Should be active for half an hour every day

 Sitting and working for hours hurts the body. Knowing this, we do not have to do anything. Because, if you want to work in the office, you have to accept it. 

But do we know how to compensate for the damage done to the body by sitting down to work? Or how long do we have to be active for this every day?

According to a recent study, you need to sweat for 30-40 minutes every day. But not the easy ones; Rather it will take a little more manual labour.

And if you can sweat for 40 minutes, even if you sit and work for 10 hours every day, it will not be a problem; Rather, it will be compensated.

However, the research also says that even if you get up from time to time instead of sitting still, it will do some work. If you can walk a little, there is no point.

About 44,000 people from four countries took part in the study after a fitness tracker. As a result, no information is word of mouth.

A detailed analysis of the study also found that people who do regular manual labour have lower mortality. 

But it's not just the exercises that need to be done; Researchers believe that it is possible to prevent premature death by cycling, gardening, walking or even being active in one way or another. 


The study was published in parallel with the World Health Organization's 2020 Global Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior. 

Forty scientists have worked with people from six continents to guide the World Health Organization.

Experts say this instruction is timely. Because these two reports have been published at a time when the whole world is in the middle position of the extreme. Even the second wave terrified everyone.

This situation is putting people under house arrest again. By doing so, people are being forced to become lazier. 

Nevertheless, people should pay attention to their health and keep themselves free from the evils of inactivity.

The guidelines of the World Health Organization are quite consistent with the research paper mentioned at the beginning. 

Because, in that study, 30-40 minutes of moderate to strenuous exercise every day has been mentioned. 

On the other hand, the World Health Organization says that 150-300 minutes of moderate or 85-150 minutes of strenuous physical work per week. 

Only then will it be possible to maintain the balance of the problems that will be created in the body as a result of sitting.

Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs, play sports with children, practice yoga or dance, do housework, keep yourself busy for some time during the day, the body will be healthy.

Although it is difficult to determine the time to be active according to age and body weight, the researchers are holding a total of 40 minutes. Researchers say that there is still a possibility of new issues coming up in this work. Which may be further highlighted through upcoming research.

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