Maradona's Barca deal was signed at gunpoint

 There is very little discussion about Diego Maradona's Barcelona chapter. The Barcelona chapter of the legend is behind the fame of bringing Napoli to every corner of the world. He was the first Barcelona player to be applauded by Real Madrid fans.  

He suffered a career-threatening tackle against Athletic Bilbao. He was started a fierce fight against that Bilbao in front of the King of Spain and was disliked by his club. By the way, this is the summary of the story of Maradona's Barcelona chapter.

The story of how Barcelona got Maradona, how Barcelona signed him before the 1982 World Cup, is probably unknown to many. Like Messi, the credit for taking Maradona to Barcelona goes to Agent Josep Maria Minguella. Minguella told the story of taking Maradona to Barcelona in the Spanish newspaper Sport in 2016. After Maradona's death, Sport reprinted his column. Exactly that is given here.

Luckily I found Diego at a very young age. He was so good that I told Barcelona to take him. I called their general manager Jaume Rosell (father of Barcelona president Sandro Rosell in 2010-14). Agusti Montal Costa was the president of Barcelona at that time. He rejected the offer. It would have cost a million dollars at the time, but Maradona was only 16 at the time. I realized that they were not willing to take such a big risk at that moment.

This is what happened in 1977. After two years, the talks finally resumed. After a long discussion, everything came to an end in 1980. But 15 or 20 days later, the president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Julio Grondona, called me. He told me that there was a problem with this change of party. I was asked to go to Argentina and talk to the Minister of Social Welfare, Admiral Lacoste. 

He was given this responsibility (ministry) as he was able to successfully organize the 1978 World Cup. That also had an impact on the host Argentina winning the World Cup under Seba Menotti. Maradona was not included in the team due to his young age. He was replaced by Kempes (1978 World Cup's best player and top scorer).

Any creepy film can be compared to the one that Lacoste arranged for to speak. I later learned that under the dictatorial government, many people had been taken away and disappeared. One soldier came to pick me up. I entered a dark tunnel. A small light could be seen at the very end. Admiral was there. His attitude made it very clear to me, ‘You can’t take Diego now. We need him in your World Cup (Spain's 1982 World Cup). ' Diego's team did not change.

We had to wait again and the matter became more complicated day by day. Argentinos Juniors loaned Maradona to Boca Juniors, Boca Juniors will buy him out later, on this condition. But the Boca (from Maradona's defection) made even a single penny, they didn't want it.

 The second president of Juniors was negotiating the contract. I had to work with him - Commissioner Domingo Tesone. When we first met, he took a pistol out of his pocket and placed it on the table. I was shocked and worried. He apologized and said, ‘Hopefully this doesn’t make you uncomfortable. It weighs a lot ... (so take it out). '

That's how I made the deal to buy Maradona for Barcelona with a pistol on the table. But even after Nunez (Josep Lluis Nunez, then president of Barcelona), Gaspart (Joan Gaspart, the next president of Barcelona) went to Argentina, the agreement was canceled. 

Everyone came back to Barcelona again. But in the end I succeeded. The agreement was signed in Barcelona. Barcelona brought Maradona a world record of 120 million pesetas (82 million euros) at that time.

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