Biden won the Electoral College vote

 After winning the electoral vote, newly elected US President Joe Biden says democracy has been saved in the battle for the soul of the United States. The will of the people has been won.

The Electoral College vote was held on Monday in the second phase of the US presidential election. Democrat candidate Biden addressed the nation after winning the election.

Elected President Biden made the remarks after the second round of the US presidential election.

Biden's confirmed vote surpassed 270 after the greater state of California officially announced the results of their electoral vote on Monday evening, local time in the United States.

In the final count, Biden received 306 electoral votes and Trump got 232 electoral college votes.

In his speech, Biden said that politicians do not take power in the United States. The people allow politicians to take power.
"We, the people, voted," Biden said. Our confidence in the organization remains unwavering. The acceptability of the election is intact.

Biden cited current President Donald Trump's efforts to change the outcome of the election. He said the Supreme Court had united and resisted any attempt to change the election results.
Biden said more than 81 million people in the country voted for him and for Kamala Harris as vice president.
Referring to the record of any presidential candidate in the history of the United States, Biden said that they won by getting the same electoral college vote as Trump-Pence got in 2016. 

Biden, once Vice President of President Barack Obama, handed over power to then-winner Trump-Pence. Now the newly elected president has called on them (Biden-Harris) to similarly hand over power to them in a clear result election.

Electoral representatives of the states formally vote in the state assembly on the basis of the results of the majority vote of each state held on 3 November. A total of 534 electoral votes were cast in 50 states of the United States and Washington DC. A majority of 270 votes is enough to elect a president.
Electoral votes from the states will be sent to Washington within the stipulated time. These votes will be recounted in a closed session of the Congress on January 6.

There, lawmakers will have the opportunity to raise objections. Hundreds of Republican lawmakers can raise such objections in favor of President Trump. The Democrat majority in Congress is expected to rule out any such objection.

Biden will be sworn in as the new president on January 20, unless something unusual happens. The Biden administration will begin its journey as the 47th president of the United States through various events.

In a speech last night, Biden said the flames of democracy in the United States have already ignited. Pandemics, abuse of power — nothing could dampen this flame of democracy.

"It's time to dump and move on," Biden said in a statement.

In his address to the nation, Biden said he had an urgent task ahead of him. His administration will immediately rush to rebuild America's economy, including rapidly delivering economic aid to its citizens.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters have been seen protesting in various states. Like Trump, his supporters at the rally claimed the election had been rigged. However, the state assemblies have completed the electoral voting process without any major incidents.

Republican lawmakers in some states have recorded objections to President Trump. There is no reason to change the result.

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