Trump is still confusing the people

 Comparison of Donald Trump could be only Donald Trump himself. There is nothing new to tell about him.

 But we still need to know about his supporters and the people who let him do whatever he wants. 

Conservative leaders inside and outside the Republican Party, including Fox News presenters who helped President Donald Trump undermine democracy, are still helping him. 

Trump is getting along with his close ones to spread suspicion even after the election defeat is confirmed.

According to a report in the US media CNN, after the defeat in the election, Donald Trump is spreading confusion not only about the election results but also about the entire election system. 

And many Republicans are helping him in this work. Even people like Fox News reporter Maria Bartiromo, who is famous for forcing the world's top CEOs to tell the truth, are by his side. 

In the first interview after the election defeat, Donald Trump told one lie after another, but Maria Bartiromo remained silent. She didn't even remind Trump of his defeat for once.

Speaking on CNN on Sunday (November 29), US political analyst Ron Bronstein said: 

While Donald Trump's false allegations of fraud in the election have surfaced, while he has branded the judiciary, the FBI, and even Republican governors of various states as conspirators, Republican leaders, especially Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, are helping him. Together, they are helping Trump spread this poison in the US political arena. Some are giving this support by playing a vocal, some in a silent role.

The election results were confirmed four weeks ago. Donald Trump has been defeated. But he has not yet conceded defeat. 

As time goes on, Trump is getting stronger in his position. His interview with Maria Bartiromo shows that he is preparing to fight the issue in public.

 He is showing this pseudo-strong attitude to cover his weakness. A similar trend is seen in his answers to various questions from journalists at the Thanksgiving Day press conference. 

Most of the questions he either avoided or gave false answers. It was so much so that when the president left, one of the journalists said, ‘Is this the language of a dictator?’ 

Another journalist said, ‘Some say you are denying reality.'

Political analysts are comparing what Donald Trump is doing with the election results to an information war. 

Experts say Trump is spreading misinformation like Russia. The key is to spread false information, half-truths and conspiracy theories in all possible ways. 

Its main purpose is to confuse people about something. Trump is undoubtedly doing great in this regard. This is a very old strategy.

"The biggest danger is when we hear so many lies that we no longer have the ability to know the truth," said Craig Mazin, producer of the HBO-produced documentary Chernobyl.

CNN reports that one of the foundations of Fox News' business is Trump and his ideology. As a result, Fox controllers Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are certainly happy with the role of Maria Bartiromo. 

They are so much fascinated that the channel has rebroadcast this interview with President Trump. But the whole construction collapsed when Fox News telecast their news. 

The truth has been highlighted there. It remains to be seen why Trump and his cronies are so angry at the channel's newsreaders.

In other words, Fox News is simultaneously highlighting Trump's false information and reality. But it is not creating any relationship with the two. 

They are letting the lie continue like a lie. They have no initiative to refute it. And the truth is being spread as news material in such a way that it has nothing to do with anything else. 

Fox authorities did not respond to CNN's call for comment. Just as Republican leaders have no answer on this issue.

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