Trump is lobbying with state lawmakers

 Not counting votes, this time US President Donald Trump is lobbying to influence the state legislatures. He is doing exactly what has never happened in the history of the United States.

 Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani has given the same indication. In addition to going to the Supreme Court, they are lobbying with several state legislators.

The Trump camp hopes Republican lawmakers in the state will make a different decision on the electoral college, bypassing the ballot. If Trump does not succeed in doing so, he will create chaos at the last minute, which is expected to be a bad example for democracy.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump's lawyer, gave an interview on Newsmax TV on November 26. There, Juliani says, they are now fighting on two fronts. Going to the Supreme Court on the one hand, and working to persuade the state legislatures of the swing states to change the outcome of the vote on the other. 

Juliani said they have enough evidence of vote rigging, but they don't have that much time. He thinks that results can be obtained in a short time on either side.

Rudy Giuliani said people have little idea how much evidence they have of fraud.

Meanwhile, on November 26, a federal court in Pennsylvania dismissed Trump's case. The judge said there was no evidence in the case, no specific allegations.

In this regard, Juliani said, these judges are politically biased. Judges appointed under former President Barack Obama do not want the issue of vote rigging to come out. He claims he has evidence, including an affidavit. 

In the affidavit, people said they saw one ballot count five times during the vote count. Mentioning that the ballot papers were corrected after receiving them, Juliani said that the court did not agree to hear their evidence.

Noting that the state of Michigan has been more rigged than Pennsylvania, Juliani said the states of Nevada and Wisconsin have also been rigged, and they have evidence. Trump was ahead on election night. He later alleged that Biden had won by fraud.

Rudy Giuliani's allegations have not been covered by the mainstream US media.

President Donald Trump is looking for supporters among state-level lawmakers. Because the state legislatures of the swing states are controlled by Republicans, Trump's lawyers want to bring the dispute to the state level in any case. In this case, they have seen an initiative. 

Republicans from the Pennsylvania state legislature have taken a citizen hearing. He brought some of his supporters to the hearing and testified that the vote was rigged. There is no rule of such hearing directly in the electoral law.

Pennsylvania State Senator Republican Doug Mastriano says most lawmakers in both houses of his state think they have the right to decide on the electoral vote. There is no precedent for the state legislature to decide on electoral votes, ignoring the results of the state vote.

Trump hopes to create a mess with his own party in the swing state legislature in a loophole in constitutional law.

However, Trump is keeping the supporters excited even though these efforts have not yielded any results. There is no shortage of people sympathetic to him in the divided society of the United States. Most supporters of President Trump believe the election was rigged.

Political analysts say such beliefs by Trump supporters pose a threat to democracy. Even after Democrat Joe Biden takes office, a significant number of people will be in tune with Trump. And Donald Trump has said that even if he loses the election, he will not accept defeat. He thinks the vote was rigged and biased.

There is no basis for allegations of vote rigging- President Trump responded angrily to the reporter's question. Speaking to reporters on November 26, an angry Trump asked reporters not to ask such questions. "I'm the president of the United States," Trump said. Never ask such a question to any president. '

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