Armenia-Azerbaijan War: Gainers & Losers


Armenian-Azerbaijani war was started amid this pandemic. Armenia has been forced to make peace after losing the war. 

And Azerbaijan gained control of their internationally recognized territory through war. 

However, in addition to these two countries, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Israel, Iran, France, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were directly or indirectly involved in the war.

The Armenia-Azerbaijan crisis is long overdue. For 30 long years, Armenia has occupied the land of Azerbaijan, known as Nagorno-Karabakh. 

But neither the United Nations nor the Muslim world has done anything but remain silent. Of course, this is nothing new. 

Because of their silence, the Palestinians are living in inhumane conditions in the refugee camps as exiles in their own country, the Kashmiris are being oppressed by India.

Azerbaijan needed control of Nagorno-Karabakh not only for geographical reasons but also for natural resources. 

This region is rich in various natural resources including gold and silver. Armenia established control over the area and used these properties against Azerbaijan.

Armenia is less than one-third of Azerbaijan in manpower and land area. They are not even close to Azerbaijan economically.

 Then, with the direct support of Russia and the help and persuasion of Western countries like France, about 30 years ago, Armenia seized 20 per cent of the land due to its military weakness of Azerbaijan. 

Despite international recognition, Azerbaijan refused to leave the area without a fight. So Azerbaijan was forced to go to war.

Armenia expelled the Azaris who had lived there for hundreds of years after occupying the region. In addition to their real estate, businesses also passed into the hands of the Armenians.

 Azaris was forced to take refuge in different parts of Azerbaijan and Turkey empty-handed. After this year's victory of Azerbaijan, they have started returning to their ancestral property.

Azerbaijan: Huge achievement

This war was a big test for Azerbaijan. However, they have been completely successful. 

They are now celebrating this victory with success after many sacrifices. The flag of Azerbaijan as well as the flag of Turkey were seen in the procession.

 With this victory, Azerbaijan was able to avenge the defeat 30 years ago. So there was no lack of enthusiasm in celebrating this victory achieved with the blood of 30,000 Azaris.

This time Azerbaijan was tried heart and soul for the victory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey came forward to help them prepare for war. 

On the day of the declaration of war on September 26, the Turkish government announced that it would do everything in its power to help the helpless brothers. 

Of course, Azerbaijan procured some drones and military equipment not only from Turkey but also from Israel. 

Israel has to maintain relations with Azerbaijan because of oil. Israel has another reason for maintaining close ties with Azerbaijan. And that is to seize the opportunity to implement its program against Azerbaijan's neighbour Iran.

With this victory, Azerbaijan showed the world that it is a strong nation and country politically, economically and militarily. Anyone who thinks they are weak will be wrong. 

They have further proved that if they are not militarily strong, the world leaders will continue to play with them, will not solve any problem. It was a lesson for other struggling nations like Palestinians, Kashmiris that they have to solve their problems.

Azerbaijan gained that recognition by winning the Nagorno-Karabakh war. Armenia has accepted defeat in the war. 

They also agreed to give up a road connecting Nakhchivan and the two regions. Turkey will also get this facility. Because the area is connected to Turkey.

Armenia: Totally damaged

While the procession is going on in Azerbaijan, there is mourning in Armenia. The Armenians have attacked those responsible for the defeat. 

An angry mob stormed the parliament building, injuring the speaker and trying to enter the prime minister's office. The foreign minister and the defence minister have already resigned to avoid public outrage.

 The government could collapse at any time. As the days go by, they will fall into a more difficult situation. 

As a result of this war, not only have the areas they have occupied for a long time been lost to them, but the strength they have been weakened has also been revealed to the world. 

Moreover, they have proved to be a vindictive nation. After signing the peace agreement, the Armenians set fire to their homes as they fled the area. 

This is why Azerbaijanis do not use these houses. Remember, these are homeowners but Armenians are not. These houses were occupied by the Armenians after expelling the Azaris 30 years ago.

Turkey: Great success

Behind this huge success of Azerbaijan in the war against Armenia was the full cooperation of Turkey. For several years, Turkey has been training and arming Azerbaijani forces. 

Moreover, it has established good relations with Israel and Russia for arms. Because of these good relations, the two countries did not oppose Azerbaijan during the war. 

Russia had a military agreement with Armenia. But Russia has said it can only help under the agreement if Armenia's mainland is invaded. Russia publicly acknowledges that Nagorno-Karabakh is the land of Azerbaijan.

 As a result, Russia will not play any role if there is a war. However, at the last minute, Russia came forward and saved Armenia from a greater humiliation.

However, the main player behind all this was Turkey. Needless to say, Russia did not join Armenia in the war because of Turkey. It also recognizes the diplomatic success of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

 He alone has resisted France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt.
Before the war, Turkey had supplied military drones and other military equipment in sufficient quantities.

 Even a few days before the start of the war, F-16 fighter jets and drones were brought to Azerbaijan in the name of joint military exercises. The plan was that if any other country came forward in support of Armenia, Turkey would go to war directly. 

Turkey had a clear idea of ​​which countries could come forward in support of Armenia. Macron, in particular, had the potential to overtake France and Russia. But in the end, due to Turkish diplomacy, they could not come forward to support Armenia.

