Biden has grown in popularity with Trump's bizarre actions

 The acceptance of newly elected President Joe Biden has increased since the election. According to a recent Gallup poll in the United States, 55 percent of Americans surveyed think Biden is acceptable and 41 percent think he is unacceptable. 

Meanwhile, in the same survey, President Donald Trump's acceptance has dropped to 42 percent. 56 percent of Americans think he is unacceptable.

According to US media outlet CNN, Biden is now much more popular than he has been since he entered politics for the Donald Trump presidency. In 2015, Donald Trump entered politics for the US presidency. Five years have passed. 

The position in Trump's acceptable rating at this time was mostly in the 30's and 40's. In this case, he got the highest 50 percent rating after winning the election in 2016. He has never received a higher rating than this. Biden, however, has exceeded this limit many times.

According to opinion polls, including CNN / SSRS, Fox News, New York Times, Biden has gained the confidence of more than 50 percent of the population. He got this rating in the last survey conducted by the mentioned organizations last October. 

In this case, he is different from Trump. More people think he is acceptable than most people think he is not. The case with Trump was the opposite most of the time.

According to CNN, Biden's rating is now the same as that of former President Barack Obama in 2013. It is also very normal. A newly elected president would be considered acceptable by most people in his country — this is normal. 

What was unusual was basically in the case of Trump. At the time of his election, even his highest rating was 50 percent. The usual question is how he was elected. This will be a mystery in the history of US politics.

Biden's popularity is even higher now than that of his party, the Democratic Party. Biden's approval rating was 55 percent in a Gallup poll conducted last October, while the Democratic Party's rating was 45 percent. It is not commonly seen.

 With this in mind, Biden has surpassed not only Donald Trump, but also his own party in popularity.

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