How is Christmas in Europe this time?

 It is an ancient European tradition to celebrate Christmas and to gather with one's relatives. Around the festival, from the first day of December, the small and big cities in Europe are glittering. 

The centre of so many events is December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ. This ancient festival has come to a halt due to the great disaster of coronavirus.

 Although the birthday of Jesus Christ is December 25, the evening of December 24 has been called Holy Evening for hundreds of years. 

On that day, the gift items arranged under the Christmas tree are exchanged and distributed among people. All the young and old of the family are united in love, prayers are said in the church. 

Not only in Europe, but in many parts of the world, Christians celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. Exchanging Christmas greeting cards, giving and receiving gifts with friends, making special Christmas cakes. 

The festive mood enhances the joy of Christmas to a great extent. People get extra Christmas bonuses. 

The bumper business of this period became the wheel of the economy due to trade. Life around Christmas is colourful for a while.

People look forward to this time of year. The young and old of the family all gathered around Christmas. Ignoring the snow and extreme cold throughout the month, people of all ages, young and old, are busy celebrating Christmas.

 In Europe, the last month of the year, December, when evening falls before noon. Then houses, highways, shops, city centres or Christmas fairs sparkle with lights. 

At Christmas fairs all over the city, you can find handmade winter clothes, wooden items, colourful candles, desserts, and refreshing drinks.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, all the events of this year's Christmas have been cancelled. All arrangements have come to a standstill due to strict lockdown rules and prohibitions in different countries.

 Not just outside, it has been made clear that people can not meet at home for Christmas. Offices, banks, schools, colleges, theatres, restaurants, bars, everything is closed due to lockdown except for food and pharmacy shops.

The city's highways are deserted except for few people and cars and trams. As soon as evening falls, the cold weather is like a haunting atmosphere everywhere.

Christmas in Germany has been asked to travel as little as possible. Only a total of five members of the two families are allowed to meet outside. 

There are also restrictions on any event or gathering outside. For the first time in his life, Spanish Assistant Prime Minister Carmen Calvo has said he will not travel from Madrid to his village home in Andalusia. 

He said he would not spend Christmas and New Year until he had succeeded in fighting the Corona epidemic. Spain, a country plagued by the Coronavirus, has allowed only 10 close relatives to gather for Christmas.

Just before Christmas, borders with other countries have been closed by air and road due to new strains of the coronavirus in the UK. Also, the United Kingdom is now struggling with the last day of December to leave the European Union or Brexit. 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan told Sky News. "This year is the worst Christmas for the UK since World War II." Vehicles transporting vegetables and foodstuffs between Calais of France and Dover of UK have been stranded at the port since last Sunday evening. 

The National Health Service has asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to extend Brexit time by one month in the new coronavirus situation.

In France, too, families are asked to celebrate Christmas in small groups. In early December, Prime Minister Jean Castex proposed that Christmas celebrations be limited to six adults and children. 

Also, cafes, bars, theatre museums will be closed from Christmas time to New Year. For the first time since the fire, a religious song concert is scheduled to be broadcast at midnight on the eve of Christmas at the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

In Austria, Christmas is celebrated with a maximum of 10 family members. In Switzerland, on the eve of Christmas, winter skiing was already allowed. 

Tens of thousands of people from the United Kingdom have already come to Switzerland to play this popular winter sport in the snow-capped mountains of the Alps. 

Authorities in Switzerland have now ordered the immediate arrival of tourists from the UK to register with the nearest authority following reports of a new strain of the newly modified coronavirus in the UK.

The skies over Central and Northern Europe have been black for months since November. The dark sky from noon onwards has now added to the pitch-black darkness, the panic caused by the coronavirus. 

Homes, shops, and the centre of the city are once again adorned with Christmas tree lights around the Christmas festivities, but the atmosphere is gloomy.

 Coronavirus has already killed more than 500,000 people in Europe. This year, all the Christmas festivities around Europe have come to a standstill instead of the ecstasy


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