Carlos Tevez on Maradona tribute: ‘I knew I’d score’

 Lionel Messi had a unique celebration last week to pay tribute to Diego Maradona. On that day, on the way to a 4-0 victory over Osasuna, he removed the jersey of Barcelona and showed the jersey of Newell's wearing inside.

 Maradona used to play for his favorite club wearing that jersey. This time Carlos Tevez walked the path shown by Messi. Boca Juniors celebrated by scoring a goal after the jersey given by Maradona.

The day before yesterday's match was the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores. Brazil's Internacional lost to Boca Juniors by only one goal in the first leg. Tevez scored the goal in the second half of the match.

Former Argentine forward scored from eight yards out with a great left-footed shot from the cross of Eduardo Salvio. Then he took off his jersey. But Tevez was wearing another jersey under it. 

Which is an old jersey of Boca, Tevez got it from Maradona. Maradona wore this jersey in 1981 when he was playing for Boca juniors. Tevez requested a lot to Maradona for this jersey. 

"It's a small tribute to Diego," Tevez recalled after the match. He gave me this jersey of 1981. I am very happy to give him this happy gift. Definitely he was watching it from above."

Argentina is still mourning Maradona's death. But in the meantime Tevez has to play. "It's very difficult," Tevez said. But we have to keep fighting. It’s been a tough week, where we have to play in the Argentine league. This is not a good time for Argentine society. We lost a famous person and the game is not easy. But we still did well. '

Boca Juniors reached a good position in this victory. This means they will reach the last eight if they can draw in the return leg match next week. "Our journey is not over yet," Tevez said. We know we have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. "

Tevez became more emotional with Maradona's jersey after winning the match. The jersey that Maradona gave was written , "It will encourage you to play better. I knew I was going to score a goal. Hopefully, we can give him the Copa Libertadores. "

Wearing this jersey, Maradona played for Boca Juniors in 1981. Boka lost to River 3-0 in a classic match that season. After this jersey, it is as if Tevez has touched Maradona's existence. 

He said in an emotional voice, ‘It is very difficult to explain what it feels like to wear this jersey. I can't explain it. I have to play well to wear it. I will never play bad. I wanted to dedicate it to Maradona's family. Because, I feel sorry for them and I have done very little on the field.'

Tevez explained why he was wearing the jersey, saying, "It's something that makes me feel like I'm getting a different kind of strength." Today I am wearing it to pay homage to him. I never thought that he should be honored in such a way. I have never felt like this before. 

"I knew I was going to score today." When Maradona returned to Boca in 1995, he wore the jersey in the match against Cologne. But the feeling of wearing this jersey this time was great, ‘I decided to wear the jersey he gave me today. Because, when I wear it, something happens inside my body. I can't explain that. This jersey, this story, everything .... I wanted to be calm, because I knew I was going to score today. '

Like every Argentine, Maradona is unique to Tevez, ‘Diego was God to us. I knew I was going to score. He will see it. Because, he came from another planet. This confidence was mine. I hope we can give that joy (winning Copa Libertadores) to Diego, to our people. We played very well today. ' 

However, Tevez had to take off the jersey and see the yellow card. But it doesn't matter, Tevez said, "I did it out of respect. The referee then told me he had to do it. He did his job and it was right. But I'm sure Diego has seen everything from above and maybe even laughed a little. '

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