Reasons for shaking hands and its treatment

Unnecessary shaking of hands is called tremor. As annoying as it is, many simple tasks, such as writing or buttoning clothes, can be difficult. The hand trembles as a result of uncontrolled vibration of the hand muscles.

Why the hand shakes

There are many reasons for shaky hand. Four of them are-

  1. Drug side effects,
  2. Thyroid hormone problems
  3. Essential tremors
  4. Parkinson's diseases
Hands and feet may tremble due to various medications used for shortness of breath (salbutamol, theophylline). Patients with hyperthyroidism may have tremors in their hands. However, in this case, the patient has some other symptoms. Such as weight loss, diarrhoea, hot or cold sweaty, palpitations etc. Essential tremor is a hereditary disease in which the patient's head shakes along with his/her hands and feet. Parkinson's is a type of neurosis. In this disease, with the trembling of the patient's hand, the speed of walking also becomes slow and shows movement difficulties.

To diagnose the cause of shaky hands, one needs to know the history of the patient well. Thyroid hormones can be tested if necessary. In some cases, an MRI examination of the brain may be needed to diagnose certain neurological diseases.


The cause of shaky hand should be determined at the beginning of treatment. It is necessary to find out whether the hand is shaking due to the side effects of any medicine. In that case, the drug must be stopped. Anxiety-free life and good sleep are one of the treatments of shaky hands.

Propranolol-effective drugs are effective in treating tremors in the hands and feet. Consult a specialist for hormonal disorders. Parkinson's disease usually requires long-term treatment. In that case, you need to consult a neurologist.

In most cases, the treatment of hand tremors is completely controllable. For those patients who do not respond well to hand-foot tremors, there is a process of surgery called DBS. This method is highly effective. Consult a doctor immediately without waiting for a hand to shake for hormones or neurological diseases.

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