Turkey has benefited from this war in several ways. First, it recognizes the new rise of Turkey. Turkey's weapons and military strategy are being praised all over the world. 

The whole world has realized the potential of Turkey. Demand for Turkish weapons, especially drones, has risen sharply. And increasing its sales means being financially profitable.

Armenia has agreed to allow Azerbaijan's mainland to connect with Nakhchivan under a peace treaty. This connecting road can also be used by Turkey. 

This will enable Turkey to establish direct contact with other Turkish-speaking regions, especially Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and other Central Asian regions. 

Turkey's trade with these countries could increase significantly. These countries were part of Turkey during the Ottoman Caliphate. Turkey used to trade with these countries through Georgia for thousands of miles. As a result, it was expensive and time-consuming.

Turkey will be able to reduce its dependence on Russia by increasing energy imports from Azerbaijan. 

Again, Azerbaijan will be able to work with Turkey to implement a common agenda. Along with Turkey, Azerbaijan will emerge as a regional power.

Pakistan: The beginning of possibilities

According to various sources, Pakistan has helped Azerbaijan in the war even 30 years ago. At that time Pakistan itself was not as strong as it is now. 

Pakistan is currently the only Muslim country to possess an atomic bomb. However, they have many more sophisticated weapons with the help of China. JF-17 has been able to make fighter jets, tanks, missiles and other weapons.

This time after the start of the war, after Turkey, Pakistan fully supported Azerbaijan as a Muslim brotherly country as before. There have been reports in various newspapers that Pakistani troops are fighting Azeri troops in Armenia.

 Even Armenia has complained about this. For this reason, the Azerbaijanis have flown the Pakistani flag along with the Turkish flag in many houses during the war. 

Although Pakistan has strongly rejected the reports of the allegation.

Due to corruption and political turmoil, Pakistan is not achieving its desired success. Added to this is the deterioration of their relations with Saudi Arabia. 

Earlier, Saudi Arabia helped Pakistan in various ways. But they are coming under pressure to repay the previous loan. But Azerbaijan could be Pakistan's new hope. 

Pakistan can import fuel from this country instead of Saudi Arabia. Azerbaijani oil and gas could be one of Pakistan's hopes.

Russia: Attempts to save decaying energy

Superpower Russia During the expansion of the empire in the 1920s, all the Central Asian countries were occupied by military and manpower. 

At that time Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia in the Caucasus were also occupied and annexed. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan and Armenia declared independence.

 Russia's influence in the region continues after the fall of the Soviet Union. The region is now their sole arms market. Russia is also getting other benefits. 

If there is anything in this area, they resolve it by exercising their influence. However, this effect is now slowly diminishing. It was also seen in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. 

This is the first time that Nagorno-Karabakh has taken Turkey into a joint peace force by recognizing Turkey as a regional power. Both forces are simultaneously overseeing the ceasefire.

Iran: Will the problem be solved?

Relations with Iran and Azerbaijan are religious. Because ethnically Azerbaijanis are Turkish but religiously they are Shia.

 Again before the Ottoman Caliphate, this area was under Iranian rule. And about twenty million Azaris still belong to Iran. 

After the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, very enthusiastic Iranian leaders wanted to export the Islamic Revolution to Azerbaijan as well. 

Because of this, the relationship went bad. Another reason for Iran's fear is the movement of Iranian Azaris to join Azerbaijan.

Israel's presence in Azerbaijan is also a cause for concern for Iran. In the 1990s, Azerbaijan lost humiliatingly to its small neighbour Armenia because of Russia. 

Then Israel extended a helping hand and entered Azerbaijan. Israel imports about 80 per cent of its energy from Azerbaijan. In return, they exported arms to Azerbaijan.

On the other hand, for fear of Iranian slogans, they used Azaris to conduct various sabotage operations in Iran. 

Due to this, the relations with Iran were very bad. For this reason, Iran preferred to establish relations with Armenia. However, Iran later normalized relations with Azerbaijan. 

The Iranian government and the country's supreme leader, Imam Khamenei, also expressed support for Azerbaijan. It is hoped that the brotherhood between Azerbaijan and Iran will be re-established.

Israel: Still a gainer

For various reasons, Israel established good relations with Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan, Israel supplied various modern weapons, including their modern Heron drones. 

Even in this war, Israel did not support Armenia. As a result, relations between the two countries are expected to be closer.

France: Learned a lesson

France is currently the most vocal against Turkey. Remember, the Ottoman Caliphate was the sole superpower in the world until before the First World War.

 It was France, along with Russia and Britain, that conspired to overthrow the Ottoman Caliphate. Taking advantage of the weakness of the huge Ottoman Caliphate, the empire broke up and conspired to divide among themselves. 

They are largely successful. But the Muslim world has paid a heavy price for this and is still doing so.

But now Turkey has strongly resisted France. Through this war, Turkey has proved that they can no longer be suppressed, they are about to become a rising power. 

Western countries, including France, are expected to learn from Armenia's defeat. This war began at a time when America was busy with its national elections. For this reason, Americans were not in a position to observe the war.

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