The strategic importance of Myanmar is growing to regional powers

 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper have visited India. Esper resigned at the end of the tour. The tour has rocked the world, including China, because of its importance. 

Diplomats believe the visit focused on India's security, military strategy and regional defense. The possibility of a US Quad being effective in forming a bloc against China and the possibility of forming a military front were also discussed. The recent tensions between India and China are as strong as the US-China tensions.

At such a hot time, Indian Army Chief Manoj Vikram Naravan and Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Sringla visited Myanmar shortly before Pompeo-Esper arrived in India. This tour remains very unknown to the world comparing the previous tour. 

At a time when India is busy dealing with China in Ladakh, it has become more important and difficult for Northeast India to keep an eye on the activities of Myanmar and separatist and terrorist organizations.

Myanmar's rebels have long had close ties to India's northeastern separatists. Notable among these rebels is the Kachin Independence Army. 

The rebel groups are linked to China's Yunnan province in the border region of Myanmar. After the Rohingya refugee problem spread, Myanmar became dependent on China. Thus, the Sino-Myanmar border became an arena for armed separatist groups. 

Insurgents from India's ULFA in Assam and Nagaland have also infiltrated China's Yunnan, according to various sources. Yunnan Province is a very important area bordering Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos. There is a different dimension to their way of life and culture.

 In addition to Yunnan, playing water in the New Year is common in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. The people of Yunnan think that the Belt and Road project is improving their way of life. Many similarities between Thailand, Myanmar and Yunnan in China; Such as food, social occasions, construction style, clothing. 

This region of China has many similarities with ASEAN countries. Yunnan is a paradise for separatists. India alleges they receive training and weapons there. There are 26 ethnic separatist groups fighting in Myanmar. 

The Kachin Independence Army has over 15,000 strong trained troops who are capable of fighting the Myanmar army head-on. The United States Army has 25,000 troops; They are also fighting with the Myanmar army. This is not a story of today.

It has been going on for many decades. These separatists and terrorists are capable of working within the Myanmar administration and army. The anti-government people of Myanmar also provide financial support and information to these rebels. 

Both countries have accused China of helping India and Myanmar to put pressure on them for political reasons. India alleges that China maintains contact with these groups for the convenience of work and has a high-level 'ambassador' and liaison office to look after their interests. 

According to Myanmar sources, this office also helps in drafting the new constitution of Myanmar. China is not helping Myanmar in any sector for its development.

In this regard, China is also involved in Myanmar's internal affairs. Myanmar's ports, dams, roads, bridges, mining of precious stones and extraction of mineral resources are carried out by skilled contractors with 

Chinese financial support and government sponsorship in Beijing. Myanmar has not raised any voice against supporting China. Recently, five Indian engineers working on the Kaladan Corridor Road project were abducted by members of the Arakan Army. 

The Kaladan Corridor connects Mizoram in India and other inaccessible states in the vicinity with the port of Sittwe in Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. (This is bad news for China. It is as if China has cherished a serpent in her bosom.

 China has taken the final initiative to establish a naval base in that port. The US is also in talks with various countries to increase naval dominance in the Indian Ocean. It will be convenient for transporting goods to Kolkata. 

At such a time, China is not taking the Kaladan corridor lightly.) The port has been built with Indian assistance.. The port of Sittwe is convenient for transporting goods from Kolkata.

During a recent visit to Russia, Myanmar's senior general Min Aung Hlaing said on a Russian state TV show that a major power was helping the Arakanese forces. The weapons used by the Arakanese forces are Chinese-made. 

They operate secretly on the Indo-Bangladesh border. Myanmar has complained that Rohingyas are also here. India is based on the coast of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal. India is conducting an oil field exploration survey. India is also in Sittwe port. 

It is also on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. India needs cargo from Mizoram and communication with the port of Calcutta through the Bay of Bengal.

China wants to spend 6.2 billion to build a gas pipeline to the Bay of Bengal port and connect it to Yunnan province. The Indian port of Sittwe and the port of 
Kyakpyu are very close. 

Will the port of Kyakpyu be trapped in a debt trap like the port of Hambantota in Sri Lanka? If Myanmar is intimidated by the Chinese tactics, will they join the quad team? Myanmar is going through such a complex cycle. Attached to these is the brutality shown towards the Rohingyas. 

