Pele or Maradona?- is the comparison over here?

 Pele's last words for Maradona touch our heart, but football fans don't want the day to come too soon. The 'friend' Maradona has been promised by the Brazilian legend on his last journey, that one day they will play football together in heaven.

The later that day comes, the better.

Two of the two generations in the field are now residents of two world. The simple puzzle of Diego Armando Maradona is beyond all emotion, it has been four days since he left. May Pele's healthy and vigorous wanderings stay here for many more days - this is the prayer.

Maradona or Pele- who is better! The controversy came to an end through Pele by his words! Maradona had nothing to say on his own no more, that's all!

The 'Messi or Ronaldo' controversy has been so widely practised in the past decade that the Pele -Maradona controversy has gone out of the limelight. But that was the only controversy in football a century ago. Who is the best -Maradona or Pele?

Messi and Ronaldo have always been different from these two football greats (Pele and Maradona) in one place. The dream of a footballer has touched the World Cup.

 Pele and Maradona both are successful on this point. The glory of winning the World Cup has so far coloured the lives of 445 footballers, but how many have been able to establish their rights in the World Cup like Pele-Maradona? 

It is doubtful whether Pele's three World Cup victories will ever touch anyone else. And Maradona? Like him alone, with so much discussion and debate, no one will have the good fortune to win the World Cup with fascination.

Compared to Garrincha at the 1982 World Cup, Little Bird led Brazil to the title after Pele was knocked out of the tournament due to injury in the second match.

But Garrincha's dribbling may be dazzling, it may bring him deeper into the minds of Brazilians than 'Pele or Garrincha' ... but Garrincha didn't have the opportunity to paint the world stage with almost unknown teammates like Maradona.

Yes, these two great footballers, have never played at the same time, like Messi-Ronaldo, they have never faced each other - Pele-Maradona has never been compared directly. But we may have to wait a long time to see a rivalry like Messi-Ronaldo in football again.

The two best footballers of the same generation, arguably the best in the world but have played for so many years at two rival clubs ... are unlikely to happen. But what was less than Pele-Maradona?

Brazil and Argentina — the lifelong gratitude of two arch-rivals, Brazil's yellow and Argentina's aqua-white '10' jerseys, both have brought their country to the world stage ... The attraction of 'Pele vs Maradona' is unique!

The comparison of the two comes even if you don't want to. The comparison has been headlined all over the world again and again. But who is ahead of the question has been resolved? Whatever happens?

In the last few years, however, they have aroused more controversy than anyone else. One has to be a historian to calculate how many times they have pinched each other since the debate started in the eighties.

Straightforward Maradona tried to provoke Pele by saying that "it was time to go to Pele in a museum", so in his autobiography, he complained against Pele "why did Pele let Garrincha die in poverty who brought him the 1962 World Cup!"

Having kept himself above the controversy for the rest of his life, Pele did not go into backbiting, his counter-answers to the controversy were largely limited to the discussion of player Maradona's shortcomings and his perfection.

However, the two have a lot in common in one place no one has ever given up calling himself the best! Maradona has also drawn his mother's emotions in the argument. Said, ‘My mother said, I am the best, and I always believe in my mother.’  Great logic!

How well any argument survives in the debate of the best is a question. If you point out the number of Pele's excellence, then statistics will show you  Maradona's excellence in Napoli and winning the world cup with a mediocre team of Argentina.

Maradona's dribbling, ability to build the game, ability to score goals by tackling three or four of his opponents will put him ahead, his amazing ability to score goals and his ability to surprise opponents with the decision in a fraction of a moment.

If you just count the numbers, verily Maradona will not be in the list! Pele has the reputation of winning three World Cups instead of one World Cup, even he is one thousand goals ahead of Maradona!

The Brazilian legend claims to have scored 1,281 goals in his career, for which he has been recognized in the Guinness Book of Records. And several goals in Maradona's career?

293! Although Pele has scored so many goals, only 769 are in recognized matches. Maradona also lashed out at how the Brazilian legend scored so many goals.

In a kidding tone after meeting Pele, the Argentine legend asked, ‘Who did you score so many goals against? Against your nephew in the backyard? '

Let us keep the field comparison off the field. Pele's naive character puts him ahead. But who is to say that Maradona's life full of controversy and criticism did not make him closer to the people till the last day? That is why he is called 'The Most Human of Gods'!

At the end of the day, the comparison is meaningless. Comparisons from a neutral point of view will probably never be possible. 

Pele and Maradona are therefore a different kind of hypnosis in the eyes of their respective supporters at the end of the day.

If you talk about Pele, you may remember his dazzling miss in the 1970 World Cup. The creativity, the ingenuity that stunned the goalkeeper to receive the throw of Tostao in the match against Uruguay is Pele! And Maradona? 

The most viral video since his death will remind the Argentine legend. Before the match against Bayern Munich in the semi-final of the 1989 UEFA Cup, dancing to the beat of the song to warming himself up and playing with the ball, even while the shoelaces were open all the time - Maradona is such a whimsical magician! 

Let that hypnosis be! We have to go to the comparison, who gave that responsibility!

Now there is no way for Maradona to pinch Pele in the debate also. Will Pele also like that debate now?

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