Right-wing media is still showing hope for Trump supporters

 The struggle of Donald Trump and his supporters against the truth does not seem to be stopping. This has given birth to a strange reality. 

It's been almost two weeks since the election was confirmed, but some right-wing media outlets are still hoping for Trump's victory.

CNN reports that pro-Trump media outlets are still making unfounded claims that Trump has won. At the same time, 'conspiracy theory' is coming to the fore. 

Why only the media, this ‘conspiracy theory’ is being repeatedly presented in the posts given by the hardline Trump supporters on social media. Although this kind of behaviour is childish with open eyes, it can cause great harm. 

Because of such negative propaganda, Trump's supporters are questioning the US electoral system and the legal basis of newly elected President Joe Biden.

CNN's Daniel Dale recently reported that almost nothing Donald Trump said about the election is true. Not only CNN but also various media including the New York Times are saying this. 

Even President Trump has issued warnings with many tweets for giving false information. But this does not deter him or the media are known as his supporters. 

Every day people are watching the news and programs full of lies on TV channels like Newsmax. The lies they are telling are reaching people's ears. They say, ‘Nothing is over. Ignore what the mainstream media is saying at the moment. '

The main commentary of the information that Newsmax is spreading is that the election is not over. The media is saying wrong. Biden is weak and Trump is strong. 

Chris Ruddy, chief executive officer (CEO) of Newsmax, argued that "only after the official announcement will Newsmax take into account the state's results and electoral colleges.

" In other words, the channel will repeatedly portray a fictional state where only Trump wins. It has become so pro-Trump, it is now sharing Fox News viewership. Last Friday, the channel had more than half a million viewers.

"Everything is still being reviewed," a Newsmax presenter told CNN on November 16. "I don't think he will be president," he said of Biden, even though he added a warning to Trump's announcement of the winner. 

Not given, he also raised the question. It is being discussed on various talk shows of the channel that there is still a strong possibility of Donald Trump winning. They also say that the big breaking news about this is still waiting to come.

 President Trump's lawyers Victoria Toensing, Jenna Ellis and Dick Morris were guests on the November 16, talk show. "I think this election has been rigged," Morris said at the talk show. We may hear soon. 

”It was also reported at the event that all the best lawyers in the country are fighting for Trump in the legal battle over the election.

But the reality is that the lawsuits of Trump and his supporters over the election in different states are falling apart one after another. Some of these are being rejected by the court, while the court is not accepting any of them as there is no proper basis.

The list includes the Trump-sponsored One America News Network (OANN). In the last few years, the channel has been much more favoured by Trump than Newsmax. On November 18, Trump sent another tweet to promote the channel. 

There he wrote, ‘You can watch OANN. That’s great. ’But the channel, which has grown under Trump’s generous patronage, is doing a little rosy. They are not getting along well with Newsmax. They have not yet announced the election results. However, they are not lying about the results announced by other mainstream media.

 In support of Trump, they are hosting various talk shows, where guests are mainly attacking Biden and his close associates. He is also making allegations of vote theft. But it's not like Newsmax.

These two TV channels have now become Fox's biggest rivals. According to CNN, the number of viewers aged 25 to 54 on Newsmax was 170 thousand at 6 pm last Friday. At the same time, the number of viewers of Fox News and CNN was 326 thousand and 851 thousand respectively. 

Fox News is losing viewers because of Newsmax. Fox's audience has never been so small before. Fox is now losing its position as a right-wing media outlet due to far-right media outlets such as Newsmax. 

Fox's crime is the same as these far-right TV channels and the media, they have not been able to swallow the truth. Even two weeks after the election, they are not showing viewers any false assurances of President Donald Trump's victory.

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