Everyone except India has opposed it, the mistreatment of the Rohingya has taken away Suu Kyi's title and she has been humiliated. Myanmar thinks, peace in the lap of India! If so, will Myanmar change its strategic position?

Myanmar's position is such that Bangladesh and India have deep ties with other ASEAN countries. Myanmar is one of the countries in South and Southeast Asia. The ‘Quad’ has been waiting for a long time for the spontaneous joining of ASEAN or any country in South Asia.

 India has long sought to organize a private company to recruit Myanmar. India has a number of concessions to establish military ties with Myanmar. India has set up an institute on information technology and agricultural research in Myanmar. Kilo-class submarines and torpedoes are essential for Myanmar's military development.

 That is why India has created tension with him. In addition, 105 mm artillery guns, radar and sound waves will be provided. Military private companies operate in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, but not in Myanmar. 

The issue of India fulfilling this responsibility in Myanmar is now emerging. Indian embassies and missions and mission branches are working in the 'private sector' on behalf of India in Myanmar.

Myanmar has called on China not to provide arms to Myanmar's rebel group. As a result, it is expected to create an opportunity for India. Myanmar is also moving very cautiously along the economic corridor. This is also a matter of happiness for India.

 The Chinese-funded corridor will run from Kunming, China, to Mandalay, Myanmar, split in two, ending in Yangon and the other in Cucopeia. Both are seaports. Wu Seth Aung, deputy minister of the Ministry of Planning, said Myanmar should not fall into China's debt trap. 

He added that these projects will have a commercial aspect, which will definitely benefit Myanmar. Myanmar still procures weapons and hardware from China. The Myanmar army has started collecting arms from various countries, such as Russia, India, Israel, Ukraine and Pakistan. 

Myanmar and Russia have also signed military agreements. India has also procured the first kilo class submarine for the Myanmar Navy. Myanmar accuses China of arming rebels.

 The rebels include the United States Army (UWSA), the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), the Tang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the Arakan Army (AA). Over the past decade, UWSA has sold a variety of ammunition to various militant alliances. 

In August last year, Myanmar's senior general Min Aung Hlaing showed Chinese military officials photos of Chinese-made weapons. On June 23, a Thai military patrol seized a large number of Chinese weapons from Thailand's Mi Sot border. 

Min Aung expressed inability to conduct joint exercises with China at sea and also rejected the Chinese offer of submarines.

In October, Min Aung held talks with Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in Russia on military and border security. Earlier in May, the Myanmar government handed over 22 suspects and Meiti rebels to India. These actions have 'poured cement' on India-Myanmar relations. 

India has accused China of providing arms to Assam and Naga rebels. While Myanmar is neutral in not taking part in any possible war with China, it is good for India; Otherwise, it will be very difficult for India to handle the Myanmar border along with the Pakistan-China border. 

But lately, Indian army chiefs are not talking about the war on three fronts. Myanmar's Rakhine state is often referred to as a 'resourceful' state. But politically it is very divisive and divisive. There has been ethnic conflict as a result of military atrocities. 

The saddest thing is that these riots are state-sponsored. Why does Myanmar attack Rakhine Muslim and Buddhist communities in Rakhine? Critics now say the first of many reasons is for land-grabbing states and multinational corporate stakeholders. 

It is said that the place is full of natural resources. Neighbouring countries, especially China and India, have sought to invest in Rakhine State. The two countries have undertaken massive projects in the vast fertile areas of Rakhine, Maungdaw and Akiab, despite disputes. 

EPZ has requested the government to set up a quality zone there. China prefers Kyaupyu and India prefers Sittwe. The construction of the Sittwe port area has been discussed above. 

Expansion of trade routes with China and India, use of ports for military purposes to help dominate the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar has gone mad, the Rohingya people have had to be sacrificed for their interests.

Myanmar is between South Asia and Southeast Asia. As a result, the importance of this country has increased even more. The Rakhine Coastal Area is an important point in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. 

That point could serve as a trade network and military point with Pakistan, the UAE, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. China and India are willing to use the Rakhine point to dominate the ocean.

Myanmar is wary of its position. It has good relations with China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, and has established trade relations with Singapore and Taiwan. Japan, China and India are well aware of the strategic importance of Myanmar. 

Russia has also realized the importance of Myanmar. China and Russia, two permanent members of the United Nations, are friends of Myanmar. Myanmar, plagued by political and internal turmoil, has received help from them in times of need.

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