Masks are available for all skin types. It is enough to use 15 to 20 minutes twice a week at night. However, there is no harm in using it every day.

Eye cream

Emergency extra care for eye skin. Because it is the most delicate part of our skin. Even those with oily skin have dry eyes. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. 

Good quality of vitamin E-rich eye cream should be used by men and women from the age of 25 onwards to prevent wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.


Moisturizers with good quality natural ingredients must be applied for skin nutrition and intensive care. 

There is no alternative. There are several types of Korean moisturizers. Such as creams, gels, oils etc. Moisturizer should be used considering the skin type and needs.


The last and most important step. To protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, one cannot go out without applying SPF-linked sunscreen. 

Sunscreen with titanium oxide and zinc oxide is good for the skin. Sunscreen should be used all day long even if you are not out of the home.

This is the Korean skincare routine. The desired youthful healthy skin can be obtained by taking care of the skin in the sequence of these steps twice in the morning and at night.

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