The thinnest laptop of Apple

 Apple has announced two new laptops of MacBook series. On Tuesday, the US company announced the release of a new version of Apple's thinnest laptop MacBook Air and a 13-inch display MacBook Pro. In the last three months, they have organized three 'hardware events'. Apple announced the new iPhone last month and the Apple Watch in September.

Apple's thinnest laptop

The new MacBook Air is Apple's thinnest and lightest laptop. Apple claims that it will have better performance and battery backup than the previous version. With an advanced camera, Touch ID and a nice display. The MacBook Air has no fans. That means it will go on almost without any sound. MacBook Air starts at 999 USD. However, if you buy it for educational purposes, you will get it from 899 dollars.

20 hours of video on one charge

Apple has said that the 2020 version of the MacBook Pro will also have better performance and battery backup. The company says that it will be able to perform 17 hours for web browsing or 20 hours of watching a video in one charge. If that claim is true, the MacBook Pro will provide the most battery backup of Mac series computers. It comes with a nice microphone and camera.

Prices for the new MacBook Pro start at 1,299 USD However, if used for educational purposes, the price will be less than 100 USD as usual.

The iPhone app will run on the laptop

Another feature of the new MacBook series of laptops is that both computers use Apple's M1 processor. Apple has created a new processor for the first Mac series computer. Earlier, the US company had relied on Intel processors. 

Apple says the 5-nanometer M1 processor will ensure optimal power consumption with performance. One-fourth of the power consumption will give the same performance as other laptop computers. It uses an 8-core Central Processing Unit (CPU). And will have up to 8 core graphics processing unit (GPU). Another thing is that the M1 processor is structurally similar to the iPhone A14 Bionic processor. The iPhone or iPad apps can be used directly on the MacBook. 

Apple has also announced the release of the desktop computer system unit 'Mac Mini' and operating system 'MacOS Big Sur' along with two new laptop computers.

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