"We will play football together in heaven"

 "We will play football together in heaven one day, ”Pele said. Hope for the Brazilian legend after saying goodbye to the eternal rival. Alas, even though death is an infallible rule, Pele must have been heartbroken to speak of such hope!

Let the whole world know that the show will turn to stone. Diego Maradona is not just a legend, but a passionate name for many. That eternal passion has passed away today at his residence in Argentina. Maradona is no more!  

He died of a heart attack in the afternoon local time. In his 60 years of life, Maradona left only his body, but his immortality was confirmed long ago.

Legendary England footballer Gary Lineker tweeted: "Argentina reports Diego Maradona dead. He is by far the best footballer in my generation and arguably the best of all time.

After living a blessed but troubled life, I hope he finds peace in God's hands. '

Peace? Maradona probably just found peace with the ball. Apart from this, as colourful as his life is outside the field, it is another name for rebellion and controversy.

Speaking of the national team, Maradona has almost single-handedly made Italian club Napoli the league champions. He brought Napoli from one of the best clubs in the world to the best of Qatar. Maradona in Naples is a religion for many.

Usain Bolt, the best sprinter of all time, tweeted at Maradona's death, "Legend of football is sleeping in peace."

Brazilian World Cup-winning legend Romario tweeted, ‘My friend is gone. Maradona, legend! He conquered the world on foot, had joy and a unique personality. I have said many times that Maradona is the best player I have ever seen on the field. '

Maradona’s Italian club Napoli tweeted, ‘will always be in our hearts. Goodbye, Diego. 'He made Napoli one of the best clubs in the eighties. Many treat Maradona as a god there."

Maradona played for Boca Juniors in Argentina before setting foot in Europe. Everyone there affectionately called him Diego. The fool tweeted after the man of love said goodbye, ‘Thank you forever. Diego forever. '

Spain World Cup-winning legend goalkeeper Iker Casillas tweeted, ‘Sad day for football. Maradona is gone. Keep the talent of the game in peace. '

PSG star Kylian Mbappe tweeted, ‘Legend of football is sleeping in peace. You will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for giving joy to the whole world.

Pele, who has had the most controversy with Maradona about the question over the best of all time, also tweeted.

 The three-time World Cup-winning Brazilian legend tweeted, ‘What sad news. I lost a great friend of mine. Now a lot will be said. May God give his family the strength to endure grief for now. Hopefully, one day we will play football in heaven. '

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